Historical Record of CCS Boys Track & Field Championship Results


w indicates wind-aided


The first CCS Boys Track and Field Championships were held at Gunn High School on May 28, just a few months after the Central Coast Section was formed. Burlingame was the team champion, edging out Fremont of Sunnyvale and Ravenswood of East Palo Alto. Except for wind-aided marks, all winning efforts, of course, were meet records. Randy Weil of Burlingame (high and low hurdles) and Steve Wilhelm of Fremont (shot put and discus) were double winners.

100-Jim Marshall, Ravenswood, 9.9

220-Cal Robinson, Overfelt, 21.6

440-Bill Chapman, Los Altos, 49.8

880-Fred James, Seaside, 1:55.7

mile-John Enscoe, Palo Alto, 4:22.6;

2-mile-Tom Lydon, San Mateo, 9:27.5

120 HH-Randy Weil, 14.2

180 LH-Randy Weil, 19.1

880 relay-Ravenswood, 1:30.0

high jump-John Radetich, San Carlos, 6-9 3/4

long jump-Bob Jordan, San Mateo, 22-8 ½;

shot put-Steve Wilhelm, 62-6 3/8

discus-Steve Wilhelm, 171-11

pole vault-Don Wells, King City, 14-0

Team-Burlingame, 17; Fremont and Ravenswood, 16.


The second CCS championships were marred by wind, which ruined most marks on the track as Los Altos rolled to a lop-sided team victory. Good marks were recorded in the field events by Steve Wilhelm from Fremont of Sunnyvale with a 63-8½ shot put; a 14-4½ pole vault by Los Altos’ Todd Peterson and a 24-7½ long jump by Sequoia’s Charlie Johnson. 

100-Brad Lyman, Los Altos, 9.7

220-Byron Wilson, Santa Cruz, 21.7

440-Randy White, Mills, 49.6

880-Jerry Tompsett, Cupertino, 1:58.9

mile-Jon Enscoe, Palo Alto, 4:24.5

2-mile-Chris Carey, Carlmont, 9:36.6

120 HH-Randy White, Mills, 14.7

180 LH-Gene Delk, Hill, 18.6w

880 relay-Capuchino, 1:29.5

high jump-Dennis McCullough, San Lorenzo Valley, 6-7

long jump-Charlie Johnson, Sequoia, 24-7½

shot put-Steve Wilhelm, Fremont, 63-8½

discus-Bill Walker, Campbell, 182-8

pole vault-Todd Peterson, Los Altos, 14-4

Team-Los Altos, 27; Capuchino, 18.


Los Altos took first place in five events, but finished second to Homestead for team honors in the championship meet at Gonzales High School. The 400 relay, mile relay and triple jump were added to the events, while the 880 relay was dropped. Sprinter Brad Lyman of Los Altos was the only double winner in the 100 and 220 and Chris Carey of Carlmont lowered the two-mile record by more than 23 seconds with a 9:13.3 mark.

100-Brad Lyman, Los Altos, 9.9

220-Brad Lyman, Los Altos, 21.7

440-Frank Hughes, Cupertino, 49.5

880-Rick Brown, Los Altos, 1:54.2

mile-Klaus Hoffman, St. Ignatius, 4:14.5

2-mile-Chris Carey, Carlmont, 9:13.3

120 HH-Jim Miller, Carlmont, 14.5

180 LH-Tom Phillips, Homestead, 19.4

440 relay-Menlo-Atherton, 42.8

mile relay-Los Altos, 3:22.5

high jump-Clyde Sadler, St. Ignatius, 6-6

long jump-Bill Quinet, Homestead, 24-0½

shot put-Ralph Show, Homestead, 56-11 1/4

discus-Jim Penrose, Carlmont, 180-11

pole vault-Sam Albanese, King City, 14-1 ½

triple jump-Chuck Steffes, Sunnyvale, 46-9 3/4

Team-Homestead, 37; Los Altos, 26; Carlmont, 21.


Only six points separated the top three teams in the meet at College of San Mateo as Los Altos won the title over Santa Cruz and San Mateo. Al Marshall of Santa Cruz took the 100 and 220 and helped his school’s 440-relay team set a meet record of 42.6. Rick Brown of Los Altos defended his 880 title in 1:55.9 and Hillsdale’s Mike Davis won the discus with a final throw of 185-7.

100-Al Marshall, Santa Cruz, 10.2

220-Al Marshall, Santa Cruz, 22.7

440-Benny Brown, Sunnyvale, 48.5

880-Rick Brown, Los Altos, 1:55.9

mile-Greg Coleman, Palo Alto, 4:19.2

2-mile-Jack Larson, Fremont, 9:24.0

120 HH-Chip Hough, Saratoga, 14.8

180 LH-Jim Petralia, Fremont, 19.8

440 relay-Santa Cruz, 42.6

mile relay-Crestmoor, 3:23.8

high jump-Vince Renetto, Capuchino, 6-3 3/4

long jump-Alonzo Emery, San Mateo, 22-7

shot put-Chris Adams, Los Altos, 59-5

discus-Mike Davis, Hillsdale, 185-7

pole vault-Sam Albanese, King City, 15-0 ½

triple jump-Rod Utley, Cupertino, 45-8

Team-Los Altos, 26; Santa Cruz, 22; San Mateo, 20.


Los Altos won the championship meet at Foothill College with a CCS record 60 points and went on to capture the California Interscholastic Federation title at Berkeley. Los Altos’ Rick Brown set records in the 440 and 880 and teammate Chris Adams took the shot put and discus, the latter with a record 189-3½ toss. Chuck Bommarito of Crestmoor set a new standards in the 100 and 220 and Lynn Swann of Serra won the long jump.

100-Chuck Bommarito, Crestmoor, 9.7

220-Chuck Bommarito, Crestmoor, 21.4

440-Rick Brown, Los Altos, 47.1

880-Rick Brown, Los Altos, 1:50.6

mile-Dave Chamness, Awalt, 4:14.6

2-mile-Bob McCarthy, St. Francis, 9:25.0

120 HH-Vic Brooks, Los Altos, 14.5

180 LH-Julian Lucas, Gunn, 19.1

440 relay-Overfelt, 42.5

mile relay-Los Altos, 3:15.8

high jump-Jay May, Sequoia, 6-6

long jump-Lynn Swann, Serra, 24-2 ½

shot put-Chris Adams, Los Altos, 62-4

discus-Chris Adams, Los Altos, 189-3 ½

pole vault-Carl Goldstone, San Mateo, 14-10

triple jump-Craig Conway, Cupertino, 48-9 ½

Team-Los Altos, 60; Gunn, 25; Cupertino, 24.


Cupertino scored in only two events at San Jose City College, but generated 18 points to win the CCS championship over Awalt by a single point. Chuck Bommarito led Crestmoor to a third place finish with wins in the 100 and 220. The other double winner was Craig Conway of Cupertino in the long jump and triple jump. Dave Bagshaw of Gunn set a 120-yard high hurdles meet record in the morning trials, but tripped over the last hurdle in the finals and didn’t finish the race.

100-Chuck Bommarito, Crestmoor, 9.8

220-Chuck Bommarito, Crestmoor, 21.4

440-Benny Brown, Sunnyvale, 48.2

880-Mike Tyrell, Saratoga, 1:52.2

mile-Dave Chamness, Awalt, 4:14.2

2-mile-Bob Ebert, Willow Glen, 9:08.8

120 H.H.-Bill Wright, Silver Creek, 14.5#

180 LH-Bill Spillman, Campbell, 18.9

440 relay-Monterey, 42.6+

mile relay-Awalt, 3:22.7

high jump-Bill Kahn, Mills, 6-4

long jump-Craig Conway, Cupertino, 23-5

shot put-Kim Aldrich, Fremont, 59-5 1/

discus-Scott Overton, Los Altos, 184-9

pole vault-Roger Martin, Camden, 15-6

triple jump-Craig Conway, Cupertino, 49-5

Team-Cupertino, 18; Awalt, 17; Crestmoor, 14.

# Bagshaw, Gunn, 14.2 in preliminaries

+ Monterey, 42.4 in preliminaries


ilver Creek sophomore and future Olympic Games medalist Millard Hampton began his domination of the section’s sprint races, winning the 100 in a record 9.7 and taking the 220 in 21.5 as the raiders won the title at San Jose City College. Silver Creek also set a record of 42.1 seconds in the 440-yard relay, tying the mark set in the preliminary round by Monterey. Other CCS records were set in the mile, two-mile, 120-yard high hurdles and discus.

100-Mallard Hampton, Silver Creek, 9.7

220-Mallard Hampton, Silver Creek, 21.5

440-Ken Williams, Mount Pleasant, 48.7

880-Jack Wandro, Serra, 1:55.3

mile-Steve Miller, Carlmont, 4:12.5

2-mile-Steve Brooks, Mount Pleasant, 9:07.8

120 H.H.-Ike Almond, Serramonte, 14.1

180 LH-Bart Pierce, Crestmoor, 19.1

440 relay-Silver Creek, 42.1#

mile relay-Mount Pleasant, 3:22.2

high jump-Dave Bush, Campbell, 6-8

long jump-Dennis Holloway, Blackford, 22-11 1/4

shot put-Bret Mannon, Los Gatos, 62-6 ½

discus-Scott Overton, Los Altos, 191-1

pole vault-Jim Johnson, Del Mar, 14-4

triple jump-John Triplett, Branham, 47-5 3/4

Team-Silver Creek, 22½; Mount Pleasant, 21; Seaside, 19.

# Monterey, 42.1 in preliminaries


Gordon MacMitchell of Gunn set the only meet record with a blistering 9:01.6 in the two-mile run in the section championships at San Jose City College. Millard Hampton of Silver Creek was a double winner again in the 100 and 220, tying his own record of 9.7 in the shorter race. The heavily favored Raiders ran third in the 440 relay and finished the team competition in second place, two points behind champion Cupertino.

100-Millard Hampton, Silver Creek, 9.7

220-Millard Hampton, Silver Creek, 21.6

440-John Siirila, Buchser, 49.1

880-Jeff Cleary, Robert Louis Stevenson, 1:53.2

mile-Steve Crowley, Gunn, 4:12.6

2-mile-Gordon MacMitchell, Gunn, 9:01.6

120 HH-Carl Florant, Palo Alto, 14.1

180 LH-Bill Napier, Lynbrook, 19.0

440 relay-Los Altos, 42.3

mile relay-Buchser, 3:23.7

high jump-Kirk Collins, Monterey, 6-4

long jump-Mark Thorp, Cupertino, 23-2

shot put-Lonnie Sizemore, Lincoln, 56-6 1/2

discus-Dave Hickson, Leland, 189-11

pole vault-Scott Turner, Del Mar, 15-0

triple jump-Kevin McCarthy, Cupertino, 48-11 ½

Team-Cupertino, 24; Silver Creek, 22; Gunn, 17.


Cupertino repeated as the team champion in the CCS meet at San Jose City College. Millard Hampton of Silver Creek set a record with a 20.9 clocking in the 220. His 9.8-second time in the 100 made him the meet’s only double winner and the first participant to win two events in three successive CCS competitions.

100-Millard Hampton, Silver Creek, 9.8

220-Millard Hampton, Silver Creek, 20.9

440-Don MacKenzie, Menlo-Atherton, 49.5

880-Dave Hamilton, Leigh, 1:53.4

mile-Conrad Suhr, Leigh, 4:13.8

2-mile-Mitch Kingery, San Carlos, 9:09.8

120 HH-Mark Mildbrandt, Cupertino, 14.4

180 LH-David Jakle, Los Altos, 19.7

440 relay-Yerba Buena, 42.6

mile relay-Cupertino, 3:21.2

high jump-Mark Insley, Cupertino, 6-6 3/4

long jump-Phil Robinson, Woodside, 23-2 ½

shot put-Gary Bersano, Los Gatos, 59-5 ½

discus-Glenn Moore, Mount Pleasant, 184-2

pole vault-John Bell, Lynbrook, 14-4

triple jump-Nathan Johnson, Seaside, 47-7 1/4

Team-Cupertino, 29; Mount Pleasant, 21; Los Altos, 17.


Keith Taylor of Piedmont Hills won both sprints and set a meet record of 9.6 seconds in the 100 at San Jose City College. Taylor also ran a wind-aided 9.4 in the trials. Woodside posted a new mark of 41.6 in the 440 relay. Serramonte’s Ron Kennedy broke the high hurdle record with a clocking of 13.8. The 180-yard low hurdles event was replaced by the 330-yard low hurdles. Serramonte won the team title.

100-Keith Taylor, Piedmont Hills, 9.6

220-Keith Taylor, Piedmont Hills, 21.5

440-Don Coulter, Harbor, 48.2

880-Conrad Suhr, Leigh, 1:51.4

mile-Tadd Baker, Westmont, 4:17.6

2-mile-Ron Fritzke, Leigh, 9:05.0

120 HH-Ron Kennedy, Serramonte, 13.8

330 LH-David Jakle, Los Altos, 37.0

440 relay-Woodside, 41.6

mile relay-Serramonte, 3:20.9

high jump-Brad Dillard, Mills, 6-8

long jump-Nathan Johnson, Seaside, 23-9 ½

shot put-Craig Watkins, Mitty, 59-5

discus-Gary Bersano, Los Gatos, 179-2

pole vault-Steve Oravetz, Campbell, 14-6

triple jump-Myrt Easley, Woodside, 49-8

Team-Serramonte, 44; Mount Pleasant, 34½ ; Piedmont Hills, 24.

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No meet records were set at San Jose City College as Glenn Cannon of Mount Pleasant and Wyatt Bishop of Carlmont qualified for the state meet for the third straight year and seven other athletes made the list for the second time. Cannon’s double wins in the 100 and 220 led the Cardinals to the team championship over San Mateo and Piedmont Hills.

100-Glenn Cannon, Mount Pleasant, 9.8

220-Glenn Cannon, Mount Pleasant, 21.6

440-Keith Taylor, Piedmont Hills, 47.8

880-Tom Light, Pacific Grove, 1:52.9

mile-Mark Stillman, Willow Glen, 4:18.2

2-mile-Bobby Paulin, Camden, 9:13.3

120 HH-Tom Bobertz, Serramonte, 14.3

330 LH-Andre Phillips, Silver Creek, 37.3

440 relay-Piedmont Hills, 41.7

mile relay-Piedmont Hills, 3:20.6

high jump-Thurlis Gibbs, Hill, 6-8

long jump-Ken Vasquez, Mills, 23-6 3/4

shot put-Mike Smith, San Mateo, 52-8

discus-Mike Hamm, Soquel, 171-0

pole vault-Tod Lovejoy, Del Mar, 15-0

triple jump-Tony Vecchietti, Los Altos, 47-09.5

Team-Mount Pleasant, 44; San Mateo, 35; Piedmont Hills, 34.

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Willow Glen’s Mark Stillman won the mile in a 4:08.7 meet record time to hold off Stan Ross of Serra, who clocked 4:09.8. Ross had run 4:08.2 a week earlier to set the section’s all-time record. Paul Bates of Menlo-Atherton was the only double winner in the long jump and triple jump in the CCS meet at San Jose City College. Silver Creek took the team title. Electric timing refined marks to one-hundredth of a second for the first time.

100-Dwayne Green, Ayer, 10.3

220-Mark Stewart, Camden, 21.6

440-Patrick Holcombe, Hill, 49.99

880-Bruce Jensen, Buchser, 1:53.12

mile-Mark Stillman, Willow Glen, 4:08.7

2-mile-Ken Holladay, Gilroy, 9:11.4

120 HH-Byron Hawkins, Burlingame, 14.37

330 LH-Andre Phillips, Silver Creek, 36.50

440 relay-Silver Creek, 42.40

mile relay-San Carlos, 3:20.53

high jump-Joel Wyrick, Mount Pleasant, 6-8

long jump-Paul Bates, Menlo-Atherton, 23-5 1/4

shot put-Pat Graham, Leland, 59-7

discus-John Souza, Piedmont Hills, 177-8

pole vault-Jim Westlund, Fremont, 15-3

triple jump-Paul Bates, Menlo-Atherton, 49-2 ½

Team-Silver Creek, 48; Overfelt, 30; Menlo-Atherton, 26.

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Cubberley’s Bill Green set a meet record in the 440 at 47.0 and doubled with a win in the 220. Carlos Carrasco of Mount Pleasant missed tying the CCS mark for the two-mile by one second when he sped to a win in 9:02.6 in the meet at San Jose City College. Mount Pleasant was first in the team competition.

100-Dwayne Taylor, Overfelt, 9.7

220-Bill Green, Cubberley, 21.5

440-Bill Green Cubberley, 47.0

880-Benny Trujillo, Gilroy, 1:55.4

mile-Kobert Smith, Awalt, 4:12.0

2-mile-Carlos Carrasco, Mount Pleasant, 9:02.6

120 HH-Steve Guthrie, Cupertino, 14.0

330 LH-Troy Durio, Mount Pleasant, 36.7

440 relay-Mount Pleasant, 42.3

mile relay-San Carlos, 3:20.8

high jump-Doug Wright, Live Oak, 6-6

long jump-Steve Bruce, Menlo-Atherton, 23-8 ½

shot put-Ron McKee, Camden, 60-2

discus-Steve Struble, Sunnyvale, 185-1

pole vault-Bert Tardieu, Del Mar, 14-6 3/4

triple jump-Myron Porter, Willow Glen, 49-6 3/4

Team-Mount Pleasant, 50; San Carlos, 40; Overfelt, 34.

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Bill Green of Cubberley was a double winner for the second straight year, setting a pair of CCS meet marks with times of 46.73 in the 440 and 9.56 in the 100. He also anchored Cubberley’s 440 relay win as the Cougars won the team title over South Peninsula Athletic League rival Menlo-Atherton in the championship meet at San Jose City College. High jumper Mesha Spivey of Woodside set a meet record of 6-10.

100-Bill Green, Cubberley, 9:56

220-Carl Montgomery, South San Francisco, 21.68

440-Bill Green, Cubberley, 46.73

880-Benny Trujillo, Gilroy, 1:55.3

mile-Fernando Balderas, San Jose, 4:16.3

2-mile-Fernando Balderas, San Jose, 9:13.3

120 HH-Eric McPherson, Mount Pleasant, 14.56

330 LH-Jim Walker, Aragon, 37.85

440 relay-Cubberley, 42.07

mile relay-Cubberley, 3:18.39

high jump-Mesha Spivey, Woodside, 6-10

long jump-Steve Bruce, Menlo-Atherton, 23-8 3/4

shot put-Steve Aimonetti, Campbell, 60-3

discus-Rick Wevers, Awalt, 174-5

pole vault-Greg Ellis, Menlo-Atherton, 15-6

triple jump-Myron Porter, Willow Glen, 48-8 ½

Team-Cubberley, 52; Menlo-Atherton, 42; Mount Pleasant, 30.

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The CCS went metric for its 15th annual Boys Track and Field Championships at San Jose City College, converting the distances for  track events except the mile and two-mile from yards to meters and creating a new set of meet records. Woodside captured its first team title over pre-meet favorites Palo Alto and Mount Pleasant.

100m-Eric Washington, Woodside, 10.75

200m-Eric Washington, Woodside, 21.35

400m-Antony Toney, North Salinas, 47.79

800m-Scott Oliver, Los Gatos, 1:53.62

Mile-Steve Samario, Leigh, 4:19.44

Two-mile-Jeff Magellanes, Seaside, 9:14.25

110m HH-Reggie Hawkins, Hillsdale, 14.50

300m LH-Ronnie Seanez, Gilroy, 37.40

400m relay-Silver Creek, 41.83

1600m relay-Mount Pleasant, 3:20.44

high jump-Dan Iliff, Palma, 6-5

long jump-Ken Smith, Palo Alto, 22-10 ½

shot put-Ray Bellantoni, Del Mar, 58-5

discus-Dave Cowell, Gunn, 166-8

pole vault-Greg Ellis, Menlo-Atherton, 15-6 1/4

triple jump-Victor Torres, Silver Creek, 47-8 ½

Team-Woodside, 44; Palo Alto, 36; Del Mar, 33.

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The low hurdles and both relay races were converted back to yards this year. Yerba Buena’s Ken Taylor won the triple jump with a record leap of 50-0 1/4, but the Warriors finished second to Independence for the team crown. Reggie Grimes of Hill took a double in the 100 and 200-meter races and Ron Seanez of Gilroy broke the 330-yard low hurdle mark.

100m-Reggie Grimes, Hill, 10.81

200m-Reggie Grimes, Hill, 21.52

400m-Kerry Threets, Westmoor, 48.39

800m-Oran Woods, Milpitas, 1:53.8

Mile-Jeff Purrington, Willow Glen, 4:14.3

2-mile-Mike McCollum, Palo Alto, 9:03.4

110m HH-Ron Seanez, Gilroy, 14.73

330 LH-Ron Seanez, Gilroy, 36.46*

440 relay-Independence, 42.70

mile relay-Independence, 3:19.23

high jump-T.J. Bartel, Westmont, 6-7

long jump-Ken Smith, Palo Alto, 22-11 1/4

shot put-Tim Sutro, Del Mar, 61-1 ½

discus-Tim Sutro, Del Mar, 182-9 ½

pole vault-Mark Anderson, Buchser, 15-2

triple jump-Ken Taylor, Yerba Buena, 50-0 1/4

Team-Independence, 40; Yerba Buena, 30; Del Mar, 28.

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Erick Montgomery of Independence won both hurdle races in record time to lead Independence to its second straight CCS team title in the annual championship competition. The only other double winner was Silver Creek’s Larry Weldon in the long jump and triple jump. Dave Sampson of Homestead equaled the high jump record of 6-10 in the meet at San Jose City College.

100m-Tom Mell, Gunn, 11.05

200m-Joe Price, Seaside, 22.14

400m-Kerry Threets, Westmoor, 48.79

800m-Randy Pangelina, Lick, 1:53.8

Mile-Gary Lewis, Gunderson, 4:18.9

2-mile-Scott Marconda, Menlo School, 9:24.5

110m HH-Erick Montgomery, Independence, 14.16

330 LH-Erick Montgomery, Independence, 36.22

440 relay-Carlmont, 42.00

Mile relay-Independence, 3:20.15

high jump-Dave Sampson, Homestead, 6-10

long jump-Larry Weldon, Silver Creek, 23-4

shot put-John Aimonetti, Blackford, 56-11 3/4

discus-Dan Katches, Mills, 181-4

pole vault-Mike Kibort, Saratoga, 15-6

triple jump-Larry Weldon, Silver Creek, 48-8 ½

Team-Independence, 58; Mount Pleasant, 42; Silver Creek, 32.

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With hurdler Erick Montgomery leading the way, Independence racked up a record 70 points on its way to an unprecedented third straight team victory in the section championship at San Jose City College. Montgomery set a national high school record in the 330-yard hurdles at 35.86 and broke his own meet record with a 13.90 clocking in the 110-meter hurdles. Mike Kibort of Saratoga broke the pole vault record with a 15-8 vault.

100m-Anthony Hodges, Menlo-Atherton, 10.80

200m-Jim Reyes, Independence, 21.80

400m-Mike Davidson, St. Francis, 48.17

800m-Bowe, Pacific Grove, 1:53.4

mile-Tom Legan, Del Mar, 4:16.7

2-mile-Grant Foster, Monta Vista, 9:12.3

110m HH-Erick Montgomery, Independence, 13.90

330 LH-Erick Montgomery, Independence, 35.86

440 relay-Independence, 41.90

Mile relay-Independence, 3:19.7

high jump-Jeff Rogers, Overfelt, 6-8

long jump-Johnny Cleveland, Soquel, 24-9 1/4w

shot put-Troy Sheets, Del Mar, 56-3

discus-Bob Shenk, Menlo-Atherton, 178-3

pole vault-Mike Kibort, Saratoga, 15-8

triple jump-Chris Mooring, Mount Pleasant, 48-4

Team-Independence, 70; Menlo-Atherton, 44; Del Mar, 36.

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Another Independence hurdle star, Cary Nobles, led the 76ers to their fourth straight CCS team title. Nobles established a record in a new event, the 330-yard intermediate hurdles, won the high hurdles and anchored the winning 440-yard relay team. San Mateo’s Matt Guisto took the mile and two-mile races and records fell or were tied in the long jump, high jump, pole vault, 100 meters and 800 meters.

100m-Henry Barba, Lick, 10.69

200m-Louis Fortman, Milpitas, 21.5

400m-Mike Davidson, St. Francis, 48.25

800m-Keith Allen, Bellarmine, 1:52.94

mile-Matt Guisto, San Mateo, 4:16.4

2-mile-Matt Guisto, San Mateo, 9:07.1

110m HH-Cary Nobles, Independence, 14.27

330 IH-Cary Nobles, Independence, 37.9

440 relay-Independence, 42.6

mile relay-St. Francis, 3:20.55

high jump-Jeff Rogers, Overfelt, 6-10

long jump-Johnny Cleveland, Soquel, 25-0

shot put-Fred Houston, Willow Glen, 60-2

discus-Steve Dudley, Leland, 180-7

pole vault-Ivar Moen, Los Gatos, 15-10 3/4

triple jump-David Ceragiolli, Terra Nova, 46-7 3/4

Team-Independence, 45; Soquel, 32; San Mateo, 26.


Jeff Rogers of Overfelt cracked the seven-foot high jump barrier to set a meet record of 7-3. Independence amassed 43 points to win its fifth straight team title over Menlo-Atherton with 38 points and Mills with 34 in the competition at San Jose City College. Once again, all track events were run over a metric course.

100m-Henry Barba, Lick, 10.75

200m-Henry Barba, Lick, 21.6

400m-Andre Taylor, Woodside, 48.6

800m-Neil Fitzgerald, St. Ignatius, 1:54.3

1600m-John Domingue, Leigh, 4:19.7

3200m-John Domingue, Leigh, 9:18.4

110m HH-Kevin McPherson, Mount Pleasant, 14.57

300m LH-Mike King, Menlo-Atherton, 37.1

400m relay-Independence, 42.2

1600m relay-Independence, 3:20.3

high jump-Jeff Rogers, Overfelt, 7-3

long jump-Tisdale, Westmoor, 23-9

shot put-Dominic Fortino, Palma, 59-11

discus-Jack Mohr, Los Altos, 167-1

pole vault-Steve Toney, Menlo-Atherton, 15-4

triple jump-Jeff Rogers, Overfelt, 47-3 ½

Team-Independence, 43; Menlo-Atherton, 38; Mills, 34.


Ken Rankin of Los Gatos set a CCS record of 16-0 in the pole vault and Harold Rucker of Silver Creek won the long jump and set a triple jump mark at 50-11½ as seven meet records were eclipsed during the track and field championships at Independence High School’s Lee Evans Field. The 76ers posted their sixth straight team title.

100m-Chip Vargas, Wilcox, 10.61

200m-Tony Miller, Riordan, 21.57

400m-Floyd Barco, Monterey, 47.47

800m-Neil Fitzgerald, St. Ignatius, 1:54.1

1600m-Russell Hill, Hill, 4:16.1

3200m-Craig Blockhus, Mountain View, 9:03.2

110m HH-Pete Kolotouros, Lynbrook, 14.13

300m IH-William Gaines, Independence, 37,33

400m relay-Independence, 42.58

1600m relay-Independence, 3:18.0

high jump-Jeff Novitzky, Mills, 6-8

long jump-Harold Rucker, Silver Creek, 23-7

shot put-Scott Bunnell, Gunn, 63-2 ½

discus-Pellom McDaniels, Silver Creek, 176-6

pole vault-Ken Rankin, Los Gatos, 16-0

triple jump-Harold Rucker, Silver Creek, 50-11 ½

Team-Independence, 57; Riordan, 38; Silver Creek, 30.

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Riordan ended Independence High’s string of six consecutive championships, edging the 76ers, 54 points to 52, at Lee Evans Field. The Crusaders were led by double winners Tony Miller (the 100 in a record 10:41 seconds and the 200) and Reggie Jackson (long jump and triple jump). John Montgomery of Independence won both hurdles races and anchored the winning 400 and 1600 meter relay teams. Bellarmine’s Scott Robinson set a meet record in the 1600 meters with a time of 4:14.4.

100m-Tony Miller, Riordan, 10:41w

200m-Tony Miller, Riordan, 21.06w

400m-Robert Myles, North Monterey County, 48.62

800m-Joe Amendt, Lick, 1:53.9

1600m-Scott Robinson, Bellarmine, 4:14.4

3200m-Brett Mack, Carlmont, 9:30.1

110m HH-John Montgomery, Independence, 14.09

300m IH-John Montgomery, Independence, 37.6

400m relay-Independence, 42.17

1600m relay-Independence, 3:17.65

high jump-Luis Juico, Piedmont Hills, 6-8

long jump-Reggie Jackson, Riordan, 23-9

shot put-Andy Maloato, Pioneer, 54-1 ½

discus-John Wirtz, Leland, 183-5

pole vault-Andrew Patton, Del Mar, 14-4

triple jump-Reggie Jackson, Riordan, 48-2

Team-Riordan, 54; Independence, 52; Bellarmine, 36.


Independence scored a record 85 points to win its seventh team title in eight years in the CCS championship meet at the 76ers’ Lee Evans Field. John Montgomery of Independence won the intermediate hurdles in record time and helped his school’s 400 and 1600 meter relay teams set two more meet marks. Benari Burroughs of Independence was a double winner in the sprints and John Wirtz of Leland broke the discus record.

100m-Benari Burroughs, Independence, 10.42

200m-Benari Burroughs, Independence, 21.20

400m-Brian Flewellen, Riordan, 48.53

800m-Joe Amendt, Lick, 1:53.9

1600m-Eric Axtell, St. Francis, 4:20.6

3200m-Brett Mack, Carlmont, 9:24.4

110m HH-Martin Greer, Silver Creek, 14.37

300m IH-John Montgomery, Independence, 36.60

400m relay-Independence, 41.54

1600m relay-Independence, 3:16.56

high jump-Gio Sprattling, Salinas, 6-6

long jump-Kenny McKelvey, Independence, 24-0

shot put-Joe Hicks, Hollister, 61-5

discus-John Wirtz, Leland, 199-10

pole vault-Jim Watson, St. Ignatius, 14-10

triple jump-Chad Thomas, Riordan, 48-0

Team-Independence, 85; Riordan, 45; Silver Creek, 34.


The section championship returned to San Jose City College, where Riordan took the team title by a three-point margin over Oak Grove. Double winners were Riordan’s 400 and 1600-meter sprint teams and Oak Grove’s Terrence Hill, who took the 100 and 200. No records were set.

100m-Terrence Hill, Oak Grove, 10.86

200m-Terrence Hill, Oak Grove, 21.93

400m-Curtis Shearer, Silver Creek, 48.74

800m-Craig Magness, Santa Teresa, 1:53.33

1600m-Matt Ringer, Homestead, 4:18.73

3200m-Mike Brown, Gunn, 9:26.3

110m HH-Pete Simmons, Oak Grove, 14.60

300m IH-Rocky Morris, Hill, 37.78

400m relay-Riordan, 42.28

1600m relay-Riordan, 3:19.90

high jump-Marc Days, Palo Alto, 6-8

long jump-Mike Jones, Santa Cruz, 22-9

shot put-Joe Hicks, Hollister, 62-1

discus-John Fowler, Los Altos, 182-1

pole vault-Jim Lawrence, Del Mar, 15-0

triple jump-Phu Nguyen, Fremont, 47-1 ½

Team-Riordan, 46; Oak Grove, 43; Los Altos, 34.


Defending champions Terrance Hill of Oak Grove (100 and 200), Curtis Shearer of Silver Creek (400), Craig Magness of Santa Teresa (800), Matt Ringer of Homestead (1600) and Rocky Morris of Hill (intermediate hurdles) each won again in the CCS championships at San Jose City College. Ed Lasquette of Mount Pleasant broke the CCS meet record by one-half inch in the pole vault. Bellarmine took the team title by four points over San Mateo.

100m-Terrance Hill, Oak Grove, 10.97

200m-Terrance Hill, Oak Grove, 22.20

400m-Curtis Shearer, Silver Creek, 48.36

800m-Craig Magness, Santa Teresa, 1:53.79

1600m-Matt Ringer, Homestead, 4:15.5

3200m-John Hannon, Woodside, 9:15.4

110m HH-Rocky Morris, Hill, 14.08

300m IH-Rocky Morris, Hill, 37.47

400m relay-Riordan, 41.94

1600m relay-Santa Teresa, 3:23.54

high jump-Jimmy Pryor, Aragon, 6-6

long jump-Ken Stephenson, Gilroy, 23-9 3/4

shot put-Kevin McMahon, Bellarmine, 57-11 ½

discus-Kevin Duffy, Aragon, 189-1

pole vault-Ed Lasquette, Mount Pleasant, 16-0 ½

triple jump-Lee Adkins, Westmoor, 47-8 ½

Team-Bellarmine, 50; San Mateo, 46; (tie) Aragon, Riordan, Santa Cruz, 28.

Click here for complete results for 1990


Ato Boldon of Piedmont Hills was the only double winner at the CCS championships, taking both sprint races in competition at San Jose City College. St. Ignatius had only one first place finisher, but captured the team title over Mount Pleasant.

100m-Ato Boldon, Piedmont Hills, 10.57

200m-Ato Boldon, Piedmont Hills, 21.49

400m-Shante Williams, Independence, 47.78

800m-Nick Green, Los Gatos, 1:55.1

1600m-Jeff Arnold, York, 4:18

3200m-Scott Dowens, Leigh, 9:29.2

110m HH-Issac Carson, Jefferson, 14.57

300m IH-David Swan, St. Ignatius, 38.90

400m relay-Mount Pleasant, 42.38

1600m relay-Homestead, 3:20.37

high jump-Tim Rucks, Milpitas, 6-10

long jump-Mike Wright, North Monterey County, 22-11 ½

shot put-Bruce Ventura, Yerba Buena, 56-1 ½

discus-Pete Swanson, Hollister, 179-11

pole vault-Amit Barkan, Hillsdale, 15-1

triple jump-Brian Feddema, Fremont, 47-3

Team-St. Ignatius, 54; Mount Pleasant, 45; Bellarmine, 32.

Click here for complete results for 1991


Mount Pleasant triple winners Richard Dupree (200, 400 and 1600 relay) and Terry Fulton (both hurdles and 1600 relay) led the Cardinals to the team title for the first time in 14 years. A double winner in the section championships at San Jose City College was Hollister’s Pete Swanson who took first in the shot put and discus.

100m-Shon Lewis, Wilcox, 10.67

200m-Richard Dupree, Mount Pleasant, 21.43

400m-Richard Dupree, Mount Pleasant, 47.43

800m-Mitchell, Monterey, 1:53.13

1600m-Mark McManus, St. Ignatius, 4:16.98

3200m-Mohammad Elmi, Mount Pleasant, 9:20.84

110m HH-Terry Fulton, Mount Pleasant, 14.57

300m IH-Terry Fulton, Mount Pleasant, 38.11

400m relay-Westmoor, 42.51

1600m relay-Mount Pleasant, 3:18.32

high jump-Eli Gladden, San Lorenzo Valley, 6-10

long jump-Mike Wright, North Monterey County, 22-10 1/4

shot put-Pete Swanson, Hollister, 59-7 ½

discus-Pete Swanson, Hollister, 191-9 1/2

pole vault-Scott Slover, Leland, 15-0

triple jump-Brendon Feddema, Fremont, 47-0

Team-Mount Pleasant, 75; St. Ignatius, 52; St. Francis, 26.

Click here for complete results for1992


North Salinas won the team title as speedster Calvin Harrison won the 200 and 400 and anchored his school’s victorious 400 and 1600-meter relay teams. Scott Slover of Leland shattered the pole vault record with a mark of 16-10 and Bellarmine’s Coke Edmon was a double winner in the high and intermediate hurdles at San Jose City College.

100m-Shon Lewis, Wilcox, 10.66

200m-Calvin Harrison, North Salinas, 20.95

400m-Calvin Harrison, North Salinas, 46.23

800m-Jason Williams, Gunn, 1:53.57

1600m-Juan Pinal, Overfelt, 4:16.72

3200m-Jason Balkman, Lynbrook, 9:15.15

110m HH-Coke Edmon, Bellarmine, 14.78

300m IH-Coke Edmon, Bellarmine, 37.67

400m relay-North Salinas, 41.63

1600m relay-North Salinas, 3:14.87

high jump-Levalle Beloney, Del Mar, 6-10

long jump-Todd Smith, San Jose, 22-4 ½

shot put-Jason Young, Piedmont Hills, 60-2 3/4

discus-Jason Young, Piedmont Hills, 167-0

pole vault-Scott Slover, Leland, 16-10

triple jump-Dan Nord, Los Altos, 47-3

Team-North Salinas, 60; Bellarmine, 34; Wilcox, 28.

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Westmoor sophomore Felton Charles raced to wins in the 200 and 400 and anchored the Rams’ two relay victories on the San Jose City College oval. Double winners were Coke Edmon of the team champion Bellarmine Bells (high and intermediate hurdles), Neil Lahey of North Monterey County (high and triple jump) and Chris DeMartini of St. Ignatius (shot put and discus).

100m-Shaun Williams, Silver Creek, 10.74

200m-Felton Charles, Westmoor, 21.31

400m-Felton Charles, Westmoor, 47.73

800m-Jason Williams, Gunn, 1:55.88

1600m-Todd Dando, Bellarmine, 4:19.9

3200m-Jason Balkman, Lynbrook, 9:16.7

110m HH-Coke Edmon, Bellarmine, 14.58

300m IH-Coke Edmon, Bellarmine, 37.25

400m relay-Westmoor, 41.98

1600m relay-Westmoor, 3:20.2

high jump-Neil Lahey, North Monterey County, 6-6

long jump-Fred Jackson, Piedmont Hills, 23-4 3/4

shot put-Chris DeMartini, St. Ignatius, 55-5

discus-Chris DeMartini, St. Ignatius, 195-6

pole vault-Scott Slover, Leland, 16-6

triple jump-Neil Lahey, North Monterey County, 46-9 3/4

Team-Bellarmine, 60; Silver Creek, 42; Westmoor, 41.

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Twin brothers Jeff and Dan Nord of Los Altos won three events between them to lead the Knights to the CCS team championship the school had last won in 1970. Jason Balkman of Lynbrook took the 3200-meter title for the third consecutive year. Sprinter Bashir Levingston of Seaside won the 100 and 200-meter titles.

100m-Bashir Levingston, Seaside, 10.69

200m-Bashir Levingston, Seaside, 21.41

400m-Mike Ward, Alisal, 48.38

800m-Jeremy Riddle, Gunn, 1:54.14

1600m-Enrique Torres, Silver Creek, 4:16.39

3200m-Jason Balkman, Lynbrook, 9:19.15

110m HH-Dan Nord, Los Altos, 14.36

300m IH-Lenzie Jackson, Milpitas, 38.41

400m relay-Milpitas, 41.65

1600m relay-Los Gatos, 3:18.89

high jump-Brendon Zeidler, Bellarmine, 6-8

long jump-Jeff Nord, Los Altos, 23-11

shot put-Marc Mazzoni, Bellarmine, 57-9 1/4

discus-Gordon Hovey, Monta Vista, 171-1

pole vault-Scott Wenholz, Gilroy, 15-6

triple jump-Dan Nord, Los Altos, 47-4 3/4

Team-Los Altos, 56; Bellarmine, 44; Milpitas, 42

.Click here for complete results for 1995


Del Mar raced to its first CCS title as Curtis Napoleon won the 400 meters and anchored the Dons’ winning relay teams. Double winners in the San Jose City College championships were sprinter Damon Hamm of Milpitas (100 and 200) and hurdler Joe Naivalu of Fremont, who took the intermediates and had a 13.65 in the highs, which would have been a record but for the wind.

100m-Damon Hamm, Milpitas, 10.57

200m-Damon Hamm, Milpitas, 21.52

400m-Curtis Napoleon, Del Mar, 48.63

800m-Kareem Morrell, San Jose, 1:54.8

1600m-Daniel Sikiric, Leland, 4:14.16

3200m-Brad Hansen, St. Ignatius, 9:17.22

110m HH-Joe Naivalu, Fremont, 13.65w

300m IH-Joe Naivalu, Fremont, 37.17

400m relay-Del Mar, 42.00

1600m relay-Del Mar, 3:19.43

high jump-John Bull, Mountain View, 6-6

long jump-Mike Nealy, Yerba Buena, 23-6 ½

shot put-Willie Howard, Los Altos, 58-5

discus-Willie Howard, Los Altos, 171-1

pole vault-Steve Harris, Del Mar, 16-0

triple jump-Myron Washington, Mount Pleasant, 47-7

Team-Del Mar, 57;(tie) Los Altos and St. Ignatius, 30.

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Click here for complete results for 1997

Brendan Fitzgibbon of St. Ignatius was the meet’s only double winner in the 800 and 1600-meter races. Pole vaulter Steve Harris of Del Mar defended his title with a vault of 15-6. Oak Grove edged Del Mar for the team title, 40 points to 39, in the closest finish since 1971.

100m-Chris Vivit, North Monterey County, 10.5

200m-Kenny Slaton, Oak Grove, 21.53

400m-Ernesto Salinas, Gilroy, 48.18

800m-Brendan Fitzgibbon, St. Ignatius, 1:53.15

1600m-Brendan Fitzgibbon, St. Ignatius, 4:13.00

3200m-Gary Passanisi, Aptos, 9:21.44

110m HH-Arend Watkins, Silver Creek, 13.6

300m IH-Guy McGowan, Leigh, 38.34

400m relay-Gunderson, 41.60

1600m relay-Gunn, 3:18.65

high jump-Darren Marble, Los Altos, 6-10

long jump-Chris Lacy, Oak Grove, 22-10 3/4

shot put-Pete Bjorklund, Los Altos, 58-6

discus-Mike Fought, Del Mar, 159-3

pole vault-Steve Harris, Del Mar, 15-6

triple jump-Mike Cordoba, North Salinas, 47-3 1/4

Team-Oak Grove, 40; Del Mar, 39; North Monterey County, 37.


Click here for complete results from  the 1998 meet

Gary Passanisi of Aptos won his second straight championship in the 3200, Gilroy’s Ernesto Salinas defended his title in the 400 and Guy McGowan of Leigh took the 300 hurdles again. Other repeat winners were Los Altos teammates Pete Bjorklund in the shot put and Darren Marble in the high jump. Silver Creek won its third section championship and its first since 1977.

100m-Donte Mack, Del Mar, 10.96

200m-Tyrol Springs, North Salinas, 21.87

400m-Ernest Salinas, Gilroy, 47.78

800m-Temo Trujillo, North Monterey County, 1:54.82

1600m-Joma DeWald, Soquel, 4:16.90

3200m-Gary Passanisi, Aptos, 9:19.52

110m HH-Thomas Hocker, Silver Creek, 14.6

300m IH-Guy McGowan, Leigh, 37.32

400m relay-North Salinas, 42.33

1600m relay-Gunderson, 3:19.24

high jump-Darren Marble, Los Altos, 6-8

long jump-Donald Strickland, Riordan, 23-4 1/4

shot put-Pete Bjorklund, Los Altos, 57-3

discus-Brandon Goldstein, Piedmont Hills, 168-9

pole vault-Robert Carbajal, Mount Pleasant, 15-0

triple jump-Vincent Ibia, Silver Creek, 46-8

Team-Silver Creek, 48; St. Francis, 43; Los Altos, 41.


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Pete Bjorklund of Los Altos won the discus and then fought off a painful hamstring injury to take the shot put title. Other double winners were Ronnie Grant of Mount Pleasant in both hurdles and Silver Creek’s Vincent Ibia, who captured the long jump and the triple jump. Mount Pleasant edged Los Altos by a point for the team championship.

100m-Khari Jones, Gunn, 10.92

200m-Hung Nguyen, Silver Creek, 22.03

400m-Benyam Mulugeta, Palo Alto, 49.02

800m-Stephen Nestinger, Santa Clara, 1:54.86

1600m-D.J. Ozan, Del Mar, 4:21.26

3200m-Ben Morales, Hollister, 9:14.95

110m HH-Ronnie Grant, Mount Pleasant, 14.55

300m IH-Ronnie Grant, Mount Pleasant, 38.57

400m relay-Menlo-Atherton, 41.98

1600m relay-Milpitas, 3:22.53

high jump-Ruben Mastin, Del Mar, 6-6

long jump-Vincent Ibia, Silver Creek, 23-7 3/4

shot put-Pete Bjorklund, Los Altos, 59-0

discus-Pete Bjorklund, Los Altos, 172-11

pole vault-Jason Lueck, St. Ignatius, 15-0

triple jump-Vincent Ibia, Silver Creek, 48-5 3/4

Team-Mount Pleasant, 46; Los Altos, 45; Silver Creek, 41.


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Sprinter Antwon Guidry of Leigh and jumper Natrian Maxwell of Mount Pleasant each took two events. Bellarmine captured the 400 meter relay and won the team title without taking an individual first place medal.

100m-Antwon Guidry, Leigh, 10.85

200m-Antwon Guidry, Leigh, 21.96

400m-Juan Cruz, Palma, 48.69

800m-Matt Bates, Los Gatos, 1:54.12

1600m-Neil McDonagh, St. Ignatius, 4:16.84

3200m-Girmay Guangul, Santa Clara, 9:16.38

110m HH-Maurice Mann, Monterey, 14.80

300m IH-Brandon Williams, Mount Pleasant, 38.81

400m relay-Bellarmine, 42.61

1600m relay-San Lorenzo Valley, 3:20.21

high jump-Natrian Maxwell, Mount Pleasant, 6-6

long jump-Juaune Armon, Mitty, 23-1 ½

shot put-Anthony Sanchez, North Salinas, 56-10

discus-Tony Miranda, Sacred Heart Cathedral, 194-4

pole vault-Theotis Daniels, Gonzales, 14-6

triple jump-Natrian Maxwell, Mount Pleasant, 47-9 ½

Team-Bellarmine, 50; Mount Pleasant, 42; Riordan, 26.


Click here for complete Track Results for 2001

Leigh’s Antwon Guidry swept the 100 and 200 for the second straight year and Matt Bates of Los Gatos became the first CCS runner to double at 800 and 1600 meters. Bellarmine relied on depth again, winning its second consecutive team championship.

100m-Antwon Guidry, Atlanta, 10.61

200m-Antwon Guidry, Atlanta, 21.39

400m-Brian Edwards, Los Gatos, 48.69

800m-Matt Bates, Los Gatos, 1:52.35

1600m-Matt Bates, Los Gatos, 4:15.75

3200m-Brent Gotcher, Aptos, 9:15.27

110m HH-Ian Kenworthy, St. Francis, 14.68

300m IH-Timi Wusu, Palo Alto, 38.39

400m relay-Leigh, 41.97

1600m relay-Serra, 3:21.48

high jump-Alexi Sevastopoulos, Saratoga, 6-5 ½

long jump-Derek Jones, Alvarez, 23-4

shot put-Brian Laupua, Jefferson, 57-6 3/4

discus-Adam Trafalis, Mills, 171-4

pole vault-Kyle Williams, St. Francis, 15-0

triple jump-Derek Jones, Alvarez, 47-8 ½

Team-Bellarmine, 62; Los Gatos, 56; Leigh, 38.


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Rubin Williams of Valley Christian broke Millard Hampton’s 28-year-old record in the 200 and also won the 100. Bellarmine was led to its third straight team title by Jihad Beauchman, who doubled in the high jump and triple jump. Brent Gotcher of Aptos defended his 3200 crown.

100m-Rubin Williams, Valley Christian, 10.37w

200m-Rubin Williams, Valley Christian, 20.84

400m-Daniel Mello, Leland, 48.52

800m-Jacob Evans, Aptos, 1:55.30

1600m-Alex Dunn, San Lorenzo Valley, 4:15.75

3200m-Brent Gotcher, Aptos, 9:09.78

110m HH-Jeremy Leibs, Aragon, 14.68

300m IH-William Faules, Homestead, 38.95

400m relay-Valley Christian, 41.82

1600m relay-Bellarmine, 3:19.88

high jump-Jihad Beauchman, Bellarmine, 6-6

long jump-Eric Wright, Riordan, 23-4 3/4

shot put-Adam Tafralis, Mills, 59-2

discus-Nik Kay, Los Gatos, 184-7

pole vault-David Cadena, King City, 15-2

triple jump-Jihad Beauchman, Bellarmine, 46-8 ½

Team-Bellarmine, 69.50; Valley Christian, 36; Carmel, 33.

2003    Click here for complete track results from 2003

Ronnie Drummer of North Salinas, Jacob Evans of Aptos, Will Faules of Homestead and Nik Kay of Los Gatos each won a pair of individual championships and Bellarmine’s run of consecutive titles was ended at three by West Catholic League rival Serra.


100m-Ronnie Drummer, North Salinas, 10.65
200m-Ronnie Drummer, North Salinas, 21.36
400m-Angelo Fobbs-Valentino, Serra, 48.66
800m-Jacob Evans, Aptos, 1:54.02
1600m-Jacob Evans, Aptos, 4:11.09
3200m-Jeremy Mineau, Menlo-Atherton, 9:11.11
110m HH-Will Faules, Homestead, 14.61
300m IH-Will Faules, Homestead, 38.75
400m relay-Salinas, 42.60
1600m relay-Salinas, 3:20.35
high jump-Ferman Smith, Prospect, 6-6 1/2
long jump-Chris Brown, Carmel, 23-11/2
shot put-Nik Kay, Los Gatos, 62-11
discus-Nik Kay, Los Gatos, 204-10
pole vault-James Gillette, Carmel, 14-6
triple jump-Joel Tuosto, 47-6 3/4
Team-Serra, 35; Los Gatos, 29; Aptos, 28 1/2.

100m-Ronnie Drummer, North Salinas, 10.55
200m-Ronnie Drummer, North Salinas, 21.47
400m-Taimur Khan, Lynbrook, 48.28
800m-Francis Gadayan, Riordan 1:55.10
1600m-Jacob Evans, Aptos, 4:15.00
3200m-Jeremy Mineau, Menlo-Atherton, 9:01.54
110m HH-Scott Robinson, Santa Clara, 14.99
300m IH-Mathew Wirgler, Aragon, 38.50
400m relay-Lynbrook HS, 41.79
1600m relay-Riordan High School, 3:19.46
high jump-Julian Eison, Westmoor, 6-06.00
long jump-Pete Van Sant, Santa Cruz, 23-04.25  
shot put-Brian Wilhelm, St. Ignatius, 56-10.25
discus-Corey White, Mt. Pleasant, 177-04
pole vault-Chris Little, Los Gatos, 15.00.00
triple jump-Joel Tuosto, 48-09.50
Team-Santa Clara, 40; Lynbrook, 32; St. Francis 30.50

2005  click here for complete results

Santa Clara’s Scott Robinson, who took the 110 high hurdles title in 2004, was the 300 intermediate hurdles champ this season. The team chamnpion was Riordan, who got individual victories from sprinters Mark Ilarina and Tyrone McGraw and pole vaulter Joe Fazio and also took the 4x100 relay title.


100m-Mark Ilarina, Riordan, 10.84; 
200m-Tyrone McGraw, Riordan, 21.99; 
400m-Don Gaspar, Los Gatos, 48.64; 
800m-Miguel Camarena, Salinas, 1:54.80; 
1600m-Evan Anderson, Menlo-Atherton, 4:16.76; 
3200m-Ben Sitler, St. Francis, 9:21.11; 
110m HH-Eric Hersey, Los Altos, 14.45; 
300m IH-Scott Robinson, Santa Clara, 38.40; 
400m relay-Riordan, 42.04; 1600m relay-Oak Grove, 3:22.52; 
high jump-Andre Roper, Oak Grove, 6-6; 
long jump-Jaime Gonzalez, Westmoor, 22-7 3/4; 
shot put-Joe Newman, Palma, 54-7 3/4; 
discus-Rolando Gomez, Pioneer, 174-7; 
pole vault-Joe Fazio, Riordan, 15-8; 
Triple jump-Aven Wright, Serra, 48-2. 
Team-Riordan, 76; St. Francis 54; Oak Grove, 32.


2006   click here for complete results

Ben Sitler of St. Francis combined for a rare double in teh 1600 and 2300 meters races as the Lancers took their first boys' championship.  Monterey's Michael Phillips won both the 220 and 400.

100m-Dominque Hunsucker, Valley Christian, San Jose 10.71
200m-Michel Phillips, Monterey, 21.66
400m-Michael Phillips, Monterey, 48.40
800m-Sam Pompei, St. Francis-Mtn. View, 1:56.28
1600m-Ben Sitler, St. Francis-Mtn. View, 4:15.06
3200m-Ben Sitler, St. Francis-Mtn View, 9:13.99
110mHH-Justin Ta, Silver Creek, 14.38
300mIH-Matt Wheeler, Menlo Atherton, 38.45
400m relay-Palma, 42.94
1600m relay-Monterey, 3:21.09
high jump-Emilio Hernandez, Del Mar, 6-6
long jump-Kyle Mills-Burje, St. Francis-Mtn. View, 23-6 1/4
shot put-Drew Gordon, Mitty, 57-1 1/2
discus-William Tsai, Homestead, 183-7
pole vault-Casey Roche, St. Francis-Mtn. View, 16-2
triple jump-Maverick Crawford, Alisal, 45-11 3/4
Team-St. Francis-Mtn. View 78; Monterey 44; Palma, 30


2007    click here for complete 2007 results

Nico Weiler of Los Gatos, an exchange student from Germany, won the pole vault with a CCS record height of 17-6 1/4.  The day's only double winner was Eric Hersey of Los Altos, who took both hurdles events.  Bellarmine was the team champion.

100m-Reggis Topps, North Monterey County, 10.97
200m-Michael Avila, Seaside, 21.89
400m-Thomas Phillips, Bellarmine, 49.16
800m-Sebastian Sam, Oak Grove, 1:54.67
1600m-Brad Suhr, Carlmont 4:15.69
3200m-Phillip MacQuitty, Palo Alto, 9:11.99
110m HH-Eric Hersey, Los Altos, 14.22
300m IH-Eric Hersey, Los Altos 37.67
400m relay-Bellarmine, 42.28
1600m relay-Bellarmine, 3:20.07
high jump-Kevin Rutledge, Los Gatos, 6-8
long jump-Nick Johnson, San Lorenzo Valley, 23-7 3/4
shot put-Colin Quirke, Los Gatos, 61-10
discus-Stephen Powell, Bellarmine, 165-1
pole vault-Nico Weiler, Los Gatos, 17-6 1/4
triple jump-Nathan Goodrich, Evergreen Valley, 46-4
Team-Bellarmine-74; Los Gatos, 55.5; Mitty, 34


2008    click here for complete 2008 results

Double event winners were Spencer of San Mateo in the 100 and long jump, Kemper of Montere in the 200 and 400 and Colin Quirke of Los Gatos in the shot put and discus. Los Gatos' Nico Weiler defended his title in the pole vault as did Sebastian Sam of Oak Grove in the 800 meters and Brad Surth of Carlmont in the 1600 meters. Monterey edged Los Gatos by a point to win the team title. 

100m-Kendall Spencer, San Mateo, 10.81
200m-Joel Kemper, Monterey, 22.00
400m-Joel Kempter, Monterey, 48.61
800m-Sebastian Sam, Oak Grove, 1:53.29
1600m-Brad Surh, Carlmont, 4:11.24
3200m-Diego Estrada, Alisal, 9:06.51
110m HH-Mykel Block, Monterey, 14.54
300m IH-Eric Surprenant, Lynbrook, 37.65 
400m relay-Monterey, 42.59 
1600m relay-Monterey, 3:20.61
high jump-Aaron Thompson, Riordan, 6-8
long jump-Kendall Spencer, San Mateo, 23-6 1/2
shot put-Colin Quirke, Los Gatos, 61-4
discus-Colin Quirke, Los Gatos, 174-2
pole vault-Nico Weiler, Los Gatos, 17-0
triple jump-Darryl Faust, North Monterey County, 45-8
Team-Monterey, 65; Los Gatos, 64; San Mateo, 28 

2009      click here for complete 2009 results: SEMI FINALS; FINALS
Kendall Spencer of San Mateo won three events, taking both sprints and the long jump, and Gilroy's Peter Guenther doubled in the hurdles races. The team title was won by St. Francis High.
100m-Kendall Spencer, San Mateo,10.68
200m-Kendall Spencer, San Mateo, 21.72
400m-John Tran, Independence, 49.20
800m-Nathan Strum, Pioneer, 1:54.84
1600m-Nohe Lema, Willow Glen, 4:15.42
3200-Lance Wolfsmith, Sobrato, 9:07.10
110m HH-Peter Guenther, Gilroy, 14.68
300m IH-Peter Guenther, Gilroy, 38.16
400m relay-St. Francis, 41.68
1600m relay-Hollister, 3:21.74
high jump-Frank Lima, Half Moon Bay, 6-6
long jump-Kendall Spencer, San Mateo, 23-5 1/2
shot put-Anthony Pohau, Wilcox, 52-11
discus-Derek White, Oak Grove, 162-9
pole vault-John Prader, Salinas, 15-10
triple jump-Derion Taylor, Evergreen Valley, 47-3 1/2
Team-St. Francis, 47; San Mateo, 30; Evergreen Valley, 26
2010 click here for complete 2010 track results: SEMI FINALS: FINALS
Bellarmine won its seventh teamtitle and first since 2007. The only repeat winner was Nathan Sturm of Pioneer in the 800 meteres. Sturm's brother, one of the meet's double winners with victories in the 1600 and 3200. The other double winner was Taylor Kientzel in teh Long Jump and Triple Jump.
100m Bryon Marshall, Valley Christian, 10.67 200m Julius Travis, Gilroy,
400m BenhaminKnight, Overfelt,
800m Nathan Strum, Pioneer,
1600M Weston Sturm, Pioneer,
3200m Weston Sturm, Pioneer,
100m HH John Paul Williams, Westmoor, 14.81 300m IH Ryo Kubozono, Cupertino,
400m Relay Gilroy, 42.42 1600m Relay Mountain View, 3:22.83
High Jump  Stephen Johnson, Mtn. View 6-4 Long Jump Taylor Kientzel, Santa Cruz,
22-20 1/2
Shot Put Scott Brazil, Mt. Pleasant,
Discus Erik Kramer, Mills,
Triple Jump Taylor Kientzel, Santa Cruz,
Pole Vault Benjamin Berthet, Los Gatos
Team Bellarmine, 42, Mtn View 40, Pioneer 36


Trailing St. Francis by one point going into the final event, host Gilroy pulled off a second-place finish in the 1600 meter relay to leapfrog the Lancers and win its first-ever CCS title. Chris Waschura of Woodside was the only double winner, taking both the 800 and 1600 meter runs.
100m Jourdan Soares, Gilroy,
200m J’Tier Favors, Gunderson,
400m Andre Chapman, Bellarmine, 49.09 800m Chris Waschura, Woodside,
1600M Chris Waschura, Woodside, 4:19.0 3200m Kevin Bishop, Monta Vista,
100m HH Sean Goetzl, Aptos,
300m IH Scott Medina, San Benito,
400m Relay Gilroy, 41.77 1600m Relay San Benito, 3:21.43
High Jump  Stephen Dorsey, Monterey,
Long Jump Stas Dellamorte, Menlo-Atherton,
Shot Put Scott Brazil, Mt. Pleasant, 57-0.25 Discus Cody Bickham, St. Francis, 174-10
Triple Jump Rickey Strehlow, Wilcox,
Pole Vault Keith Rayburn, North Monterey County
, 15-5
Team Gilroy, 53; St. Francis, 52; North Monterey County, 38.
COMPLETE 2011 TRACK & FIELD RESULTS: Semi Finals; Finals
E. J. Floreal won both sprints and anchored Palo Alto’s 400-meter relay team to victory as the Vikings won the team championship for the first time in school history. There were four repeat winners – Kevin Bishop of Monta Vista in the 3200; Stephen Dorsey from Monterey in the high jump; Cody Bickham of St. Francis in the discus and Wilcox’s Rickey Strehlow in the triple jump.
100m E. J. Floreal, Palo Alto,
200m E. J. Floreal, Palo Alto,
400m Elliott Suroveil, Carlmont,
800m Cody Johnson, San Lorenzo Valley,
1600M George Baier, Menlo-Atherton,
3200m Kevin Bishop, Monta Vista,
100m HH Kamara Biawogi, Prospect,
300m IH Cameron Vaca, Mitty,
400m Relay Palo Alto, 41.56 1600m Relay Palo Alto, 3:21.16
High Jump  Stephen Dorsey, Monterey,
Long Jump Marcus Washington, Palma,
Shot Put Stephen Leach, Carmel,
Discus Cody Bickham, St. Francis,
Triple Jump Rickey Strehlow, Wilcox,
Pole Vault Marc Toney, St. Francis,
Team Palo Alto, 53; St. Francis, 41.5; Bellarmine, 39.
COMPLETE 2012 TRACK & FIELD RESULTS: Semi Finals; Finals



2013 Complete Results: Semi Finals Finals Program: Schedule Semis Finals
100m Khalid Johnson, 12 St. Francis 10.71 200m Sumit Minocha, 12 Harker 21.43
400m Michael Beery, 12 San Mateo 48.78 800m Daivd Aguilar, 12 Oak Grove 1:53.15
1600M Migue Vasquez, 12 Andrew Hill 4:12.48 3200m Yahaness Estifanos, 12 Milpitas 9:07.58
110m Hurdles Jalen Wright, 12 Bellarmine 300m Hurdles Jalen Wright, 12 Bellarmine
400m Relay Bellarmine 41.65 1600m Relay Palo Alto 3:22.77
High Jump  Dion Shattuck, 11 Santa Cruz 6-07.00 Long Jump Victor Du 12, Palo Alto 23-04.00
Shot Put Jonathan Beering, 12 Serra 59-09.00 Discus Joseph Ilaoa, 11 Homestead 165-09
Triple Jump Matthew Wong, 12 Mitty 45-04.25 Pole Vault Marc Toney, 12 St. Francis 15-08.00
Team Bellarmine 55; Junipero Serra 47


Santa Cruz won three events -- Alex Morris in the 200 meters, Ashtyn Davis in the 110 meter hurdles and the 400 meter relay team -- and chalked up its first CCS title in school history. Luis Maciel of Willow Glen was the only double winner taking both the shot put and discus throw.
100m Eli Givens, Palo Alto, 10.83 200m Alex Morris, Santa Cruz, 21.73
400m Jeremy Wright, Terra Nova, 47.01 800m Jesus Covarrubias, Wilcox, 1:554.11
1600M James Welsh, Monterey, 4:18.93 3200m Chris Foster, Los Gatos, 9:20.22
100m HH Ashtyn Davis, Santa Cruz, 14.19 300m IH Devin Hinson, Palma, 38.02
400m Relay Santa Cruz, 42.19 1600m Relay Serra, 3:21.55
High Jump  Daniel Onuoha, Santa Terersa, 6-9 Long Jump Chase Pacheco, Palma, 22-11.75
Shot Put Luis Maciel, Willow Glen, 54-4.25 Discus Luis Maciel, Willow Glen, 171-4
Triple Jump Kurt Felicitas, Mt. Pleasant, 47-5  Pole Vault Mark Nicholas, Mt. Pleasant, 15-6
Team Santa Cruz, 61; Palma, 47; Bellarmine, 41
Complete results: Semi Finals Finals
Track Semi Entries
100m Eli Givens, 11 Palo Alto 10.91 200m Eli Givens, 11 Palo Alto 21.54
400m Shraee Harrison, 11 San Benito 48.58 800m Draven, Hawk, 12 Scotts Valley1:55.87
1600M Johain Ounadjela, 12 Carlmont 4:14.03 3200m Steven Sum, 12 Saratoga 9:08.73
100m HH Aidan Kirwan, 12 Branham 14.38 300m IH Aidan Kirwan, 12 Branham 38.23
400m Relay Bellarmine 42.00 1600m Relay Junipero Serra 3:20.75
High Jump  Darius Thomas, 11 St. Francis 6-09..00 Long Jump Eli Givens, 11 Palo Alto 22-05.50
Shot Put Marshall Godsil, 12 Bellarmine 53-10.00 Discus Jake Kenney, 11 Wilcox 167-07
Triple Jump Darius Carbin, 11 Mt. Pleasant 47-04.00 Pole Vault Zachary Nichols, 12 Branham 15-07.00
Team Bellarmine 65; Mt. Pleasant 51