Tournament & Event Sanctioning

Tournament & Event Sanctioning Information

  1. Deadlines for submitting sanctioning applications have been established.
    • Fall - April 10th
    • Winter - September 10th
    • Spring December 10th
  2. All applications submitted after their respective deadlines will be handled in the following manner:
    • If submitted within 1 month of its respective deadline, and accompanied by a $250 late submittal fee and a written request from the Host School Principal for special consideration, it will be accepted and reviewed;
    • If submitted after 1 month of its respective deadline, it will be denied.
  3. It is strongly encouraged to submit the application well in advance of the specific tournament's deadline - even up to a year earlier.
  4. We are constantly working to make the CCS Tournament & Event Sanctioning process more effective and efficient. However, to avoid potential embarrassment and disappointment for all concerned, strict adherence to the provisions of the process is respectfully requested and expected.  Thank you, in advance, for your co-operation.
  • CCS Member Schools may NOT participate in any tournament or event involving four (4) or more schools hosted by a CCS member school that is not sanctioned, unless it is a tournament hosted by the League (e.g., League Championships, and in the sport of Wrestling and Gymnastics especially, some League schedules are built on tournament play - those League Tournaments do not need to be sanctioned). We would not consider those "invitational" tournaments, and, therefore, they are not subject to sanctioning, except if required by the League.
  • CCS Member Schools may NOT participate in any tournament or event hosted by an "outside agency."
  • CCS Member Schools may ONLY participate in tournaments or events hosted by schools who are members in good standing with the CIF or their respective State High School Association.
  • Please check with Steve Filios, CCS Assistant Commissioner, if you have any questions:

By hosting a tournament or event schools agree to insure that all CIF, CCS and NFHS rules and regulations are followed. The approval of your tournament or event is contingent upon you affirming that you intend and are responsible to insure that every aspect of your tournament will be run in compliance with all NFHS, CIF and CCS rules and regulations.

MEMBERS OF DIFFERENT SCHOOL TEAMS MAY NOT COMPETE ON A “JOINT” TEAM AT ANY TIME IN ANY TYPE OF CONTEST.   If a school is deficient in the minimum number of players required to play in a contest, you may not allow players from another school to play with them in order to make up that deficiency.   You may not allow such a team to forfeit and then play the contest anyway or by calling it a scrimmage or something else.  Scrimmages are NOT part of a tournament and should not be considered as a solution to allow a team, otherwise unqualified or ineligible to play per NFHS, CIF or CCS rules in your tournament.  However well-intentioned such actions might be, they are a very serious violation of several rules and will result in sanctions against all schools involved (both schools from the combined teams and the schools that play them AND it will jeopardize the future conduct of the tournament at which this is allowed!

Sanctioned Tournaments & Events Hosted by CCS Member Schools