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FOOTBALL SCHOOLS-Practice Like Pros Clinics February 4-5.
You have been asking about this information--CIF hosting Free Training!
Every CCS School with a football program SHOULD be represented at this Important Event!

Happy New Year. I hope all of you had a great holiday.

Please find below the Press Release and RSVP information for the Practice Like Pros Clinics that CIF will be conducting on February 4-5.

The clinic is free but EACH ATTENDEE must RSVP so that CIF knows the numbers to expect at each venue.

The date, time and venue information for each location is included in both the press release and the RSVP form.

A review of AB 2127 and the corresponding CIF policies will also be reviewed at these clinics.

Schools are welcome to bring more than one coach but CIF asks that they submit a form for each person attending.

Principals and ADs are also welcome to RSVP for the clinic.

Press Release:

Registration Form:

Ron Nocetti, CAA, Ed.D.
Associate Executive Director
California Interscholastic Federation


In our field hockey game last Friday, the varsity team scored a goal which was called back (not awarded). Our 3 varsity captains, Janaye Sakkas, Andi Pappas and Mallory Strom
quickly and politely asked the ref the reason for the ruling. The ref stated the ball could not be lifted more than 18" on the initial hit. Our captains stated that it was not a hit, but instead a flick
which is allowed and the discussion continued. The ref who made the call consulted the other ref and there was more discussion between the captains and the refs. I was impressed as to the level
of detail our players understood the rules and were able to communicate about them with the refs. I believe the call was erroneous, but the final ruling was not in our favor. However, I was so
proud of our captains for handling the situation in such a "professional" and respectful manner. (As a coach, I would like to think that the captain trainings that we have several times each season contributed to this!)
We accepted the decision of the refs. Monta Vista truly "honored the game" with their sportsmanship.

Coach Denise Eachus, Varsity Field Hockey Coach, Monta Vista High School


North Salinas High School would like to THANK Monterey High School Volleyball, PSI, and the two officials that officiated our "Dig Pink" Volleyball Match on Tuesday, October 14.
Kim Reeder and Leo Hermoso were notified that it would be a Dig Pink match and were very accommodating with our pink shirts and identifying our libero. 
Also, at the pregame meeting Kim Reeder presented a pink bracelet to all the captains and coaches.  It was very generous and touching. Monterey also presented a beautiful
pink hair tie to all the Vikings. 
NSHS lost a former staff member to breast cancer last week and we honored her memory throughout the evening and it was made even more special by our guests. 
Thank you to all who were involved and let's keep fighting the fight!

Jean Kinn Ashen, North Salinas Athletic Director

Scotts Valley Falcons travel to Etna to play some fooball and attend some school.

They extended their travels to deliver goods that they had gathered to help the fire victims...

"The Scotts Valley High football team is lending a helping hand to the Boles Fire victims and is asking for donations to help the cause.

The Falcons are in the process of gathering supplies to deliver in person. They plan to deliver the goods Oct. 4, the day after the Falcons play a nonleague, road game at Etna, which is located just south of the Oregon border and 30 miles west of Weed."
click here for full story in the Santa Cruz Sentinel

TRUSTWORTHINESS, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, FAIRNESS, CARING AND CITIZENSHIP not just on the field, but in their own community and those far from them! We are proud of the Falcons Football Program, players, cheerleaders, coaches, and families!


Scotts Valley Falcons Football Team and Cheerleaders in Etna CA
Delivering Donations to Fire Victims

Aptos, St. Francis CCC and Scotts Valley

All Six Pillars of Character! Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship

Eric: (Scotts Valley Cross Country Coach)
My daughter does not go to your school. Today when she raced at Pinto Lake she gave up towards the end, where your team took camp. I wasn't expecting to see the act I witnessed. A majority of the Scott's Valley Cross Country team stood to their feet and cheered for my daughter to not give up and keep going. Several encouraging words and cheers for a runner on the opposing team. It was just what she needed to get to the finish line.
The reason I decided to write this letter is because in today's society good behavior goes unrecognized. Your team has made a fan out of me. I will always cheer for my daughters team and as of today I will be on the sidelines cheering for your team as well.
Thank you,
Nickey Dillard


The San Mateo Union High School District Board of Trustees voted tonight to name the track at Aragon High School after Bill Daskarolis. This is a most wonderful honor. Bill has been the track and cross-country coach at Aragon for more than 50 years. He is a true gentleman and a great friend to me. I am so proud of him for receiving this honor.

Submitted by Mark Foyer, Half Moon Bay Review

Bill has worked tirelessly for all the CCS student-athletes in working at and helping with the CCS Cross Country and Track Championships for decades...We couldn't do it without folks like Bill. Congratulations on an honor well-deserved Bill on behalf of the thousands of student-athletes that your dedication supported without many of them ever knowing you sacrificed your time and talents for their benefit. We love working with Bill!

CCS Commissioner, Nancy Lazenby Blaser

Christopher and Aptos High School, Respect, Fairness, Caring!

Dear Coach Daley: (Christopher High School Freshman Football Coach)

I wanted to commend one of your (Christopher HS) players. My coaches (Aptos HS) and I went to Chevy's last week after our game and one of your (Christopher HS) players came in. He was not wearing any Christopher gear or anything else to identify him as a member of your team so we would never have realized he was there if not for the fact that he made a point of coming up to us and congratulating us on our win. It was excellent to see such a sense of sportsmanship. We were unable to get his name but he said he was number 20 (I believe) and played noseguard.

Thanks again for a great game. I look forward to reconnecting next year.

Scott Russo, Head Coach, Freshman Football, Aptos High School



The NFHS Network is thrilled to introduce our newest show: West Coast Football Fridays.  If you enjoy watching NFL RedZone, then you are going to love West Coast Football Fridays.  Each week this fall, West Coast Football Fridays brings you highlights, feature stories, commentary and live look-ins on games from around the Western Region.  Join the conversation with high school football’s best new show using the hashtag #WCFF.

West Coast Football Fridays will feature a brand new segment on our SBP schools.  Each week we will select one lucky SBP school and showcase a five minute video segment on their School Broadcast Program.  This segment will also feature a live look-in on our SBP schools across the West Coast.  This national show may just look-in on your student produced broadcast, so be sure to bring your “A” game.

Here is the link to our inaugural show.  West Coast Football Fridays is scheduled to air at 7:30 pm (PST) and will run up to 10:00 pm (PST).

… West Coast Football Fridays… it’s on!


Sean Hennessy
West Coast Territory Manager | NFHS Network
Mobile: 619.408.2853 | Email: sean.hennessy@playonsports.com
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Another team do something nice for you?  Your team did something nice for someone else?  
Examples of our great student-athletes, coaches and fans are appreciated.  The Administration or AD from the school must submit the information.  Share it with your AD, and he/she will forward it to CCS.

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