Coaching Education

CIF Coaching Education
CIF's/CCS comprehensive Coaching Education Program in partnership with ASEP.

All CIF/CCS coaches must have completed a coaching education course!

Coaching Education Links:
  • CIF - Coaching Education Program
    provides information on:
    1. CIF's schedule of Leadership Training Seminars (Instructor Trainings)
    2. Coaching Clinics in other parts of California
    3. A comprehensive description of the CIF Coaching Education Program
    4. Information on availability of matching funds for public schools for coaching education from the California State Legislature
  • May 2010 New Programs available including Concussion on NFHS COACHES EDUCATION PROGRAM ABOVE OR HERE FOR LATEST INFO
Coaching Clinics:
  • Listed below are two entities that offer ongoing coaching education clinics scheduled in the Central Coast Section.  
    • If you are offering an NFICEP clinic and it is not listed here, please e-mail or fax us the information and we will be happy to post it. 
  • The 7-hour clinics listed below are National Federation Interscholastic Coaching Education Program clinics for high school coaches.  They are not sport specific, but meet the requirements of the California State Department of Education.
  • These courses do NOT include CPR or First Aid
  • Click here for state-wide listings of Instructor Training and Coaches Clinics!
  • Ongoing Coaching Education Clinics:
    • North Salnas HS - Library
Instructor Trainings:
  • Listed on the CIF web page are the Instructor Trainings for various ASEP/NFICEP Courses.