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Complete information for each CCS Sport, including links to forms, meeting dates, sports bylaws, results, history, playing rules & current CCS Playoff Tournament information.
  • Lacrosse
    Please note that Lacrosse is a CIF approved sport, but the CCS does not host a CCS Championship since there are insufficient leagues to have a post season championship. This is why there are no playoff bylaws for lacrosee and why it is listed separately from the other sports.
  • CCS Playoff Bylaws (2014-2015):
    General Tournament Information & Policies (updated 7-1-14)
    Includes admission prices, awards, band requirements, cheerleader information, sportsmanship, etc. All regulations that pertain to CCS Playoffs in every sport
    Tournament Forms Appendix
    List of playoff forms for each sport. Sport specific forms can also be found on the webpage of each sport. Click on the CCS Sports tabe above to go to a specific sport.
  • Meeting Dates (2014-2015): list of seeding meeting dates and beginnings/end of playoffs--for more comprehensive list of all playoff meetings, due dates for forms, and competition dates see CCS PLAYOFF CALENDAR above

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Enrollments of CCS member-schools, grades 9-12, are used for determining division play for playoffs in most sports.  The Bylaws for each sport describe how these divisions are determined.  Scroll up to the sport in which you are interested, click on it and then click on bylaws for how the divisions are determined and how school enrollment is used for division placement.
  • CBEDS enrollments for divisions in CCS Championships:
    • 2013-2014 CBEDS
    • 2014-2015 CBEDS (available November, 2014)

      FALL 2014
    • 2014 Football uses 2013-14, 9-12 CBEDS enrollment
    • 2014 Water Polo (Boys & Girls) uses 2013-14, 9-12 CBEDS enrollment
    • 2014 CCS Cross Country enrollments and divisions for the championships Boys/Girls
    • 2014 CCS Girls Volleyball enrollments and divisions for the championships

      WINTER 2014-15
    • 2015 CCS Basketball enrollments and divisions for the championships Boys/Girls
    • 2015 CCS Boys & Girls Soccer: uses 2014-15, 9-12 CBEDS enrollment (available 11/1/15)

    • SPRING 2014
    • 2015 CCS Baseball: uses 2014-15, 9-12 CBEDS (available November, 2014)
    • 2015 CCS Softball: uses 2014-15, 9-12 CBEDS (available November, 2014)
    • 2015 CCS Boys Volleyball: uses 2014-15, 9-12 CBEDS (available November, 2014)

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