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CIF/Central Coast Section

Historical Record of
CCS Wrestling Championship Results

Special thanks to
John Spalding and Don Nash for compiling this information!




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  • 1966

    • Wrestling became the first CCS competition after the section’s split from the North Coast Section. Fremont High took the team title at Overfelt High School. Lick’s Jim Plunkett, who later gained fame as a college and pro football quarterback, won the 194-pound title.
      • 98-Armand Brett, South San Francisco

        106-Bernie Olmos, Mountain View

        115-Dick Furuya, Los Altos

        120-Terry Vierra, Westmont

        130-Steve Sollitti, Del Mar

        136-Eli Carrasco, Overfelt

        141-Dave Kendrall, Sunnyvale

        148-Ron Taylor, Camden

        157-John Hammon, Wilcox

        168-Dave Brigham, Homestead

        178-Bob Koloz, Camden

        194-Jim Plunkett, Lick

        Hwt-Mark Sindel, Salinas

        Team-Fremont, 41; South San Francisco, 34

  • 1967

    • Fremont High wrestlers won five individual titles as the Indians took their second successive title in matches at South San Francisco High School. The Fremont wins came in all the weight classes from 148-pound on up except for the 194-pound division.
      • 95-John Grijalva, Lick

        103-Armand Brett, South San Francisco

        112-Bernie Olmos, Mountain View

        120-Hector Montez, Gilroy

        127-Ray Jiminez, Hill

        133-Ken Wright, Capuchino

        138-Ed Prado, Menlo-Atherton

        145-Allen Dunn, Fremont

        154-Brendt Noon, Fremont

        165-Larry Noon, Fremont

        178-Larry McCord, Fremont

        194-Bob Garcia, Cupertino

        Hwt-Steve Wilhelm, Fremont

        Team-Fremont, 86; North Salinas, 37

  • 1968

    • Fremont High wrestlers took their third consecutive CCS title. The Indians’ Brendt Noon took his second straight title in the 157-pound class.
      • 98-Guy Green, Los Gatos

        106-Siason, Gonzales

        115-Tom Morrison, Fremont

        120-Tom Robak, Los Gatos

        130-Manuel Sanchez, Mountain View

        136-Walt Nakabayashi, Fremont

        141-Don Cusimano, Mt. Pleasant

        148-Bruno Bicocca, Campbell

        157-Ron Alvarado, Overfelt

        168-Brendt Noon, Fremont

        178-Ron Lucas, North Salinas

        194-McBride, Westmont

        Hwt-Ray Selch, Seaside

        Unlimited-McGrady, Watsonville

        Team-Fremont, 59; Westmoor, 34

  • 1969

    • Los Gatos broke Fremont’s strangle-hold on the section’s wrestling crown by defeating the Indians, 60-51. Fremont had won the first three CCS titles.
      • 96-Mark DiGirolamo, Harbor

        106-Guy Green, Los Gatos

        115-Gonzales, Overfelt

        123-Mitch Pinney, Lynbrook

        130-Tom Robak, Los Gatos

        136-John Jacobo, San Jose

        141-Converse, Overfelt

        148-Kevin Fennell, Menlo-Atherton

        157-Casey Griffin, Awalt

        168-Mike Ruth, Mt. Pleasant

        178-Brendt Noon, Fremont

        194-Bob Kampa, Gilroy

        Hwt-McGrady, Watsonville

        Team-Los Gatos, 60; Fremont, 51

  • 1970

    • Lick High School heavyweight Albert Nanez ran his prep record to 39-0 as Los Gatos took the team title in a close contest over runner-up Lynbrook.
      • 98-Hal Lorber, Westmoor

        106-Mark DiGirolamo, Harbor

        115-Alex Gonzales, Hill

        123-B. Gonzales, Overfelt

        130-Tom Robak, Los Gatos

        136-Mitch Pinney, Lynbrook

        141-Brad Davis, Lynbrook

        148-Vic Robinson, Lick

        157-Bruce Lynn, Los Gatos

        168-Noble, Mt. Pleasant

        178-Calvin Tate, South San Francisco

        194-Eric Ekern, Fremont

        Hwt-Albert Nanez, Lick

        Unlimited-McGrady, Watsonville

        Team-Los Gatos, 45; Lynbrook, 39

  • 1971

    • Overfelt edged Saratoga, 50-49, to win team laurels at the CCS wrestling meet at Cabrillo College.
      • 98-Terry Devera, Overfelt

        107-Hal Lober, Westmoor

        115-Mark DiGirolamo, Harbor

        123-Carlos Rodriguez, Overfelt

        130-Alex Gonzales, Hill

        136-Rick Guynes, Lick

        141-Rich Elder, Saratoga

        148-Craig Deane, Santa Cruz

        157-Oscar Guardiola, Monterey

        168-Steve Morgan, Terra Nova

        178-Dan Lloyd, Lick

        194-Jim Brazil, Ayer

        Hwt-Art Kuehn, Cubberley

        Team-Overfelt, 50; Saratoga, 49

  • 1972

    • Led by first-place finishers Greg Hill (123-pound) and Kris Henry (157-pound), Cupertino took a one-sided victory over the field in the CCS championships.
      • 98-Barnachia, Salinas

        106-Terry Devera, Overfelt

        115-John Sha, Harbor

        123-Greg Hill, Cupertino

        130-Tihamer Toth-Fejel, St. Francis

        136-Greg Washe, Terra Nova

        141-Kyle Helmhout, Lick

        148-Gary Lynn, Los Gatos

        157-Kris Henry, Cupertino

        168-Kim Wasick, Gilroy

        178-Paul Accinelli, Capuchino

        194-Dan Lloyd, Lick

        Hwt-Jerry Bishop, Lynbrook

        Team-Cupertino. 75; Lick, 50

  • 1973

    • David Lamb won Overfelt’s only first place in the 141-pound class, but the Royals won the team title and sent a five-man team to the fist state wrestling meet.
      • 98-George Maldonado, Mountain View

        106-Dwight Miller, Gunn

        115-Andy Gonzalez, Yerba Buena

        123-Mike Prout, Lick

        130-Mark Hisatomi, Ayer

        136-Mark Matthews, Saratoga

        141-David Lamb, Overfelt

        148-Bob McDowell, Wilcox

        157-Bob Parker, Watsonville

        168-Gary Lynn, Los Gatos

        178-Fred DeLeon, Oak Grove

        194-Greg Fultcher, Oak Grove

        Hwt-Jerry Bishop, Lynbrook

        Team-Overfelt, 67.5; Los Gatos, 40

  • 1974

    • Andrew Hill wrestlers edged Mount Hamilton League rival Overfelt by one-half point to take the team title at Monta Vista High School.
      • 98-Al Bracamonte, Hill

        106-Joe Maldonado, Mountain View

        115-Dwight Miller, Gunn

        123-Bruce Burch, Overfelt

        130-Pete Lopez, Hill

        136-Kevin Heinal, Peterson

        141-Mike Gaynor, Lynbrook

        148-Bob McDowell, Wilcox

        157-Kim Johansen, Monta Vista

        168-Bill Marriott, Overfelt

        174-Gary Lynn, Los Gatos

        194-Greg Fultcher, Oak Grove

        Hwt-David Ceja, Alisal

        Team-Hill, 39.5 Overfelt, 39

  • 1975

    • David Ceja of Alisal defended the heavyweight title and led his school to the team title in section finals at Monta Vista High School.
      • 98-Alan Oka, North Salinas

        106-Terry Fujimoto, Awalt

        115-Dave Cotti, Overfelt

        123-Rick Bracamonte, Hill

        130-Ron Arata, Peterson

        136-Jim Spangler, Awalt

        141-Hector Vargas, Jefferson

        148-Paul Flores, Monterey

        157-Doug Johnson, Lick

        168-Kirk Poppay, Del Mar

        178-Steve Hosmer, Los Gatos

        194-Jim Brown, Peterson

        Hwt-Dave Ceja, Alisal

        Team-Alisal, 39.5; Overfelt, 32

  • 1976

    • Lick High School took the team title in competition at Monta Vista High. Rick Bracamonte of Hill was the only wrestler to defend his title, taking the 123-pound championship.
      • 98-Art Castillo, Overfelt

        106-Lyle Wilkes, Cupertino

        115-Gary Haraguchi, Blackford

        123-Rick Bracamonte, Hill

        130-Ryan Kawaoka, Lick

        136-Ron Arata, Peterson

        141-Dave Schultz, Palo Alto

        148-Steve Holt, Awalt

        157-Doug Johnson, Blackford

        168-Redmond Burke, Monta Vista

        178-Rocky Dumals, Ayer

        194-Ken Miller, Watsonville

        Hwt-Craig Schoene, Crestmoor

        Team-Lick, 74; Blackford, 45.5

  • 1977

    • Overfelt was the only school with two winners, Albert Perez (98-pound) and Arnold Bernal (106-pound), but Watsonville won a narrow team victory over Hill.
      • 98-Albert Perez, Overfelt

        106-Arnold Bernal, Overfelt

        115-Willie Gaxiola, Independence

        123-John Monolakis, Hillsdale

        130-Bob Arata, Peterson

        136-Fernando Tapiz, Watsonville

        141-Bruce Hedenberg, Menlo-Atherton

        148-Jerry Espinosa, Ayer

        157-Joe Guillory, Lick

        168-Dave Schultz, Palo Alto

        178-Bert Ekern, Fremont

        194-Mike Profit, Santa Teresa

        Hwt-George Achica, Hill

        Team-Watsonville, 88.5; Hill, 83.5

  • 1978

    • Hill wrestlers took individual titles in the 106-pound, 148-pound and heavyweight classes as the Falcons won the team crown at Independence High School.
      • 98-John Garcia, Gilroy

        106-Conrad Jiminez, Hill

        115-Albert Perez, Overfelt

        123-Arnold Perez, Overfelt

        130-Jim Hildebrand, Watsonville

        136-Pat O’Donnell, Pacific Grove

        141-Al Olmos, Mountain View

        148-Ernie Gonzales, Hill

        157-Mark Schultz, Palo Alto

        168-Youseff Abed, Aptos

        178-Scott Mariani, Fremont

        194-Steve Zankich, Fremont

        Hwt-George Achica, Hill

        Team-Hill, 95; Fremont, 68

  • 1979

    • Hill’s George Achica captured his third straight heavyweight title as his school won the team title over Overfelt in matches held at Independence High School.
      • 98-Adam Cohen, Riordan

        106-Rick Palomino, Independence

        115-Conrad Jiminez, Hill

        120-Arnold Perez, Overfelt

        127-J.D. Robbins, Buchser

        133-Dave Publicover, Blackford

        138-John Lopez, Lick

        145-Vince Canete, Alisal

        154-Adam Sanders, Cupertino

        165-Dan Gibben, Gunn

        175-Dan Chaid, Gunderson

        191-Jerry Morrison, Leland

        235-George Achica, Hill

        Team-Hill, 85.5; Overfelt, 77.5

  • 1980

    • Rick Palomino of Independence, Arnold Perez of Overfelt and Dan Chaid of Gunderson all won titles for the second year in a row. Gilroy defeated Overfelt for the team championship.
      • 95-Ruben Castillo, Overfelt

        103-Rick Palomino, Independence

        112-Brad Gustafson, Saratoga

        120-Cliff Gosse, Crestmoor

        127-Armando Gonzales, Lick

        133-Arnold Perez, Overfelt

        138-Randy Ratliff, Buchser

        145-Kerry Bisbee, Hill

        154-Dave Wilkinson, El Camino

        165-Anthony Garcia, Lincoln

        175-Dan Chaid, Gunderson

        191-Kurt Kniffen, Watsonville

        235-Pete Kampa, Gilroy

        Team-Gilroy, 82; Overfelt, 73

  • 1981

    • Rick Palomino of Independence and Dan Chaid of Gunderson won their third consecutive titles in the matches at West Valley College. Overfelt won the team crown.
      • 101-Gabriel Gonzalez, Milpitas

        108-Ruben Castillo, Overfelt

        115-Rick Palomino, Independence

        122-Ted Pettigrew, Buchser

        129-Adam Cohen, Riordan

        135-Robert Schrull, Gilroy

        141-Matt Oleynik, Cupertino

        148-Robert Ratliff, Buchser

        158-Mike Crivelco, Soquel

        170-Adam Lukeian, Monta Vista

        188-Dan Chaid, Gunderson

        203-Mark Gay, Peterson

        248-Matt Blevin, Mountain View

        Team-Overfelt, 83.5; Cupertino, 76

  • 1982

    • Dan Love of Monterey won the 129-pound title, leading his school to victory in the team competition at West Valley College.
      • 101-Craig Barker, Leland

        108-Rudy Perales, Gilroy

        115-Dan Cota, North Salinas

        122-Anthony Palomino, Independence

        129-Dan Love, Monterey

        135-Gus Paz, Watsonville

        141-Todd Geerts, St. Francis

        148-Russ Lujan, Oak Grove

        158-Lyndon Manigault, Monterey

        170-Eric Mittlestead, Branham

        188-Victor Ceja, Salinas

        203-Eric Brandenberg, Aptos

        248-Paul Portesi, Del Mar

        Team-Monterey, 118.5; Leland, 109.5

  • 1983

    • Led by Johnny Piccolotti (112-pound), Mickey Santiago (119-pound) and Robert Serafino (200-pound), Oceana gave San Mateo its first wrestling title.
      • 98-Rich Bailey, Monta Vista

        105-Craig Barker, Leland

        112-Johnny Piccolotti, Oceana

        119-Mickey Santiago, Oceana

        126-Joe Zamlick, Monta Vista

        132-Anthony Palomino, Independence

        138-Rich Moss, Aragon

        145-Paul Oleynik, Cupertino

        154-Fred Jackson, Overfelt

        167-Richard Popejoy, Los Gatos

        185-Dan Dodds, Branham

        200-Robert Serafino, Oceana

        245-Rich Dunne, St. Francis

        Team-Oceana, 150; Overfelt, 119

  • 1984

    • Mickey Santiago repeated as an individual champion as his Oceana High School team took the title again with a two-point win over Cupertino.
      • 98-Jim Walker, Los Gatos

        108-Victor Cobos, Gilroy

        115-Tony Leanos, Lincoln

        122-Mike Gilroy, Gilroy

        129-Mickey Santiago, Oceana

        135-Rick Ellingsen, Capuchino

        141-Bruce Holt, Monta Vista

        148-Paul Oleynik, Cupertino

        157-Frank Smith, Homestead

        168-David Nicholson, Live Oak

        178-Jeff Bernard, Oceana

        194-Joe Reidell, Jefferson

        Hwt-Eric Volta, Santa Clara

        Team-Oceana, 143; Cupertino, 141

  • 1985

    • Oceana won its third straight team title behind Rich Goodwin (98-pound), Alberto Valle (126-pound), Terry Powell (145-pound) and three-time champion Mickey Santiago (129-pound).
      • 98-Rich Goodwin, Oceana

        105-Chris Green, Leigh

        112-Victor Cobos, Gilroy

        119-Mickey Santiago, Oceana

        126-Alberto Valley, Oceana

        132 Steve Toves, St. Francis

        138-Jesse Sanchez, Overfelt

        145-Terry Powell, Oceana

        154-Frank Smith, Homestead

        165-Mike Halverson, Leigh

        175-Scott Benson, Lynbrook

        191-Tim Shirley, Soquel

        245-Leo Guzman, Watsonville

        Team-Oceana, 189.5; Gilroy, 125.5

  • 1986

    • Two-time winner Alberto Valle (126-pound) was the school’s only repeat champion as Oceana took an unprecedented fourth straight Central Coast Section team title.
      • 98-David Martinez, Overfelt

        105-Marco Sanchez, Independence

        112-Ahmed El Sokkary, Monta Vista

        119-Chris Green, Leigh

        126-Albert Valle, Oceana

        132-Guillermo Maldonado, Hollister

        138-Doug Hollen, Lincoln

        145-Dennis Maro, Lincoln

        154-Ed Lucero, Overfelt

        165-Sergio Garcia, Silver Creek

        175-Ivan Moseman, Capuchino

        191-Mike Scialabba, Los Gatos

        245-Leo Guzman, Watsonville

        Team-Oceana, 135.5; Overfelt, 128

  • 1987

    • Overfelt snapped Oceana’s four-year hold on the team championship, sweeping to an easy victory over runner-up Gilroy.
      • 98-Bradley Bautista, El Camino

        105-Adrian Correa, Watsonville

        112-Jason Rose, North Monterey County

        119-Marco Sanchez, Independence

        126-George Medrano, Overfelt

        132-Louie Cano, Oceana

        138-Kordell Baker, Gilroy

        145-Jessie Macias, Leland

        154-Ray Borba, Hill

        165-Canado Oceguerra, South San Francisco

        175-Dan Burgett, Serra

        191-Craig Gilbert, Overfelt

        245-Harold Bangher, Live Oak

        Team-Overfelt, 180; Gilroy, 121.5

  • 1988

    • The CCS inaugurated a new wrestling competition, crowning Oceana as its first dual meet champion. Independence won the traditional team title based on points accrued from individual matches.
      • 98-Rey Dommert, Gilroy

      • 105-Miguel Luna, Lincoln

      • 112-Charlie Rodriguez, Oceana

      • 119-Marco Sanchez, Independence

      • 126-Dan Araya, Silver Creek

      • 132-Rafael Salcedo, Hollister

      • 138-Ramon Macias, Leland

      • 145-Armando Delgado, Overfelt

      • 154-Ray Borba, Hill

      • 165-Matthew Sanchez, Independence

      • 175-Eric Schwartz, Soquel

      • 191-Ken Richardson, Monterey

      • 245-DeDon Prince, Menlo-Atherton

      • Team-Independence, 131.5; Oceana, 128.

      • Dual Meet-Oceana def. Independence, 38-16

  • 1989

    • Overfelt captured the championships in both competitions, winning over Bellarmine for the team title and defeating Oak Grove in the dual meet matches.
      • 98-Abraham Ross, Oak Grove

      • 105-Rey Dommert, Gilroy

      • 112-Rick Pham, Silver Creek

      • 119-Mohammad El Sokkary, Monta Vista

      • 126-Javier Gonzales, Overfelt

      • 132-Richard Guiterrez, Overfelt

      • 138-K. Arnold, Monterey

      • 145-Ramon Macias, Leland

      • 154-Carlos Salazar, Overfelt

      • 165-Conrado Oceguerra, South San Francisco

      • 175-David Polanco, Hollister

      • 191-David Popejoy, Bellarmine

      • 245-Tony Blackman, Oceana

      • Team-Overfelt, 155; Bellarmine, 110.

      • Dual Meet-Overfelt def. Oak Grove, 48-14

  • 1990

    • Overfelt won both team titles for the second consecutive year. Bellarmine’s David Popejoy was the repeat champion in the 191-pound class.
      • 98-Aki Yoshikawa, Cupertino

      • 105-Abram Ross, Oak Grove

      • 112-Bobby Soto, Fremont

      • 119-Matt Tyrrell, Oak Grove

      • 126-Tim Cano, Santa Teresa

      • 132-Mike Pechina, South San Francisco

      • 138-Theron Miller, Soquel

      • 145-Neil Jackson, Oak Grove

      • 154-Bryan Lindsey, Santa Teresa

      • 165-Eddie Luna, Overfelt

      • 175-Ricardo Garcia, Overfelt

      • 191-David Popejoy, Bellarmine

      • 245-Matt McGinn, Capuchino

      • Team-Overfelt, 169.5; Santa Teresa, 149.

      • Dual Meet-Overfelt def. Hollister, 40-21

  • 1991

    • Overfelt repeated as team champion. Oak Grove wrestlers Matt Tyrrell and Neil Jackson defended their individual titles.
      • 103-Aki Yoshikawa, Cupertino

      • 112-Tracy Brown, Santa Clara

      • 119-Saul Gomez, Branham

      • 125-Matt Tyrrell, Oak Grove

      • 130-Oliver Salud, Fremont

      • 135-Rafael Quintinar, South San Francisco

      • 140-Andre Mitchell, Bellarmine

      • 145-Jerry Rodriguez, Oak Grove

      • 152-Neil Jackson, Oak Grove

      • 160-Luke Corona, Gilroy

      • 171-Josh Kuersten, St. Francis

      • 189-John Sanchez, Overfelt

      • 275-Issac Alvarez, Hollister

      • Team-Overfelt, 175.5; Bellarmine, 161.

      • Dual Meet-Gilroy def. Oak Grove, 40-24

  • 1992

    • Tracy Brown of Santa Clara, Oliver Salud of Fremont, Neil Jackson of Oak Grove and Issac Alvarez of Gilroy all were repeat champions as Santa Clara won the team title. The dual meet competition was split into two divisions, with Hollister and St. Francis taking the titles.
      • 103-Edgar Bautista, Overfelt

      • 112-Eric Guerrero, Independence

      • 119-Chong Ki Yi, Santa Clara

      • 125-Tracy Brown, Santa Clara

      • 130-Derek Dominguez, Soquel

      • 135-Oliver Salud, Fremont

      • 140-Cayo Aranda, Watsonville

      • 145-Mike Perez, Cupertino

      • 152-Erick Vera, Serra

      • 160-Neil Jackson, Oak Grove

      • 171-Ivan Chacon, Riordan

      • 189-Troy LaCoursiere, Bellarmine

      • Hwt-Issac Alvarez, Gilroy

      • Team-Santa Clara 172.5; (tie) Bellarmine and Oak Grove, 129.

      • Dual Meet-Div. I: Hollister def. Gilroy, 25-24; Div. II: St. Francis def. Santa Clara, 36-28

  • 1993

    • Santa Clara’s Tracy Brown won his third consecutive championship as the Bruins captured the team title. Issac Alvarez of Gilroy won the heavyweight crown for the third year in-a-row, leading his school to the team title. Dual meet winners were Santa Clara and St. Francis.
      • 103-Bao Ngo, Cupertino

      • 112-Tony Gomez, Independence

      • 119-Junior Rayray, Watsonville

      • 125-Eric Guerrero, Independence

      • 130-Tracy Brown, Santa Clara

      • 135-Joe Macias, Independence

      • 140-George Mercado, Oak Grove

      • 145-Mike Corrales, Santa Teresa

      • 152-Mario Puentes, Watsonville

      • 160-Vince Scionti, Monta Vista

      • 171-Chris Delgado, Gilroy

      • 189-Donny Rider, Hollister

      • 275-Issac Alvarez, Gilroy

      • Team-Gilroy, 194; Hollister, 161.

      • Dual Meet-Div. I: Santa Clara def. Gilroy, 37-26; Div. II: St. Francis def. Cupertino, 40-21

  • 1994

    • Hollister won the team title and the dual meet Division I crown, while Santa Clara took the Division II dual meet championship. Repeat champions were Tony Gomez and Eric Guerrero of Independence, George Mercado of Oak Grove and Donny Rider of Hollister.
      • 105-Jeff Stewart, Hill

      • 112-Paul Gomez, North Monterey County

      • 119-Tony Gomez, Independence

      • 125-Ivan Ibarra, Watsonville

      • 130-Eric Guerrero, Independence

      • 135-George Mercado, Oak Grove

      • 140-David Salcedo, Hollister

      • 145-Adrian Garcia, Watsonville

      • 152-Dana Garcia, Independence

      • 160-A.J. Everslen, Monterey

      • 171-Oscar Gonzales, Independence

      • 189-Donny Rider, Hollister

      • 245-Bryan Yeager, Oak Grove

      • Team-Hollister, 187; Independence, 169.

      • Dual Meet-Div. I: Hollister def. Independence, 39-26; Div. II: Santa Clara def. Los Gatos, 34-30

  • 1995

    • Eric Guerrero of Independence became the first CCS wrestler to take four straight titles, leading the 76ers to a victory in the team competition. Independence also won the Division I dual meet title.
      • 105-Mario Solorio, Oak Grove

      • 114-Paul Gomez, North Monterey County

      • 121-Jason Palomino, Independence

      • 127-Tony Gomez, Independence

      • 132-Ken Alexander, Santa Teresa

      • 137-Eric Guerrero, Independence

      • 142-David Salcedo, Hollister

      • 147-Adrian Garcia, Watsonville

      • 154-Mario Castillo, Watsonville

      • 162-Dion Garza, Independence

      • 173-Miguel Rodriguez, Alisal

      • 191-Mark Pisoni, Palma

      • 277-Brian Yeager, Oak Grove

      • Team-Independence, 202; Watsonville, 170.

      • Dual Meet-Div. I: Independence def. Gilroy, 46-17; Div. II: Palma def. Gunderson, 33-31

  • 1996

    • One new weight class was added, bringing the total for individual competition to 14. The dual meet competition was dropped. Seven Independence wrestlers took individual titles as the 76ers repeated as team champion.
      • 103-Ralph Perez, Alisal
      • 112-Mario Solorio, Oak Grove

      • 119-Ivan Aguayo, Independence

      • 125-Tony Gomez, Independence

      • 130-Jason Palomino, Independence

      • 135-Gabe Araujo, Independence

      • 140-Saul Lucatero, Hollister

      • 145-Jason Olmos, St. Francis

      • 152-Dana Garcia, Independence

      • 160-Dion Garza, Independence

      • 171-Oscar Gonzales, Independence

      • 189-Miguel Rodriguez, Alisal

      • 215-Ben Wilson, Palma

      • 275-Narci Serra, North Salinas

      • Team-Independence, 269.5; Alisal, 156.5

  • 1997

    • Independence was team champion for the third straight year as 76ers Jason Palomino, Gabe Araujo and Dion Garza all repeated as individual champions.
      • 103-Kurt Lorenz, Oak Grove

      • 112-Danny Gonzales, Oak Grove

      • 119-Derrick Hayes, Monterey

      • 125-Jason Palomino, Independence

      • 130-Simon Lopez, Overfelt

      • 135-Gabe Araujo, Independence

      • 140-Tyler Dominguez, Harbor

      • 145-Jason Olmos, St. Francis

      • 152-Brian DiCarli, Palma

      • 160-Dion Garza, Independence

      • 171-Rohner Segnitz, Los Gatos

      • 189-Max Harris, Gilroy

      • 215-Mercedes Kinner, Del Mar

      • 245-Chris Evans, Hollister

      • Team-Independence, 187; Hollister, 141


    • Hollister broke a three-year hold on the team title by Independence. Oak Grove was runner-up with three individual champions: Kurt Lorenz, Diondre Garrison and Rafael Hernandez.
      • 105-Jacob Palomino, Independence

      • 114-Ray Salinas, Santa Teresa

      • 121-Kurt Lorenz, Oak Grove

      • 127-Diondre Garrison, Oak Grove

      • 132-Chris Valdez, Salinas

      • 137-Ricky Palomino, Independence

      • 142-Brian Cobb, Bellarmine

      • 147-Rafael Hernandez, Oak Grove 

      • 154-Bryan Campbell, San Lorenzo Valley

      • 162-Pavel Gonzalez, Palo Alto

      • 173-Rohner Segnitz, Los Gatos

      • 191-Robert Thomas, Palo Alto

      • 217-Billy Himan, Wilcox

      • 277-Chris Evans, Hollister

      • Team-Hollister, 148.5; Oak Grove, 146.5


    • Oak Grove’s Kurt Lorenz won his third straight individual championship and cousins Jacob and Ricky Palomino of Independence, plus Brian Cobb of Bellarmine and Robert Thomas of Palo Alto repeated their 1998 victories. Watsonville took the team title.
      • 105-Joe Streu, Silver Creek

      • 114-Jacob Palomino, Independence

      • 121-Jarrod Rothman, Monta Vista

      • 127-Kurt Lorenz, Oak Grove

      • 132-Nick Pena, Watsonville

      • 137-Ricky Palomino, Independence

      • 142-Brian Cobb, Bellarmine

      • 147-Mike Stratton, Soquel

      • 154-Eddie Lucatero, Hollister

      • 162-Robbie Burnbaca, San Lorenzo Valley

      • 173-Robert Thomas, Palo Alto

      • 191-Kevin Krall, Leigh

      • 217-Greg Woodland, Westmont

      • 277-Gonzalo Sanchez, Watsonville

      • Team-Watsonville, 178; Bellarmine, 125.5


    • Bellarmine’s Matt Sanchez upset two-time state champion Jacob Palomino of Independence in the 121-pound class as Hollister won the team title. Jarrod Rothman of Monta Vista was the only wrestler who repeated as an individual champion.
      • 105-Josh Lam, Wilcox

      • 114-Brandon Bautista, Gilroy

      • 121-Matt Sanchez, Bellarmine

      • 127-Jarrod Rothman, Monta Vista

      • 132-Adrian Velasquez, Hollister

      • 137-Anthony Baza, Fremont

      • 142-Raul Alvarez, Gilroy

      • 147-Peter Le, Santa Teresa

      • 154-Israel Trujillo, North Monterey County

      • 162-Joey Conley, Cupertino

      • 173-Tony Oka, Westmont

      • 191-David Galant, Del Mar

      • 217-Daniel Puder, Monta Vista

      • 277-Josh Downing, Monterey

      • Team-Hollister, 164; North Monterey County, 128


    • Jacob Palomino of Independence won his third title in four years and Fremont’s Anthony Baza was a repeat champion. Bellarmine captured its first team championship
      • 103-Adan Martinez, Aptos

      • 112-Joe Streu, Silver Creek

      • 119-Jacob Palomino, Independence

      • 125-Joe Rico, Silver Creek

      • 130-Drew Fredenberg, Live Oak

      • 135-Adam Baxter, Hollister

      • 140-Gus Palacios, North Monterey County

      • 145-Anthony Baza, Fremont

      • 152-Jesse Padilla, Monterey

      • 160-Greg Catton, Wilcox

      • 171-Jatinder Singh, Silver Creek

      • 189-Heath Ferreira, Valley Christian

      • 215-Apollo Johnsen, Oak Grove

      • 275-Pete Borba, Watsonville

      • Team-Bellarmine, 166; Silver Creek, 151

    • Repeat champions were Joe Rico of Silver Creek and Drew Fredenburg of Live Oak. Hollister became the team champion for the fifth time and third in the past five years.
      • 105-Chris Jaworski, St. Francis
      • 114-Beto Gonzales, Seaside
      • 121-Marcus Pettis, Alvarez
      • 127-Gabriel Trujillo, Greenfield
      • 132-Ron Raquino, Santa Teresa
      • 137-Joe Rico, Silver Creek
      • 142-Drew Fredenburg, Live Oak
      • 147-Justin Carskadon, Wilcox
      • 154-Kenny Bertron, Oak Grove
      • 162-Daniel Atondo, Fremont
      • 173-Richard Escobar, Los Gatos
      • 191-Pat Varella, Alvarez
      • 217-Adam Beltran, North Monterey County
      • Hwt-Jimmy Hassett, Terra Nova
      • Team-Hollister, 153.5; Live Oak, 121.
    • Gilroy High wrestlers took four individual titles as the Mustangs rolled to the team championship with 213 points. Silver Creek’s Joe Rico won his third straight section crown while Ron Raquino won his second straight.
      • 103-John Gurich, Gilroy;
      • 112-Bobby Rivera, Overfelt;
      • 119-Armando Gonzalez, Gilroy;
      • 125-Danny San Juan, Gilroy;
      • 130-Anthony Dariano, Oak Grove;
      • 135-Ron Raquino, Santa Teresa;
      • 140-Joe Rico, Silver Creek;
      • 145-Bobby Pease, Los Gatos;
      • 152-Eric Helmstreit, Terra Nova;
      • 160-Sam Temko, Half Moon Bay;
      • 171-Mark Zabala, Gilroy;
      • 189-Ben Reynolds, Cupertino;
      • 215-Tony Barrow, Mitty;
      • 275-Jerry Arreola, Santa Teresa;
      • Team-Gilroy, 213; Los Gatos, 153.5
    • Gilroy High's John Gurich, Armando Gonzalez and Mark Zabala all were repeat champions as the Mustangs won their second consecutive team crown.  Bobby Pease of Los Gatos also won a title for the second straight year.
      • 103-Filip Novachkov, Fremont;
      • 112-John Gurich, Gilroy;
      • 119-Moses Guillardo, Bellarmine;
      • 125-Armando Gonzalez, Gilroy;
      • 130-Adan Marquez, Aptos;
      • 135-Tommy Machado, Oak Grove;
      • 140-Greg Crane, Fremont;
      • 145-Gabriel Trujillo, Greenfield;
      • 152-Bobby Pease, Los Gatos;
      • 160-Aleja Velasquez, Hollister (San Benito HS);
      • 171-Mark Zabala, Gilroy;
      • 189-Brent Walter, Saratoga;
      • 215-Paul Estrada, Gonzales;
      • 275-James McCluskey, Palo Alto;
      • Team-Gilroy, 211.5; Fremont 139
    • Gilroy High took four individual titles as the school annexed the team title for the third consecutive year. the Mustangs' Armando Gonzalez won  for the third year in a row and two Fremont wrestlers, Flip Novachkov and Greg Cane, were repeant champions.
      • 103- Nicolo Naranjo, Gilroy
      • 112- Flip Novachkov, Fremont
      • 119- Eddy Ngo, Overfelt
      • 125- Daniel Summers, Bellarmine
      • 130- Adin Duenas, Gilroy
      • 135- Armando Gonzalez, Gilroy
      • 140- Aaron Palacios, North Monterey County
      • 145-Daniel Gutierrez, James Lick
      • 152- Greg Crane, Fremont
      • 160- Hunter Collins, Gilroy
      • 171- Caleb Orozco, Overfelt
      • 189- Julian Carbahal, Mount Pleasant
      • 215-Mark Tavares, Mount Pleasant
      • 275- Tommy James, Independence
      • Team- Gilroy, 186; Los Gatos, 176
    • Gilroy High's Armando Gonzalez captured his fourth straight title as his teammates piked up more points to give the Mustangs the team championship for the fourth consecutive year. Fremont's Filip Novachkov and Greg Crane each won a third consecutive individual title. Repeat winners were Overfelt's Eddy Ngo and Gilroy's Nicolo Naranjo and Adin Duenas. 
      • 103-Boris Novachkov, Fremont
      • 112-Nicolo Naranjo, Gilroy
      • 119- Filip Novachkov
      • 125- Eddy Ngo, Overfelt
      • 130- Peter Hoang, Silver Creek 
      • 135- Adin Duenas, Gilroy 
      • 140- Armando Gonzalez, Gilroy 
      • 145- Chris Minafo, Monterey 
      • 152- Mikey Rico, Silver Creek 
      • 160- Greg Crane, Fremont 
      • 171- Hunter Collins, Gilroy 
      • 189- Andres Barragan, Gilroy 
      • 215- Ryan Dunn, Hollister 
      • 275- Genaro Redmond, Sobrato 
      • Team- Gilroy, 274.5; Fremont, 170.5
    • Gilroy High won an unprecedented fifth straight team title as the Mustangs’ Hunter Collins captured his third consecutive CCS gold medal. Fremont”s Boris Novachkov was a repeat champion.
      • 105-Jesse Delgado, Gilroy;
      • 112-Mike Duran, Sobrato; 
      • 121-Andre Gonzalez, Silver Creek;
      • 127- Boris Novachkov, Fremont;
      • 132-Dane Stevens, Scott’s Valley;
      • 137-Dominic Kastl, St. Francis;
      • 142-Geoff Doss, Los Gatos; 
      • 147-Matthew Martinez, Watsonville 
      • 154-Joey Wilson, Half Moon Bay;
      • 162-Jonathan Garcia, Hill;
      • 173-Hunter Collins, Gilroy ;
      • 191-John Hall, Palo Alto;
      • 217-Davonte Carr, Oak Grove; 
      • 287- Joey Nigos, Oak Grove
      • Team-Gilroy, 237.5; Los Gatos 157
    • Led by Hunter Collin's fourth straight title, Gilroy High won its sixth consecutive team championship. Repeat titles were won by Gilroy's Jess Delgado, Los Gatos' Geoff Doss and St. Francis' Dominic Kastl.
      • 103-Joshua Go, Overfelt
      • 112-Jesse Delgado, Gilroy
      • 119-Martin Gonzalez, Gilroy
      • 125-Robin Miranda, Watsonville
      • 130-Emmanuel Lanuza, Watsonville
      • 135-Calvin Hawkes, Los Gatos
      • 140-Dane Stevens, Scott's Valley
      • 145-Dominic Kastl, St. Francis
      • 152-Geoff Doss, Los Gatos
      • 160-Isaiah Jiminez, Palma
      • 171-Hunter Collins, Gilroy
      • 189-Hanna Malak, Serra
      • 215-Drew Meulman, St. Francis
      • 285-Luis Barragan, Gilroy
      • Team-Gilroy, 249.5; Hollister, 151
  • Gilroy wins its seventh consecutive team championship. Repeat titles were won by Gilroy's Jesse Delgado, Martin Gonzalez, and St. Francis' Dominc Kastl and Drew Muelman
  • 103-Kaelob Obien, Independence
  • 112-Jesse Delgado, Gilroy
  • 119-Jorge Barajas, St. Francis
  • 125--Martin Gonzalez, Gilroy
  • 130-Al Quenga, Overfelt
  • 135-Shohei Takagi, Prospect
  • 140-Cody Rodebaugh, San Lorenzo Valley
  • 145-Josh Ramirez, San Benito
  • 152-Jasper Loren, Saratoga
  • 160-Dominic Kastl, St. Francis
  • 171-Zack Blumenfeld, Gunn
  • 189-William Eleazar, Aragon
  • 215-Drew Meulman, St. Francis
  • 285-Richard Segovia, Silver Creek
  • Team: Gilroy 172.0; St. Francis 161.0
  • ....
  • 103-Leif Dominquez, TCAL-Gilroy, 9
  • 112-Kaelob Obien, BVAL-Independence, 11
  • 119-Adolpho Davila, TCAL-San Benito, 12
  • 125--Jesse Delgado, TCAL-Gilroy, 12
  • 130-Jorge Barajas, WCAL-Saint Francis, 10
  • 135-Blake Kastl, TCAL-Gilroy, 10
  • 140-Joe Johnson, SCVAL-Fremont, 12
  • 145-Cody Rodebaugh, SCCAL-San Lorenzo Valley, 12
  • 152-Vicente Aboytes, TCAL-Gilroy, 12
  • 160-Dominic Kastl, TCAL-Gilroy, 12
  • 171-Tyler Edwards, MBL-Monterey, 12
  • 189-Logan Kellogg, SCCAL-San Lorenzo Valley, 11
  • 215-Juniel Morales, BVAL-Oak Grove, 12
  • 285-Drew Meulman, WCAL-Saint Francis, 12
  • Team: Gilroy 258.0; Saint Francis 193.0-COMPLETE TEAM SCORES



Isaiah Locsin
Jorge Barajas
Paul Fox         
Stefan Weidemann
Victor Olmos

Johnny Gonzalez              

Nikko Villarreal

Calvin Nicholls

Zac Contreras
Danny Chaid
Blake Kastl
Ismael Sanchez
Nick Cano       
Trevor Kelly
1st Gilroy High School
St. Francis High School
Site of Tournament: Independence High School    



Jimmie Lopez, Christopher HS (MBL)
Jorge Barajas, St. Francis (WCAL)
Isaiah Locsin Live Oak HS (BVAL)
Sam Hopkins, St. Francis (WCAL)
Andre Delagnes, Menlo Atherton (PAL)
Joe Else, Aptos (SCCAL)
Paul Fox, Gilroy (TCAL)
Kodiak Sauer, Carmel (MTAL)
Niko Villarreal, Gilroy (TCAL)
Denny Chaid, Bellarmine (WCAL)
Zac Contreras, Riordan (WCAL)
Tim Glauninger, Serra (WCAL)
Williw Fox, Gilroy (TCAL)
Jon Tulolosega, Seaside (MBL)
1st Gilroy 241
Palma 129
Site of Tournament: Independence High School    



Jimmie Lopez, Christopher Bryan Battisto, Harbor
Jesse Vasquez, Gilroy Luis Quintero, King City
Isaiah Locsin, Live Oak Jovan Villalobox, Alisal
Victor Olmos, Gilroy Arthur Georgiyev, South San Francisco
Paul Fox, Gilroy Chandler Ramierz, Archbishop Mitty
Nikko Villarreal, Gilroy Graham, Grant, Saratoga
Zac Contreras, Archbishop Riordan Hildelv Manzur, Palma
1st Gilroy 210.
Palma 142.5
Site of Tournament: Independence High School    


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Jimmie Lopez, Christopher
Paul Fox, Gilroy
CAlvin Nguyen, Silver Creek
Bryan Bautista, Harbor
Carlos Anaya, North Monterey County
Matt Penyacsek, Gilroy
Christian Racino, St. Francis
Mark Penyacsek, Gilroy
Victor Olmos, Gilroy
Chandler Ramirez, Archbishop Mitty
David San Miguel, Bellarmine
Graham Grant, Saratoga
Niko Villareal, Gilroy
Gary Miltenberger, Fremont
All Individual Champions
1st Gilroy, 277
Fremont 114
Site of Tournament: Independence High School    


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