COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

CCS Member Schools,

As we move thought this crisis I wanted to keep you up to date where the CIF and CCS are at this point in time. Yesterday all of CIF Commissioners met to discuss the plans for the spring sports and that update is attached. The stance is now to wait and see how this situation unfolds, and then all of the commissioners will reconvene on April 3rd to reevaluate the state of affairs.

The CCS Office is officially closed and staff is working remotely from home. Staff is still currently working on the anticipated spring playoffs and other CCS programs such as the scholar athlete program etc. We are taking a positive proactive stance in preparation for the spring playoffs possibly modifying each sport, which may need to be applied once we get a clearer picture. 

If you need to communicate to any one of our staff, please email us. Contact information can be found on the About Us page of the website.

We will get through this and hopefully be able to provide positive educational and extra-curricular experiences for our students to close out the school year.

Thank you.

Duane Morgan
CCS Commissioner