COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

CCS Member Schools,

Happy Friday May 1st.  I hope this day finds you and your family well. 

As we all look around the corner from this situation I wanted to give you some updates on topics that pertain to our student-athletes.

  1. In conjunction with the CIF and the other section commissioners there is discussions on credit/no credit status for students, and how to best serve the students in this distant learning model in meeting eligibility standards to participate in athletics. This is a statewide issue that may end up in the state legislature dockets. More to come on this.
  2. Understanding this crisis has delivered a financial impact to some families, we are working on some temporary language to address this issue. This will pertain to students who have to transfer to another school because of the effects on the parents losing their job.
  3. We are all hoping for a “new normal” opening of school on schedule-which includes allowing athletes and coaches to get on the filed of play. Of course this relies upon the governor, local health departments and superintendents making the decisions to be able to open a safe school environment for all students.
  4. Once these decisions are made, the CCS/CIF and leagues can unveil the plan and timelines moving forward.  
  5. The CCS staff has been working on contingency plans based upon when the all clear date is given.  Developing these plans include issue such as what will it look like if we start practices August 14th , August 31st, September 14th
  6. Possibly developing plans that may not have Fall sports in the Fall and move them around throughout the year.

We will be focusing on plans that provide the most opportunities for a majority of the student-athletes in the CCS to participate on the field of play.

I hope that helps on where we are in this.  Continue to hope for the best and once we get some clearer direction, I will be sharing the information with you.

Take care and thank you

Duane Morgan
CCS Commissioner