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Sportsmanship notices that have been previously posted on the CCS website:

Over the last few weeks our students have been dressing up for home matches (as other sports teams do).  We've done a range of superheroes to animals, with mixed results.

Recently one of our students recently revealed to the team that he was battling depression.  Our team captains talked among each other, and talked to the team about embracing our diversity and identity.  The result is the remarkable image above.

Definitely proud of our Gunn students and our team unity this year in making this possible. 

Best Regards, Marc Tsukakoshi
Gunn High School Badminton


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Congratulations to the following CCS Winning Schools!

Carmel Girls Soccer 3.94 GPA
Los Altos Girls Track & Field 3.90 GPA
Harker School Boys Golf 3.87 GPA


My Christopher High athlete, Junior Ally Foster, had just completed the Long Jump and was getting some rest under the trees by our campsite. Ally still had the Triple Jump and 4x400 relay events to compete in. When Ally went to get her spikes, she realized they were missing. There was only about 30 mins before the 4x400 would go off and the Triple Jump had already started with Flight 1. Ally was in Flight 4. We looked around but could not find the spikes. I then started asking other fellow coaches if their athletes who were still around had a size 8 1/2 that we could borrow. Several coaches checked for me and we are thankful for that. Then Alan Green of North Salinas (fellow MBL school ) said he might have something. He came back with a pair of 8 1/2 spikes that belonged to Viking Junior Nicole Herosillo-Wright. She had offered up her spikes to let Ally borrow for her two events. Well, Nicole and Ally are strong rivals in the MBL and have had great competitions together. I just want to praise Nicole for helping out her rival Ally in the CCS Semifinals. That, to me, shows great sportsmanship and is a testament to her, her family and Alan Green and the North Salinas program. Ally did go on to qualify for the CCS Finals in both events and the Christopher girls 4x4 set a new school record in the process. So once again, thank you so much.

Jeff Myers
Christopher High School Head Track & Field Coach

So many wonderful things to celebrate this spring in the CCS family.

Congratulations to our three newest Nationally Certified Athletic Administrators in the CCS.

Congratulations to:

Michael Flynn, (Crystal Springs School)
Shelby Edwards (Los Gatos High School) and
Jason Levine (Notre Dame Belmont High School)

on obtaining their CAA designation! 
They are the newest Certified Athletic Administrators in the CCS who have taken National Courses and passed the National Tests to become Certified!  My best to all three!

Submitted by: Jean Kinn Ashen, CMAA, AIC
NIAAA Board of Directors, Section 7 Representative Athletic Administrator North Salinas High School

Aragon and Stevenson in the first round of CCS Boys Team Tennis

Respect, Citizenship,Caring, Responsibility!

I wanted to take time to tell you about the first-round CCS Team Tennis match we hosted at Aragon. We won 7-0 but the team from Stevenson had so much class and sportsmanship it was truly amazing . You are aware we always shake hands in intros but once the match was over was when Stevenson showed what a classy team they are . I have been doing this for awhile and have never been treated like this .  Every boy on Stevenson's team came up to me and said congratulation to me, wished us good luck and shook my hand. Our Aragon parents also made comments about what great sportsmanship the Stevenson team showed. When Stevenson exited our gates they  took time to give a yell for our team. Stevenson may not have won this match but they are winners in life  What a great representative for their school . Sevan Zenoplan is the Stevenson coach. What a great job he has done getting his team to CCS and teaching such great sportsmanship . They were a very classy team .

Dave Owdom, Aragon

Submitted by: Steve Sell, Aragon Athletic Director


Central Coast Section Athletic Directors Association recently honored five Athletic Directors who are retiring with more than 10 years of service.

Left to right:
Earl Hansen, Palo Alto HS
Peggy Booth, Willow Glen HS
Bill Gray, Terra Nova HS
Paula Weismann, Homestead HS and
Terry Ward, Bellarmine HS

Photo Credit, Kevin Donahue


CCSADA also honored three students with Scholarships

Northern Conference:
Emily Casey – Notre Dame Belmont

Central Conference:
Rebecca Hatton – Lynbrook High School

Southern Conference:
Brooks Nicholson – Aptos High School

Photo credit: Kevin Donahue

Cal Coaches Association

The California Coaches’ Association has been honoring State Coaches of the Year for the past fifty seven years.  The organization has voting membership on the California State CIF Federated Council and helps supports schools and districts by providing information, coaching education, liability insurance and recognition for the outstanding high school coaches of California.  If you would like additional information concerning the organization or various school or district memberships, please visit <>

This year’s banquet will be held on June 14, at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel at 2001 Point West Way, Sacramento, CA.  There, the state coach of the year will be announced in 18 different sports.

Tickets may be purchased by contacting Rob Grialou at


Congratulations to Bill  Daskarolis from Aragon High School.  The California Coaches’ Association is honoring him with the Dan Fukushima Lifetime Achievement Award  at the CCA Coach of the Year Banquet

Congratulations to Bill Hutton of Archbishop Mitty. He was selected to the Hall-of-Fame in Baseball by the California Coaches’ Association.

Congratulations to Mike Janda of Bellarmine College Prep. The California Coaches' Association has named him State Football Coach of the Year.

Congratulations to Gene Fortino of Monta Vista High School. The California Coaches' Association has selected him as the Northern California Girls Tennis Coach of the Year.

Congratulations to Coach Guy Oling from Aragon High School.  The California Coaches’ Association has selected him as the Northern California Boys’ Golf Coach of the Year. 

Congratulations to M. Anthony Chen (M.A.C.), from Mountain View High School.The California Coaches’ Association has selected him as the Northern California Boys’ Volleyball Coach of the Year.

Congratulations to Justina Williams of Archbishop Mitty. She was named “Northern California Coach-of-the-Year” for Field Hockey. 


Congratulations to Mike Oakland of St. Francis, Mountain View High School. He was selected as the Northern California Baseball Coach of the Year.

Congratulations to Kent Mitchell of Milpitas HIgh School who was selected as the Northern California Wrestling Coach of the Year.

Congratulations to Anne Finney Athletic Director and Volleyball Coach at Independence High School. She was selected as the Northern California Volleyball coach of the Year.



Denise Krogen, Notre Dame-San Jose

Trish Sunseri, Silver Creek High School

Jeff Lamb, Milpitas HIgh School

These three were honored at the recent 2014 CSADA Workshops!

Photo credit: Kevin Donahue

Respect, Caring, Citizenship

I wanted to share with you our humble gratitude for the Aragon baseball team and coaching staff.  Prior to today’s varsity baseball game, we held a special tribute ceremony in honor of an incredible woman named Chris Brienzo, who we lost to a courageous battle with cancer in September of last year.  Chris is the mother of one of our baseball coaches, was the LGHS ASB Bookkeeper, and truly just a remarkable human being.  Our coaching staff put together a moving ceremony in honor of Chris, which included our team wearing pink jerseys with “C. Brienzo” on their backs and “CB” stickers for their helmets that will remain for the rest of the season.  The Aragon coaching staff went above and beyond what we ever could have expected and played the game wearing pink socks.  Amazing.  I’d also like to thank our umpires, Patrick King and Chad Kutting, who, together with Aragon were gracious and supportive in allowing the delay to the start of the game due to this ceremony and the weather.  It was a testament to the beauty of high school athletics and showed two teams coming together in recognition of one person – our angel now.  I’ve attached a photo that captures a beautiful moment and memory for all of us at Los Gatos.

With heartfelt thanks to Aragon, Mr. King, and Mr. Kutting, we are humbled and grateful.
Shelby Edwards, Athletic Director, Los Gatos High School


Congratulations to all our CCS Teams that qualified for and competed in the CIF Norcal Championships. We are proud of all of you.

Boys: Archbishop Mitty, Bellarmine, Menlo Atherton, St. Ignatius, Leigh, Junipero Serra, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Burlingame, Aragon, Archbishop Riordan, Santa Cruz, Harker, Half Moon Bay, Sacred Heart Prep, Priory, Pinewood

Girls: St. Ignatius, Sacred Heart Cathedral, North Salinas, Gunn, Wilcox, Archbishop Mitty, Lynbrook, Presentation, Valley Christian, Soquel, Scotts Valley, Menlo School, Castilleja, St. Francis-CCC, Pacific Collegiate, Pinewood.

Girls Division II: Archbishop Mitty, CIF Norcal Champions

Girls Division V: Pinewood, CIF Norcal Champions & STATE CIF CHAMPIONS!

Both will be playing in the state finals, Friday and Saturday at Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento


Half Moon Bay Norcal Basketball  & Fortuna High School both showing
Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Citizenship

I'm passing along a tremendous conversation that I just had with a gentleman that happens to be a Fortuna basketball parent. He called to ask if we won the game last night because it was not posted on I told him the story of the game, and he was beside himself. He said he was pulling for us to win the whole thing because they were "happy to lose to a team, a school, a community, that has so much class and sportsmanlike behavior."

He went on to talk about all of the positive things he witnessed, and he was happy to share their positive experience, even through a LOSS, that him, the other parents, and players had at Half Moon Bay High School. He was very impressed with the sportsmanship on and off the court, the fact that student fans had one go at the "Na na na na, hey hey, goodbye" chant (we nixed it right away), and the fact that our student body congratulated their players on the court after the game, for "competing with full hearts."


Congratulations to everybody for having such a great season filled with success, positive sportsmanship, and life lessons. The parent closed our conversation with a heartfelt thank you, wished us luck next year and hoped we would meet again.

Jarrett Dooley, Assistant Principal, Half Moon Bay High School


Last night while officiating at Gunn HS vs Menlo School the student athlete from Gunn #9 Rachel Tsui  during a stoppage in play yelled for my attention to notify me she thought there was a problem with the ball.    I stopped the clock and ran over to verify the ball in her cradle was not a NOCSAE ball.   Gunn lost possession of the ball.  She could have waited until after a goal to identify the illegal ball in which case the goal stands and the ball is replaced but she took the step to make sure I was aware of a potential violation rather than continuing to play which was the honorable thing to do and she should be recognized for her honesty.

Sincerely, M. Maria Flaherty, Lacrosse Official


    I have been Sports PA Announcing at Branham High School in San Jose for 14+ years (and counting....) and for the past three (3) years I have had the pleasure of witnessing a sign of respect and sportsmanship that the entire Branham Baseball Program follows after each and every game. First instituted by the Frosh/Soph Team (Head Coach Dan Rossetta) about 3 years ago and then adopted by the Varsity Team (Head Coach & Athletic Director Landon Jacobs) a couple of years ago, it doesn't matter where the Teams play (Home or Away) but after each and every game the Branham Baseball Teams will go into both the Visitor and Home stands and thank each and every person that is still there for coming to the game. Often as I am leaving the game after the conclusion, I would hear from Visitors and Home Team attendees how respectful that gesture is.

    I feel this speaks volumes about how all the Branham Coaches at the Frosh/Soph and Varsity levels are teaching our youth to give back and to thank those who support them. Thank you:

Dan Rossetta (Head Frosh/Soph Coach); Landon Jacobs (Head Varsity Coach & Athletic Director);
Rod Davison (Asst. Coach);Kim Davison (Asst. Coach);Steve Janssen (Asst. Coach);Chris Mendoza (Asst. Coach)

Respectfully, Bob Holmes


TO: Jason Townsend, Fremont High School AD & Shelby Edwards Los Gatos School AD

On Friday, February 7, I had the privilege of officiating the soccer match between Fremont and Los Gatos High Schools. I say privilege because many times when officiating we spend a portion of the contest dealing with poorly behaved coaches, aggressive players and difficult parents. Today was one of those contests that displayed what the joy and passion of sport is all about. From the moment the officials arrived at the field the coaches were friendly and helpful and the athletes consumed by what they were doing.

During the match the coaches were positive and encouraging towards their players giving them tactical instructions and positive reinforcement for their efforts. They were respectful and courteous regardless of calls by the referees or the score of the game. Both Coach Baker of Fremont and Coach Millard of Los Gatos deserve praise for their efforts in conducting themselves as role models for the players on their teams.

As for the players of both teams, for the very few fouls that were called, they did not complain or argue, they just went about the business of the game displaying teamwork and enthusiasm for the task at hand. They were not aggressive or disrespectful to their opponents or the officials at any time during the contest. At the conclusion of the match they shook hands and congratulated each other for their efforts. 

And last but not least,  the parents. I did not hear anything but cheers for the school they supported and encouragement for the players on their respective teams. I did not hear any complaints about their opponents or the way the contest was officiated. When the match was over they greeted their players and left satisfied with their efforts.

So congratulations to the coaches, players and parents for today's experience. I truly enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of this contest.

Paul Busi, Referee, Peninsula Sports

LINCOLN GIRLS SOCCER--Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship!
We hope Dani has a full, complete and safe recovery from her concussion.

My name is Liza Noriega and I am a parent of the Silver Creek varsity soccer team where my daughter Dani is the goal keeper for this team. Yesterday (February 11), these two very competitive teams played and what a game it was.

In the second half Dani ran into the goal post at full speed while attempting to save a goal. By the end of the game she was out of it due to the onset of a concussion.

I am writing because I wanted to share something good that I believe is often missed now a days, with a lot of focus on the bad soccer drama.  As I headed onto the field to check on Dani, post-game handshakes were occurring on the field as they usually do, but it was when each Lincoln player and coach walked over to the bench where Dani was, and extended a fist bump and good game that caught my attention.

Not only did that show a sign of respect for Dani but demonstrated the “Sportsmanship” of those players, coaches and ultimately Lincoln high-school.

Sportsmanship, is unfortunately, a fading attribute in sports and as the Vice President of a local community soccer league and long-time soccer mom, I find it important to recognize and acknowledge the few standing players and coaches who are demonstrating this valuable attribute.

My daughter is out for the remainder of the season, but she said she will never forget the team coming over to her at the end of the game. If you can please forward to the varsity soccer coach and share with the team I would appreciate it.

Thank you for your time and again congratulations to your varsity soccer team for their Sportsmanship!

Best Regards, Liza M. Noriega


Two League Commissioners from the CCS have been named to the class of 2014 in their respective area Halls of Fame

Elgie Bellizio, Commissioner of the MBL and MTAL selected to the Salinas Valley Hall of Fame

Terry Stogner, Commissioner of the PAL selected to the San Mateo County Hall of Fame.



Click here to read full story



Click here to read full story

Character, Caring, Citizenship, Respect Fairness!

I am forwarding this email to you to share a wonderful story of sportsmanship on the part of the Soledad coach and jv girls soccer team. As sometimes happens at this time in a season of sports, Stevenson's jv team girls soccer team had only seven players as they got on the bus to travel to Soledad. Our Stevenson Coach and players did not want to forfeit the game and were willing to play the game with just seven players. The Soledad coach was amazing in offering to play with equal number of players. Here was an opportunity for Soledad to bolster statistics and team records but instead evened the playing field by cutting back the number of players on the field to 7. Thank you for sharing such good will to our jv girls team. Your act of kindness will forever be  remembered in the hearts of our young players and coach.
Jeff Young, Athletic Director, Stevenson School

Dear Jeff,

I was hoping you could forward am email I wanted to send to the Soledad AD and his JV soccer coach. On Friday we went and played them and I was grateful for their sportsmanship. We only had seven girls to field the game and their coach decided to sit his players so we could play 7 v7. Our team ended up winning 4-0 with no subs but not once did their team of 14 girls say anything rude or unkind. They actually cheered for our team at times and we really enjoyed playing them :)

Dear Soledad Coach: It was a pleasure playing your team on Friday. It was not the best weather conditions for soccer but I am glad we were able to let the girls play. I also want to commend you and your girls for having such great sportsmanship. We were prepared to have a tough and exhausting game knowing that we would be playing down to just seven girls, but it was such a relief when you offered to play equal teams. I am sorry that you had to sit girls, but the team and I were very appreciative to you and your team for respecting us and being so kind. I look forward to playing you next season. I hope you have a great last week of games!

Thanks, Christy McDaris, Stevenson School


Picture above shows the presentation to the
families receiving their gift from the camp.



The boys and girls soccer teams of The Harker School raised over $5000 in their 5th Annual Kicks Against Cancer fundraiser to help send children to Camp Okizu which provides peer support, respite, mentoring, and recreational programs to meet the needs of all members of families affected by childhood cancer.  The amount raised this year will help send 5 children to camp this summer.  The organization and leadership of the fundraiser was all student-driven with money raised by selling tshirts, beanies, and pens.  Donations were also accepted by teachers pledging money per goals scored in the games and a half-time “butts-up” game where kids paid money to try and kick a ball at their favorite teacher’s backside.  Game officials also donated their fees to the cause officiating the games pro-bono. 

Dan Molin, CAA, The Harker School
Upper School Athletic Director,
Boys Volleyball Coach


Jeff Lamb, Milpitas High School Athletic Director
Ken Thomas, Retired Principal
Mark McConnell, Soquel High School

CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE PRESS RELEASE & details on these amazing educators!

The Distinguished Service Award is the highest honor presented by the CCS.


JEFF LAMB, Milpitas High School CSADA Athletic Director fo the Year.
TRISH SUNSERI, Silver Creek High School, CSADA, CCS Athletic Director of the Year
DENISE KROGEN , Notre Dame San Jose, CSADA, CCS Rookie Athletic Director of the Year!


Congratulations to

Mark Bermudez, Associate Athletic Director at Alma Heights Christian School,
Pacific California

on achieving his Certified Athletic Administrator (CAA) designation. He took the test in Anaheim at the National Athletic Directors Conference in December. 

Submitted by: Jean Ashen Kinn
NIAAA Board of Directors, Section 7 Representative Athletic Administrator North Salinas HS

Within 4 hours of our exciting launch of CIF Home via email from Michael Mancuso, the following schools had all their Directory information uploaded to the new system. Congratulations and thanks for all you do for the student-athletes you serve!

Alvarez Mercy Burlingame Pioneer Santa Teresa
Capuchino Menlo Atherton Priory Sequoia
Evergreen Vly Milpitas St. Lawrence Westmont
Half Moon Bay Monterey San Benito York


This is a picture of some wonderful young ladies who made a difference in the Viking Gym on December 20.  A group of alumni and current players and coaches hosted an alumni game to benefit the Philippine Relief effort.  All gate receipts from the boys contest, the girls alumni game, and all concessions and donations from the evening went to the Relief effort.  In all $995 was raised and sent on behalf of all Vikings.  Thanks to Coach Jackson for reminding me to spread the good regarding PVWH!  Happy New Year to all!

Jean Kinn Ashen, CMAA, AIC

JOE BERTICEVICH and his coaching staff

Dear Athletic Director Berticevich:

This is a long overdue compliment to Bryan LaCaille and his entire coaching staff. I have had the pleasure of officiating a number of Pioneer Girls Varsity Basketball games over the years and I can honestly say that he and his staff truly exemplify the meaning professionalism and sportsmanship. Last Friday was no exception. As an official I am certainly not above making mistakes, but Bryan and his staff have been nothing less than courteous in addressing me or my partners when they have a question or an observation.

As you are aware, I have declined officiating Boys Varsity Basketball games at Pioneer based on the fact that ******* was a part of the program a few years back. I am fortunate though, to be assigned both basketball and football games at Pioneer which has always been a positive experience. Eric does a great job with the Football program and is a skilled clock operator for the basketball games (officials love a good clock operator).
Please pass my compliments on to Bryan and his staff and congratulations on the exemplary job you are performing as the school Athletic Director.

Rich Kulish, Game Official

Gilroy Mustangs, St. Francis CCC and Monte Vista Christian Mustangs
all Six Pillars of Character reflected for sweet girl named Effy!!!


Effy With Gilroy Support Team
Monte Vista Christian and St. Francis CCC and Effy

Hi Nancy,
I have two stories that I wanted to share with the CCS to recognize some incredible support in our section.
As you know my two year old daughter, Effy, was diagnosed with Leukemia in July. We have received so much support from the St. Francis community, it's been amazing, since we have no family here in California. I was recently shocked, however to find support from other high schools as well.
Gilroy High School invited our family to attend the last home football game of the season on November 15th. Head athletic trainer Jennifer Spinetti and the sports medicine students had been working running events at school, bake sales, and fundraisers all for Effy. The football coaches and team got on board and it truly was a community event...all to benefit a tiny 2-year whom they had never met. We were amazed by the community support of the Mustangs and all of the students who helped our family!
Last night, we went to Monte Vista Christian to watch the women's sportsmanship basketball game against St. Francis. The Mustang's head coach, Jennifer Keathley, had organized that all concession sales would be donated to Team Effy. A MVC parent also donated handmade bows that they sold and it was an amazing show of support for our family.
It's true that support and love sometimes comes from places you wouldn't expect, but I would like to extend our sincere gratitude for all of the help in this difficult time to both teams of Mustangs and both Jennifers!
Thanks so much, Jen Watson

Jennifer Watson
Assistant Principal for Athletics/Activities Athletic Director

We are sorry to report that a well-respected, long-time CCS Athletic Director passed away suddenly earlier this week. If you knew Steve Clayton, you knew he was the heart and soul of the Palma Athletic Department. He loved high school students and dedicated hours of his own personal time to provide leadership on a variety of league and CCS committees as well as hosting hundreds of events for our CCS family of schools for students, coaches and parents who would never even know his name. But we in the CCS knew what he did and were so very thankful to have a Steve Clayton to call upon when we needed a CCS Event run with professionalism and perfection. Thank you Steve for so generously sharing your time and talents on behalf of the CCS member schools, coaches, parents and student-athletes. Our deepest sympathies goes out to his Wife and Son.
Steve will be deeply missed as a friend and a colleague.

Steven Conard Clayton
Born in San Jose, CA on Apr. 9, 1958
Departed on Dec. 8, 2013 and resided in Spreckels, CA.

Steven Conard Clayton, 55 of Spreckels, passed away Sunday, December 8, 2013. He was born April 9, 1958 in San Jose, CA.

Steven was preceded in death by his mother, Shirley Clayton and father, Carlton Clayton who passed away, November 24, 2013.

Steven was the Athletic Director for Palma School and along with being named CIF State Athletic Director of the Year in 2012. He coached four sports, serving as head coach in track and field, golf, freshman football and freshman basketball. He also served as assistant principal.

He is survived by his wife, Marsha Clayton of Spreckels, son Tyler Clayton of Spreckels, brothers, Mark Clayton, Michael Clayton of Reno, NV., and sister Christine Bobbett of Redding, CA.

Visitation will be held Friday, December 13, 2013 1:00p.m. to 7:00p.m.with a Rosary to begin at 7:00p.m. in the Blessed Edmund Rice Chapel, 919 Iverson Street, Salinas, CA. 93901 .

Funeral Mass will be held Saturday, December 14, 2013 at 11:00a.m. at the Palma School Gymnasium, 919 Iverson Street, Salinas, CA. 93901.

In Lieu of flowers please consider contributing to a Trust Fund that has been set up for Steve's son Tyler Clayton, at 1st Capital Bank, 1097 S. Main St. Salinas, CA. 93901. Account # 20002418.

Funeral arrangements by Struve and Laporte Funeral Home.
Online condolences to

Use the link below to access the Memorial:


Our football team played Palma this weekend at the Rabobank Stadium and it was a great experience.  The stadium was terrific and it made for a nice playoff environment.
More importantly, everyone associated with Palma High School made us feel very welcomed.  Athletic Director Steve Clayton did a great job running the event and the Palma players, coaches, and fans are completely first class.

Will Scharrenberg
Director of Athletics
Archbishop Mitty High School


Just wanted to fire off an e-mail to you, regarding the CCS FB Play-off game played at Leland HS last night...
I was privileged to be a game official for this game between Palo Alto and Leland.  It was a well-played, spirited game throughout, but only remained close in score for about 1 1/2 quarters, with Paly breaking it open just before the half.  As the scoring gap between the two teams widened in the second half, it could have been quite tempting for the Leland team to resort to taking cheap-shots and committing unnecessary fouls.  However, the exact opposite actually took place.  Both the coaching staff and players of Leland HS should be commended for not only keeping their cool, but also exhibiting extreme positiveness and great sportsmanship, while continuing to play as hard as possible without giving up.  The Leland players remained consistently respectful to us (officials) and to their opponents.  There was no whining, but rather constant encouragement to each other to keep playing and keep having fun.
Given the history of being around the high school athletic scene as long as I have, I was half-expecting the contest to go sour at any moment, but it just never happened; and I, as a game official, former-coach, former-CCS Ass't. Commissioner, former-coach and former teacher, am deeply appreciative and impressed by the demeanor with which the Leland HS football coaches and team members conducted themselves.
Just another affirmation that the message of "Pursuing Victory With Honor" is working!
Have a great rest of the Play-offs!
Steve Stearns, CIF Football Rules Interpreter, Game Official,
former Coach,teacher, CCS Assistant Commissioner


As Gilroy High School Football celebrated their own senior night, they recognized their opponent's seniors as you can see.

"Hi all!!  Attached, please see the beautiful poster the Gilroy Mustangs made for the North Salinas seniors Friday night!
Now that is a class act!!"

Submitted by
Jean Kinn-Ashen
North Salinas Athletic Director


Football: Westmont player’s special, special touchdown

Click here to read the story!

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KPIX also did a report on this story, which includes video of the touchdown. Here is the link.


Hi Jason (Notre Dame Belmont Athletic Director),

I spoke to your coach yesterday about a nice gesture that I saw one of your girls give at yesterday's WCAL Cross Country Finals.  At the conclusion of the girls varsity race, one of your runners was physically assisting a St. Ignatius runner through the chute.  The SI girl was in some distress as she was limping and upset and your Notre Dame Belmont girl was telling her to lean on her as she helped her to a place where she could recover.  Since both girls finished in the middle of the race (I don't even know which girl finished before the other), I'm not sure a lot of people saw this gesture but I just wanted to let you know.  I thought it was a great show of sportsmanship.

Jo Ann Momono | Director of Athletics Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep



Playing Evergreen last night was just such a blast from the stands and the parents right down to the teens from Evergreen who were remarkably polite to us visitors. Some of their (Evergreen) parents were saying really nice things about our (Live Oak) girls and it was super obvious that, for volleyball anyway, that was just one classy place. Even after they (Evergreen) lost they were still super nice to us (Live Oak).  It was unusual enough that I thought maybe they would like to know that they had really impressed us with their sportsmanship up there.  I never heard a whisper of anyone trying to mess up a serve or hassle the girls. I didn't even hear any of the teens swearing AT ALL. Weird, yep, and kinda surreal.  Classy, Evergreen!
Have a great day, Christine (Live Oak parent)

F/S Football game
vs Sobrato HS at Pioneer HS

Sir (Addressed to Pioneer Athletic Director Berticevich),
        Thank you for hosting us on last Friday Night. I am currently on the F/S football staff at Sobrato High, Your Head Coach David Gonzalez and staff are to be commended for their absolute honor of the game. The way they came across the field, and wished us luck before the game was exemplary. I was even more surprised, that he agreed  not to run up the score, as we were behind 44-0 at half. Unfortunately,  we were severely out manned, however, coaching at this level there are many lessons to be taught and learned. To keep playing, to give maximum  effort and to finish the game. Sir (Mr. Berticevich), you then walked across the field and gave us passes for a meal at your fine concessions stand.

        This is my twenty-first year of coaching. I have coached seventeen years of high school and 4 years at the Junior College level. I have never been given anything by an opposing school, and  I always like to support the school athletic program. I gladly accepted your gift, and bought more later. That was such an awesome gesture on your part. Returning to coach F/S has been absolutely fantastic, and you sir,should be commended.
Thanks again,
Respectfully, Art Testani

Santa Catalina, Mitty, Gunn

I’d like to relay an experience from yesterday’s championship at Rancho Canada.

As you are aware, Rancho Canada has a few holes that are very challenging for the girls. I was marshal for the group of Isabelle Ting, Santa Catalina, Karina Sharma, Mitty and Lianna McFarlane-Connelly, Gunn. Isabelle ended up putting 18 balls total into the ravine for the day. What impressed me most was how positive her attitude was after one went in. She would just go get another ball, and go through her routine and try again. It was a very long day for her, I’m sure she slept well! Certainly a great example of Perserverence!

The other impressive part was the attitude of her fellow competitors. Karina and Lianna were not only very encouraging in their words, but also in their body language and patience. Great examples of Caring!

Every event continues to remind me of what a great bunch of kids we have the privilege of coaching and being a positive part of their lives. These three girls certainly exemplified was CCS Sports should be about.

Submitted by: Scot Hathaway, PGA
Valley Christian Girls Golf Coach

Respect for the game and for each other

It was brought to my attention that at last Thursday’s freshman football game at St. Francis between the Lancers and Archbishop Riordan that the St. Francis coach, Len Christensen, chose to take a knee at the end of the first half instead of going for a touchdown while leading 34-0.  He also chose to do the same thing several times toward the end of the game while leading 41-0.  In both instances, St. Francis was inside the 5 yard line and most likely would have easily scored.

Here are the tweets from Archbishop Riordan:

“Same score into half in the freshman game. 34-0 St. Francis leads after electing not to run a final play from the 5 yard line. #classymove "

“Again St. Francis takes multiple kneel downs inside the 5 to end the game with the victory 41-0. Congrats to a classy team and coach”

Thought this would make a great sportsmanship story!  This is definitely a great example of “Pursuing Victory with Honor.”

Submitted by:
Kevin J. Donahue, CAA, Sports Information Director, West Catholic Athletic League

Respect, Citizenship, Fairness, Caring

Louie (Scotts Valley HS Athletic Director and Football Coach),

I did not have a chance to thank you properly for your hospitality yesterday. Our fans do not hesitate to give me feedback on the schools who host us.  Your announcer was "very balanced" for both teams and I was told he mentioned my 100th win-very classy. The folks at the snack bar were equally friendly and throwing in some bonus chili was appreciated. I was warned about the officials "on the other side of the hill." Nothing could be further from the truth . I thought they were very good and very fair. Although we didn't officially make a contract, I hope we can return the hospitality the same week next year. Good luck the rest of the way.

Steve Sell, Aragon HS Athletic Director/Head Football Coach

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In late August, Watsonville High suffered a break-in at their baseball storage unit and lost nearly $10,000 of equipment. Attached is a letter from Saul Ruiz, Watsonville AD, to the principal and AD at Seaside High, recognizing the generosity and good sportsmanship of some Seaside parents who stepped in to assist a league mate.The spirit of good sportsmanship and citizenship reflected by the Seaside parents, as well as the graciousness of the Watsonville response, serve as models for us all.

Thanks for allowing me to share this with you.
Tim McCarthy, League Commissioner
Mission Trail Athletic League and Monterey Bay League


will be inducted in the San Jose Hall of Fame

Read more by clicking here

CONGRATULATIONS GARY!! An Honor well deserved!

How high school sports can join Most Influential

Opinion editorial on the influence of high school sports in young people's lives.

Notre Dame Salinas and Salinas High School
Girls Basketball--Respect, Responsibility, Caring Citizenship

During a very intense basketball game recently, a serious injury occurred for one of the Salinas High School Cowboys and an ambulance was necessary to transport her and attend to her injury. . As the teams waited to see how the young lady was doing, the girls from both teams on their own and in order to show their concern for the injured Cowboy, gathered on the court together to pray for her. The SHS player injured is recovered now from her injuries so that is always good news, , but this spontaneous show of caring at a very emotional and scarey time is what high school sports is all about.

Team Picture

Terri (Notre Dame Salinas Athletic Director),

Attached is a picture sent to me by one of my parents.  I think the compassion and support my girls received from your team represents Pursuing Victory with Honor in a truly magnificent way. As I looked at both teams while waiting for medical personnel to arrive, it was obvious there was great concern and fear for my player.  The most important goal at the beginning of that night was to compete in a basketball game.  That goal took a back seat to the serious injury and deep concern for my athlete.  The fact that Notre Dame and Salinas were able to put aside an intense basketball rivalry for something more important shows our youth’s character and compassion. 

In four short weeks, we will lace them up again and battle in another game, but no lesson learned in that basketball game will ever be more important than the lesson we witnessed that night.  In 18 years of coaching, I have not seen something so kind, emotional and compassionate.  Although, I don’t think it was recognition your team was seeking that night, I truly believe they saw another athlete injured and an opponent team hurting and they reached out to let my team know everything was going to be alright.  At that moment, they were no longer two teams in an intense battle, but one team of athletes coming together for the concern of another.   I think recognition of the girls’ actions that night, through CCS, sends an awesome message to others.  Thank you for everything.

Ken Anderson, SHS Girls Basketball Coach            


For Immediate Release
February 12, 2013


 CONGRATULATIONS TO CCS MODEL COACHES: Josh Davenport, Mike Janda, Matt Sandora

SACRAMENTO – The CIF State Office today announced the 2012-13 Model Coach Award winners. Now in its 12th year, the CIF Model Coach Award program is designed to recognize coaches who have served as positive role models in their schools and communities, and who have exhibited the traits apparent in the 16 principles of Pursuing Victory with Honorsm.
      The 14 winners, nominated through their local CIF Section office, will receive an award and be honored at their sport’s State Championship or at an event of the recipient’s choosing.
      A model coach demonstrates and teaches the six core ethical values:  trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good citizenship (the “Six Pillars of Character”). The CIF believes that the highest potential of sports is achieved when teachers/coaches consciously Teach, Enforce, Advocate and Model (T.E.A.M.) these values and are committed to the ideal of Pursuing Victory with Honorsm.
     “In education based athletics there is more to participating than just winning and losing. We honor and
recognize those coaches who teach student-athletes not only the skills needed to excel, but also those who are dedicated to teaching them the values of Pursuing Victory with Honor and the Six Pillars of Character," said CIF Executive Director Roger L. Blake.

2012-13 CIF Model Coach Award Winners (alphabetical order)


School, City (Section)


Calvin Armstrong

Calexico High School, Calexico (SDS)

Football/Track & Field

Lori Becker

Escondido High School, Escondido (SDS)


Diane Brouhard

Hamilton High School, Los Angeles (LAS)


Josh Davenport

Notre Dame High School, Belmont (CCS)


Sonia Gonzales

Lemoore High School, Lemoore (CS)


Steve Heskett

Portola High School, Portola (NS)


Mike Janda

Bellarmine College Prep, San Jose (CCS)


Wilson Labasan

Carson High School, Los Angeles (LAS)


Darin Lasky

Exeter High School, Exeter (CS)

Soccer/Track & Field

Christine Lockhart

Pleasant Valley High School, Chico (NS)


Michael Morris

Rio Linda High School, Rio Linda (SJS)

Football/Track & Field

Jana Osgood

Thomas Downey High School, Modesto (SJS)

Cross Country/Track & Field/Volleyball

Matt Sandora

Andrew P. Hill High School, San Jose (CCS)


Leandrea Slayton

Liberty High School, Bakersfield (CS)


Josh Davenport (Notre Dame HS) Basketball
Davenport has been on the Notre Dame coaching staff for the past 20 years. He teaches his players lifelong lessons and he has instilled in his athletes that hard work and dedication will help you to attain your goals in life. He constantly coaches his team with enthusiasm and praise and it never matters what the scoreboard says. He works tirelessly to make his teams successful on and off the court while keeping sportsmanship in perspective.  Davenport has made an outstanding contribution not only to basketball, but the overall development of every athlete that has played for him.

Mike Janda (Bellarmine College Prep) Football
In addition to his 28 years as head coach of the Bellarmine Football Team, Janda also teaches Chemistry. As a role model, to athletes and coaches alike, he displays the best qualities of humility, respect and graciousness. He teaches his players that football is something far more important than a win-loss record. Instead they are taught to respect their opponent for all that they will bring to the field of competition, to be gracious in defeat and demonstrate humility in victory.  Always it is about the whole person being developed, not just working on athletic skills. Janda has been a champion for insuring a great experience for each and every athlete in his program.

Matt Sandora (Andrew P. Hill HS) Volleyball
Sandora has been the Andrew P. Hill High School Girls Volleyball Coach for the past 10 years. He leads by example and sets a standard that encourages student involvement. He constantly emphasizes team play over winning and he makes it a priority for all players to play in each game whenever possible. Students learn how commitment, the setting of personnel goals, learning to work with others, and how assessing your own performance will guide you in a positive direction in developing your own philosophy and the standards by which you wish to be judged. Sandora is a man of personal integrity, honesty and compassion.  Student-athletes want to be a part of his program.

Respect, Caring, Fairness, Citizenship and Responsibility.

I am writing to compliment Coach Kendra Hyatt and her Basketball team who played against us last night at Mercy High School here in San Francisco.

Their sportsmanship was simply wonderful and something I have not observed in a long time.

When one of our girls fell, one of her girls reached out her hand and helped her back up.

When one of our girls made a basket they did not show any negativity.

When our supporters got loud they stayed focus.

When one of her girls tripped one of our girls, she apologized immediately.

At the end of the game they made sure to shake hands with all our team, wish them well and smile. These are just a few of my many observations.

At the end of the game I made a point to meet and compliment Coach Hyatt, the girls and another gentleman by the name of Jeffrey. They were very gracious and an example to all of us of what sportsmanship is all about.

Can you please relay this information to them.

With gratitude
Sister Lilly Fitzpatrick, O.P.
Corporate Work Study Program Coordinator, Immaculate Conception Academy
A Cristo Rey School in the Dominican Tradition


I would like to recognize Coach Green of the North Salinas High Boys basketball team for keeping prep sports in the proper perspective. Richard Vasquez and Icompleted a very intense overtime game that North Salinas lost.

In the North Salinas locker room after the game Coach Green expressed some thoughts to us that really made you realize that he gets it! We all love to compete- we all love to win-we all want to leave it all on the floor- but in the end it is just a game. I commented to Coach Green after the game about the game being a tough one to lose for either team and he responded by saying that they had their chances. He was more concerned about the great effort on the part of both teams and mentioned that many approach a game with the mentality of "going to war" when in fact they're not going to war- they get to go home to their family and friends afterward. While certainly wanting to play to win-Coach Green's emphasis is truly on character development, effort and enjoyment of the game for what it is. Many preach this but not all truly practice it.In a scenario where it would have been easy to vent/lay blame on the officiating etc. Coach Green (and his players) did not go there.

Submitted by:
Bobby Howell, PSI Game Official


To the good people at Monterey High School:

Hopefully, this finds each of you well. Earlier today, after a meeting at CCS, I was approached by Tony McGilvery, the Athletic Director and Head Varsity Boys Basketball coach at Santa Clara High School. He wanted me to know how very much he and his school appreciated you as guests for your boys basketball games there this past Saturday.

He had nothing but great things to say about your kids, your coaches, your “team Moms”, and your fans. He indicated that it was a real delight for them to host you, and they look forward, he says, to coming to play at your house next year.

Tony wanted me as League Commissioner to know all of this and to pass this message along to you. Please pass this also to Coach Daniels and his staff, your players and your parents with my congratulations to all of them for a job well done and with thanks to all of them for being such good ambassadors for the Monterey Bay League.

Warm regards to all,

Tim McCarthy, League Commissioner
Mission Trail Athletic League and Monterey Bay League

St. Ignatius and Sac Joaquin Section Respect and Caring!

St. Ignatius Administration, Staff and Football Staff:

I wanted to let the entire staff know what a great experience my staff and I had with your entire group on Friday night. I clearly am aware that the final outcome was not what you expected and I understand that disappointment. I have been in this profession for many years and do not recall working with such exceptional individuals from the very start to the end. Your coaches, fan, students were great to be around and we never heard the words “thank you” so much.

Anne, you need to be complemented on your continuing communication with myself through emails and on the night of the game. I think everything went well in parking lot #10 for your students as I know they arrived a bit late, but hope the food truck took care of you.

I hope we met your expectations in being a good host and achieved the goal of creating a “neutral” site as much as possible. I must have had ten staff reiterate how much fun it was working with your staff and fans. Please give John Regalia my best and wish him a Merry Christmas from our family. He will know what that means!! Long story.

Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and maybe we will see you during  the Basketball Playoffs.

Stay well,
Pete Saco, CIF/Sac Joaquin Section Commissioner


  My two daughters are on the Gilroy High School Varsity tennis team. I luckily get to attend most matches and I want to commend another team in our league from Everett Alvarez High School. The players and coaching staff have extended excellent sportsmanship and hospitality to our Gilroy team over the years. Coach Dolera has taken many great pictures at our matches and they have been a treasure to the parents who miss due to work. Often, there is a big pot of chilli or stew waiting for us after. This season was extra special as they honored our Seniors with flowers and more great pictures.

  I just thought I would quickly share this very positive feedback with you.

Best regards. Kristi Holder, Parent, Gilroy High School




CIF NORTHERN BOWL GAME Division I, St. Ignatius vs. Granite Bay (CIf/SJS) @ Sac State Friday 12/9
CIF STATE VOLLEYBALL: Mitty-Division II CIF State Champions Sacred Heart Prep, Division IV, CIF 2nd place
CIF CROSS COUNTRY: 6th Boys D-1 Yohanness Estifanos, Sr, Milpitas; 15:21
complete results
8th Girls D-1 Vanessa Estrada, Sr, San Benito: 17:51
7th Boys D-2, Richard Ho, Sr. Leland: 15:21
3rd Girls D-2, Danielle Katz, Sr. Los Gatos: 17:46
5th Boys D-3, Ryan Corvese, Sr, Sobrato: 15:33
19th Girls D-3, Yulisa Abundis, So, Aptos: 18:49
  5th Boys D-4 Scott Edwards, Jr. Scotta Valley 15:45
  1st Girls D-4, Vanessa Fraser, Sr. Scotts Valley: 18:00
  21st Boys D-5 Kobi Lee, Sr. York School: 16:24
  36th Girls D-5, Lizzy Tardieu, Jr. Santa Catalina: 20:00
CIF NORCAL GIRLS TENNIS ***Rescheduled due to inclement weather. NorCal Regional Championships will now take place on Tuesday, December 4, with the semi-finals and final TBD.***

Best of Luck to Archbishop Mitty and Sacred Heart Prep in the CIF State Volleyball Finals, Saturday,December 1




Menlo Atherton, CCS Champions NORCAL Semi Finalist
Homestead, CCS Runner Up NORCAL Qualifier


Archbishop Mitty, CCS Champions NORCAL Champion
Los Gatos, CCS Runner Up Norcal Qualifier


Valley Christian, CCS Champions NORCAL Runner Up
Sacred Heart Cathedral, CCS Runner Up Norcal Semi Finalist


Sacred Heart Prep, CCS Champions NORCAL Champion
Harbor, CCS Runner Up NORCAL Runner Up


Priory, CCS Champions Norcal Runner Up
Notre Dame Salinas, CCS Runner Up Norcal Semi Finalist




With about 2:30 left in the contest, one of our players, JoJo Nunn,  went down from a hit.  Your trainer and her staff raced to our player's side and met the trainer from our side at the player.  She immediately took command of the area and ensured that JoJo's neck was stabilized and that he would not be moving.  
She could have very easily just stepped back and let our trainer take the lead, but what comes across as genuine concern and care for all athletes would not let her do that! She remained by JoJo's side until EMS arrived on the scene.  Her staff…also remained supporting JoJo's neck until they were relieved by EMS.  I can not even begin to convey to you the level of professionalism they displayed and how they maintained a calm atmosphere which allowed the rest of us to work. 

Coach Machado!!!! WOW! Again, provided such genuine concern and care for our player.  He could have easily stepped back and just let our coaches, athletic trainer, PD, and EMS be involved.  But, Coach Machado stepped right in there, and spoke to JoJo with true concern.  He reassured JoJo, and let him know that he played a tremendous game, but what was more important than the game was JoJo's health. He let JoJo know, that every single one of his coaches and players respected the outstanding effort JoJo had put forth on the field that night and every game.  Knowing JoJo, I am sure that helped him be reassured and allowed him to relax a little bit. 

Once EMS was on the field and took over, your trainer stepped it up a notch!  She went over to JoJo's mom and explained the reason for her feeling to call over the ambulance.  She did it with such care!  She was so compassionate to JoJo's mom, and listened to a little bit of JoJo's story.  It looked like she had to hold back tears as JoJo's mom began to cry out of concern for her son.  She held on to JoJo's mom and let her know that the best thing for JoJo is to go to the hospital and get a thorough check up.  

I was proud to be on the field, standing next to such caring adults that exemplify the true meaning of "Pursuing Victory with Honor".  
You should be proud and I commend you on assembling such a positive staff!  
Please forward my thoughts to your Athletic Trainer.  

Kevin Miller , Assistant Principal, Sobrato High School


Boys & Girls Cross Country Jonathan Lee, Valley Christian HS
Cleveland Thayer, Stevenson School
Field Hockey Stanley Marple, North Salinas HS
Football Bill Gray, Terra Nova HS
Girls Water Polo Patty Lamar, Salinas HS

Click here to view the Fall Honor Coach Press Release


CHRISTOPHER GIRLS WATER POLO ........ Respect & Caring.........

I would like to recognize Christopher High School for their generosity at last night's Girls Water Polo match .It was Senior Night. In addition to recognizing their own Seniors, they recognized Santa Cruz High Seniors with flowers. After the game they invited our teeam to have pizza with them. It was a GREAT team bonding experience and I would like them to be recognized for their GREAT hospitality.

Erik Redding, Athletic Director, Santa Cruz High School

Two great stories about Sportsmanship Awards for LIve Oak High School and Menlo Atherton High School

"LIVE OAK athletic department earns BVAL Sportsmanship Award"

Reid column: M-A's success comes on and off the field

Everett Alvarez and North Salinas-Girls Tennis ------Caring....


THANK YOU to Everett Alvarez Girls' Tennis for going above and beyond with their matches!  The pictures are wonderful and a treasure for so many student-athletes.  A great "caring" tennis staff!

Jean Kinn Ashen, CMAA, NIAAA Board of Directors, Section 7 Representative, Athletic Administrator
North Salinas High School


Mt. Madonna was hosted by Santa Cruz High last Thursday in a volleyball contest.  As you may be aware, Mt. Madonna lost coach Trevor Krieg last June to a tragic accident.   Mt. Madonna girls have dedicated the season to Trevor, so when our team arrived at the Santa Cruz gym, the Santa Cruz girls surprised them by making hair ribbons in honor of Trevor for our girls.  A very class act by the Santa Cruz team!

Jot Sidd McDonald
Director of Athletics
Mount Madonna School

PSAL GIRLS VOLLEYBALL.....Caring, Citizenship, Respect, Trustworthiness, Responsilbility....

Our PSAL girls Volleyball league playoffs are the best time of the season for our league schools. This fall we held the playoffs at Mid Peninsula High School in Menlo Park.  Our six best volleyball teams met over three days for the “do-or-die” tournament to determine our league champion and runner up.  This is where all our hard work has to come together. CARING.
I was the event coordinator, and I had fallen behind on my pre-tournament preparations.  We do team introductions before each match but I had forgotten to arrange for someone to sing the National Anthem.   So when the teams arrived to warm-up, my first question for the coaches was “Do you have anyone who would like to sing our National Anthem?”  
The coach would turn to the court, and yell out - as the girls were beginning their warm-ups  - “Anyone want to sing the Star Spangled Banner”?   CITIZENSHIP.
The response was surprising and wonderful!  At the beginning of our first Match on Monday, players from Mountain View Academy volunteered.  Their quartet started off with a single voiced stanza – pure and perfectly pitched - and then two, then three, now four voices blended in polyphonic harmony. Sofia Branderiz, Marissa Lian, Bailey Sullivan, Kailie Taina sounded like we had flown them in from Hollywood.  The gym thundered cheers on these volleyball players with their knee pads - who raised their voices in harmony. RESPECT.
On Tuesday we needed another performance.  This time, Hannah Valenzuela and Kayla Encabo from San Francisco Christian, teamed up with Marie Cheim and Mary Florek of Thomas More.  The four competitor-singers came together for their only practice session in the ADs office. Again, a beautiful masterpiece!  TRUSTWORTHINESS.
Before our Thursday championship match, girls from both teams again practiced in the ADs office – and then “hit a home run” with their blended voices.  A real team effort! Thanks to Alicia Lau, Sarah Marasigan and Mia Laurea of Alma Heights, and Marie Cheim and Mary Florek of Thomas More.  RESPONSIBILITY. 

We are very proud of our volleyball student athletes.  As they raised their voices in song together, it helped all of us remember what it is really all about.

John DeTar
AD, Thomas More HS


To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend our Cross Country team for notice for Pursuing Victory with Honor. Yesterday, August 28, was a hot day here in Salinas. It reached a whopping 82 degrees here and for Salinas, that is hot! We fill water and ice buckets for practice on a daily basis and rarely do we empty the two we bring to the field. Yesterday, we were not even half way through practice when both water buckets were empty. Our team manager went in to the locker room to fill both buckets with a promise from Coach Zenk that I would send someone to the locker room in ten minutes to help him carry them back out to the field. Well, I forgot of course. Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw two cross country runners, Matt Rarang and Marcus Fragoso, carrying the water bucket back out to the field for our manager. They witnessed Kyle struggling to bring it out on his own and immediately went to his rescue. I know this goes back immediately to the great lessons they are learning running for Coach Alan Green, and I just wanted to publicly say thank you to Coach Green and his excellent group of young people for their continued support and caring for this school and all student-athletes.
Go Vikings!!

North Salinas 

Steven Zenk
Math Teacher/Head Football Coach


I was an assistant referee today for the Hillsdale Boys vs. Mills Boys at Hillsdale High School..  I've refereed and have coached for many years, and it is rare that I witness a person who is of an exceptional nature in this game.  Honestly, I expect the worst when I show up to these things.   Coach Andy Hodzic spoke to his team once or twice during the match in a calm, matter of fact manner, and allowed his boys to play together.  He is a great teacher of this game. Your young men have learned from him, and will take this good natured character with them for the rest of their lives. 

I saw a Hillsdale team that mirrored the positive spirit of the game through the play of those Hillsdale kids.  Displays of good sportsmanship were just hanging out there, and your Hillsdale kids just did it as part of what is right to do. Fouls against, misconduct by the opposition, non-calls by the referee meant nothing to those kids, just the game, and how to work together and score goals.  I am impressed. 

I've never seen a practice, or witnessed things behind closed training sessions.  All I can tell you is, what I saw today, was a beautiful thing to see in youth sports.  You should be proud, and lucky, to have Andy teach your boys. 


Jeff Nahass


To Ms. Lopez, Principal at Andrew Hill High School

  .I was proud to work with you at Andrew Hill even though it was for a short time.
I just came from an Andrew Hill/Silver Creek Wrestling match here in the Silver Creek gym—I’m sure you know the circumstance with us at Silver Creek losing one of our historically best wrestlers ever in a tragic car accident. He was a graduate last year and was dear to many, and sadly lost at such a young age while after graduating he was still active with our wrestling program.
Just in case you don’t hear it from someone else, you need to commend your team and its coaches for the honor that they showed in the difficult situation into which they were placed. Your team was respectful and extremely patient; they presented flowers to the family of our “Izzy” Sanchez. Instead of wrestling, which they came to do, (you beat us by about 42-20-something), The Andrew Hill wrestlers sat through a 45-minute memorial without making a sound, a movement, or a slouch. I was extremely impressed with the boys and coaches and decided not to go home tonight before letting you know.
I’ve always had pride in Andrew Hill, but tonight was “over the top.” Will you please express what I’m positive everyone in attendance recognized, and that was first-class behavior n a very difficult situation; one that can’t be planned except through good coaching and pride in who they are, what they do, and whom they represent. Congratulations, Bettina.

Sincerely,, Ed Guerra

Submitted by: Jonathan Mach, Andrew P. Hill High School, Girl’s Athletic Director, Science Department Chair, Integrated & Chemistry Instructor


Dear Rod Carlson (Prospect Athletic Director),

I wanted to personally thank you again for the help your "fill-in" athletic trainer gave at our game yesterday.  He was very professional and gave a good assessment/report for our injured athlete.  Kudos to him!! 

I also wanted to add the nice comments and gestures your fans and parents gave to me (and Overfelt) about how well and hard our kids played.  Opposing teams normally don't do this so I thought you should know what great sportsmanship your fans showed last night towards Overfelt. 


Joe Te , Overfelt HS
Women's Athletic Director
Physical Education Teacher
Men's Basketball, Tennis, & Badminton


Dear Mr. Will Scharrenberg,

    My name is Jeff Panos and I am a full time faculty member and head soccer coach at Serra HS.  You probably do not know this, but my 2 year old daughter, Ellie, was diagnosed with Leukemia last summer and is currently fighting for her life now through 3 years of treatment at Stanford Hospital.  Today prior to our WCAL match with Mitty in San Mateo, the three Mitty captains (Cameron, Connor, and Sebastian) approached our bench area and presented me with a card signed by all of the players/coaches.  The card was filled with prayers and well wishes.  I cannot tell you how grateful my wife, Polly, and I are for this very sincere and thoughtful gesture during this very difficult time for my family.  Cameron mentioned to me as he gave me the card that he felt we were all a part of the "WCAL family" together.  He couldn't have been more spot on.  I want you to know that your coaching staff of Cesar, Mac, and Miguel are doing a tremendous job mentoring these boys and it shows in the way they carry themselves on the field and more importantly as I saw first hand today, off the field.  I've never been through tougher times before in my life than during these last few months where she is undergoing the heaviest Chemo treatment of her journey.  Soccer is a little bit of an escape for me during my day as is the great privilege I have of being a teacher to many Serra Students.  To receive this kind of support from your students made my day today.  Believe me, little things on this journey of ours make all the difference.

And so, on behalf of my wife and daughter, I wish to say a heartfelt thank you to you, Coach Sanchez, and your soccer team.

Kind Regards,

Jeff Panos
Serra Math/Chemistry Teacher & Head Soccer Coach


My soccer coach asked me to pass this along to you, please thank your coach and the boys for me, what a nice gesture.

Dean Ayoob, CAA
Athletic Director
Junipero Serra High School


Yesterday we hosted the Del Mar boys basketball teams. When I arrived at 4:45 for the 5:30 game, the gym was not set up. This is something that is usually done by our custodial staff. I started delegating tasks to the students from my school and then started moving the scorers table and chairs to set up the seating for the two team.

One of the Del Mar Varsity players Sammie Kidane jumped up and started pulling chairs off the rack and placing them on the sideline. I did not ask him for help. He was one of 30 students in the gym and he could of sat there with the rest of the students. After all he was a guest in our gym, but he jumped up and helped. I wish I had a Stearns award to give him. He really made a stressful situation less stressful for me.

Greg Dunlap
Andrew Hill


Last Friday evening, it was my pleasure and privilege to officiate, as an umpire, the CCS Semi-Final FB game between Los Gatos and Aragon HS's.  I just wanted to let you know that during and after the game, my officiating colleague, Tom Gersey, and I were discussing the attitudes and behaviors of the participants; and, we were extremely impressed with the positive demeanor with which the players of both teams carried themselves throughout the contest.  The game was pretty lop-sided, almost from the beginning, and it could have gotten out-of-hand quickly -- but it didn't!

Unfortunately, nowadays, we officials sometimes almost expect poor behavior, foul language and dirty play from many of the teams we officiate, especially when the game is not close.  But that just did not happen at Los Gatos HS last Friday night!  The players on both sides were extremely positive and encouraging to not only their own teammates, but also to their opponents.   Although the play was extremely aggressive, it was clean (we were hard-pressed to remember even the four fouls we called during the game!).  Each team's players helped their opponents up off the ground, congratulated their opponents on good, clean hits and were very respectful to their opponents, as well as to all the officials, throughout the contest.

Tom & I felt that this experience was a clear testimony to the wonderful job of coaching going on by both Aragon HS Coach Steve Sell and Los Gatos HS Coach "Butch" Cattolico and their staffs.  No wonder their programs are frequent participants in CCS Football Play-offs year in and year out.

And while I'm not sure participants need to be congratulated for doing what should be normally and rightfully expected in any interscholastic contest, it should be acknowledged that, collectively, these two teams were wonderful role-models for today's and tomorrow's CCS student-athletes.
Steve Stearns,
PSI-North FB Official, CIF Football Rules Interpreter, FormerAss't. CCS Commissioner

wanted to pass along a moment from last night, and hopefully give you a smile.


Carlmont High School was hosting North Salinas High School in a Division I quarterfinal volleyball match. Carlmont led 20-15 in the third set when one of the Scots players hit a ball out of bounds. As the officials were awarding the ball to the Vikings, the Viking setter, Hannah Green, told the officials that when she was blocking, the ball grazed her fingertips, and that Carlmont should rightfully have the point, even though none of the officials saw her touch the ball. The officials gave Carlmont the point, and the Scots closed out the match a couple minutes later, but Hannah made a lasting impression to all in attendance about the kind of person she is. I’ve know the North Salinas coach, Bill Ashen, for a long time and I’ve always found him to be a very classy human being. It’s great to see that his players also pick up on that class, and choose to emulate that, even in a do-or-die playoff match.

Thanks for listening, and all the best!

Chris Crader

Carlmont Volleyball

ANDREW HILL GIRLS VOLLEYBALL-Character in the toughest of situations
Steve Stearns Sportsmanship Award Winners!

During the season the Falcons seemed to be repeatedly faced with decisions to call or not call their own touches, and other character aspects of their contests. In a critical match that meant a league championship and a berth to the CCS Championships, Andrew Hill Coach and players again found themselves in an unusual and unenviable situation.

During a critical end-of-match play Andrew Hill dug their opponents ball to have it sail up close to the ceiling and hit a cord that was hanging down slightly from the ceiling on their opponents side of the court. A dispute with the officials ensued as to whether or not that constituted hitting the ceiling and therefore, an out of bounds call. Somehow in this conversation, the official for some reason declared that the Andrew Hill Coach had to make the call.

Match was on the line; League Championship was on the line; Going to CCS playoffs was on the line. The Andrew Hill players were looking at their coach with anticipation and pleading for him to give them a break, just this one time. The Coach was struggling mightily with what was the right thing to do. Even though, he believed the ball just brushed the cord and was not impacted in it's downward course, he said ok, it's not clear, give the benefit of the doubt to the visitors, and gave the point to their opponents.Match over, season over, league championships over....

Good character is something that is deep within and constant. It is something that reveals its true character at moments of great stress and pressure. Matt Sandora is a man of character. The Andrew Hill Falcons Volleyball Team is a Team of Character.

The CCS has had to suspend special awards programs this year due to the impact on our economy our finances have had. But we have a few Steve Stearns Medals left in the cupboard and we are awarding a Steve Stearns Sportsmanship Award to the Falcons of Andrew Hill for character and integrity, for honoring the game and respecting your opponents in the toughest, most gut-wrenching moment of which we have been aware in all our years working with high school athletics. They will also be invited to be our guests at the CCS finals, where we can publicly acknowledge their contribution to the sport.

What would you have done in this same situation?

Dig Pink

hosted their
Volleyball Matches
Christopher vs Sobrato
Live Oak vs Monte Vista Christian

Saturday October 1 @ Live Oak High School


Thanks to Live Oak and the three other teams participating in this very important fund raising event. The combined total donations thus far from donors and sales of pink hair ties, cupcakes, food, event tshirts etc. is now over $4,000. All of which will go directly to Breast Cancer Research.

Many more Dig Pink events wil be held this October at CCS Schools. Let us know about your event.

For more information on this event go to:

For more information on how to get involved
and start your own DIG PINK Event go to:

OCTOBER 20 Dig Pink at North Salinas High School vs Alisal



Subject: Congratulations and my Admiration

Dear Mr. Ladouceur,

I am not sure if you remember players on opposing teams or not, but I was number 11 for the Bellarmine Bells last Friday and I played cornerback and receiver against your team.  I just wanted to say that it was an absolute honor to play against a team like De La Salle at Owens Field.  The atmosphere was truly an unforgettable experience for me.  When our team got the news that we would go against the Spartans, I honestly believed that it would be a game decided within the final seconds, if not overtime.  I knew that it would be one of the most grueling games that I or any of my fellow brothers would play in our short football careers.  We knew what we were up against, and we knew we had a potentially enormous amount of adversity coming our way.  Now, several months after I learned of this and after the game itself, I think I can speak for the team when I say we became better preparing, and, ultimately playing against you guys.  It was truly amazing to see some of your philosophies come to life throughout the beginning of the preseason for us.  Things like accountability and brotherhood became more than words - they became ways of life.  We trained tirelessly every day of the week because we knew that each and every one of us needed to bring our A-game in order to compete with De La Salle.  We came to win - not to survive.  I just wanted to let you know that ever since I knew of high school football I was told about De La Salle and its history.  I had always wanted to meet somebody from the program, figuring I would never get the opportunity to actually play against it.  Like I said, playing against you was one of the most thrilling, exciting, and uplifting experiences I have had in high school thus far, and for that, I want to thank you.  You should be extremely proud of the group of guys you have there - they are truly a class act.

Good luck against St. Mary's.

Sincerely, Greg Kenter, #11, Bellarmine College Preparatory

posted 9/2011




Joe Given
Notre Dame Salinas
Earl Hansen
Palo Alto High School
Terry Stogner
Carlmont HS/PAL Commissioner
George Watkins
Salinas Californian

Selfless act allows two (ARAGON HS) Dons into CCS


During practice following the PAL championships, Gilmore said Taufahema was sweeping the shot put ring when his coach approached him with the inquiry of how he wanted to go about training for two events at CCS. “I said, ‘Sione, I wanted to ask you, what are your thoughts about the shot and disc?’ and he goes, ‘I want to give it to Jamison (Hall).’

‘What do you mean?’ ‘I want Jamison to take my place in the discus.’

Hall made the walk over to a sweeping Taufahema. He extended his hand out to Taufahema and said, “Thank you.” That’s all he says, and Sione picked his head up, looked Jamison in the eye and said, “No, no, no. Thank you. Because if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here. You’ve been my inspiration to do as well as I have the whole year. And we’re family, we’re brothers, and we have to go together.”

Gilmore said they exchanged a hug and then the more manlier chest bump.

So, for his efforts, or perhaps more fittingly, his effortless choice, Taufahema is the Daily Journal Athlete of the Week.

“Jamison was the first person to convince me to come back to track,” Taufahema said. “Without him, I wouldn’t have even gone to CCS. At first, I didn’t want to (come back to track), but just looking at Jamison, and how he wanted me to come back and try doing field events, I had to. Jamison is like a best friend to me.”

High School Today masthead




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Sacred Heart Prep alumni Haley Hemm was recognized for her inspirational leadership on her Carolina Tar Heels Womens' Tennis team. Haley is being recognized by the ITA for winning the regional Arthur Ashe Award for Leadership and Sportsmanship

Haley, an obviously talented tennis player also is an inspirational leader on the team. Throughout her career, Haly has been an active contributor to the community both locally and globally as well as a standout in the classroom. The Menlo Park, Calif., product has been an active participant in the Coach for College program, an outreach effort which uses the skills student-athletes have in their sport to motivate youth in Vietnam to seek higher education, as well as Carolina Dreams, a student-athlete project to serve the N.C. Children's Hospital.

Haley is the daughter of Dawn Hemm, Sacred Heart Prep Assistant AD.

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Haley Hemm

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What a great day we had for a game!  Just enough sun to warm us and a little wind to cool us. 
The Anchorpoint High School buddies were awesome.  Loved the creative ways they involved our team.  During practice and warm ups one of our players kept trying to leave the field to find his mom because there was a grass stain on his white pants and he wanted her to clean it.  His  AHS  buddy bent down and grabbed some grass and rubbed it on his own pants to show him that it was ok  and our player just beamed up at him.
And this was sent to me by some of our parents:
"Saturday was another wonderful day of baseball and friendship; the AHS coaches and players all displayed that rare combination of teaching, playfulness, and patience.

Another thing that struck me after Saturday's game was the wide disparity on our team not only with baseball skills but of communication skills. Probably about half of our kids can hold a conversation or at least make their thoughts known. It's of course so much "easier" to play with these kids. It's easier to make them laugh and smile. It's easier to play catch with them. It's easier to treat them like a friend for a few hours on a Saturday.

But the AHS team paid no attention to this disparity. There  was no issue with pairing a buddy up with someone who can listen to instruction vs someone who has no communication skills. Believe me, as a parent I know that look in someone's eyes when they are uncomfortable dealing with your child. There's no hiding it. But I did not  see that out on our field.  Every single member of the AHS team worked with their buddy regardless of their ball skills or their ability to even respond. 

The Saturday games are the highlight of my week. They are truly a glimpse into a world that "could be"..."

  and . . . . . .
"Teri, Yes it was a wonderful game today. I want to share my feelings with you while I was watching, The Buddies were indeed awesome and when my son Andy hit the ball outfield and ran a home run the coach of the buddies team got my son and gave him a great big hug ! It brought tears to my eyes because that would have been something his dad would have done to him. Since we lost big Andy now nearing 7 years to Leukemia I'm sure my son felt the fatherly love he received from the coach today !

and . . . . . .

"Today’s game was fantastic.  The buddies were very attentive and really looked like they were enjoying the experience.  Several of the boys went out of their way to interact with the champions even when the champions were running off the field or not quite wanting to participate.  We had a smile on our face the whole time.  These high school boys were great."

Please extend my heartfelt appreciation on behalf of all our parents and players to the AHS team.  They represented themselves and their school very well indeed and we would be honored to have them return next year to play with us. 
Teri Larice, Parent of a Champions player
Champions Division Representative
Morgan Hill Pony Baseball 



At the end of the Gunn-Milpitas dual track meet on April 21, at Milpitas, one of the girls on the Gunn team approached the Milpitas coach, Bridget Hall, and said the following

"Hi, I am Kieran Gallagher, one of the captains from Gunn and I would like to thank you for having us come to your school today."

I thought this was outstanding, a direct reflection of the good sportsmanship of the Gunn team and their coaching staff. Coach Ernie Lee at Gunn, said that the team picked up the idea after the Milpitas team thanked them last year at Gunn....

Submitted by: Scott Chisum



I had to email and let you know about an incident that happened in our boys JV lacrosse game tonight-St. Francis versus Sacred Heart Prep.  Our goalie was struck in the neck area by a shot by one of the Sacred Heart Prep players and required medical care including an ambulance being called to Sacred Heart Prep.  The young man is fine and we hope to have him back on the sideline very soon.

I got a call today from the Sacred Heart Prep student on your team who threw the ball that hit our goalie.  He apparently went home very upset over what happened and feeling like it was his fault.  His mom called to check on our player's status and also asked if they could send a card to the injured St. Francis player wishing him well.  I just thought that was a great show of sportsmanship and respect by the Tinsley family of Sacred Heart Prep and I wanted to pass it on.  

 Submitted by
Michael Pilawski, Athletic Director , Saint Francis High School


LELAND BOYS VOLLEYBALL--respect, trustworthiness, fairness responsibility

I had my first match of the boys season last night at Saratoga High School. .  As I always do I reflect on the match on my drive home and I was extremely impressed with the Leland teams sportsmanship and wanted to share it with you!

The team gave us two honor calls in the match and that, to me, deserves respect. One was a touch off a block that Jason Hilbert (head coach) asked his player if he touched and his player said yes.  

The second was a ball that Leland hit that seemed from my angle close to being outside the antenna. I looked at my line judges for help but since they are younger JV players they are still learning their role as line judges.  The Leland captain came up to me and told me that the ball was outside the antenna.

It was very refreshing to officiate a great group of athletes. Thank you,

Submitted by PSI Official, Yvonne



Friday night, fourth quarter of a close game between Overfelt and Andrew Hill played in the Andrew Hill gym. An Andrew Hill player dove for a loose ball and slid out of bounds and into a teacher who was standing on the sidelines helping with supervision.  Before the Andrew Hill student could even start to get up, Madrid Nelson, a player for Overfelt, sprinted over to help the teacher to her feet then over to a chair. I was impressed by the gesture.  

Submitted by: Greg Dunlap, Andrew Hill Athletic Director

A DEFINITION OF CARING  (Friday, January 14, 2011)
Palma-North Salinas Boys' Basketball

Before the Palma / North Salinas boys varsity basketball game last week, a special event took place that, in my opinion, defines at least one of the Six Pillar of Character in Pursuing Victory with Honor: “Caring”

Both school’s coaching staffs were dealing with the recent loss of family members.  Palma Head Varsity Coach, Paul Alioto, had just lost his father, Jack; and North Salinas Varsity Assistant Coach, Jens Gordon, lost his mother, Susanne.

North Salinas Head Coach, Alan Green, took center court and acknowledged the passing of these two special people to the crowd.  He asked all present to join him in a round of applause to celebrate the lives of these two recently departed.  A standing ovation of great duration occurred and the true sense of affirmation for the lives of those two was felt by all.  What a special moment!

Thank you to Coach Green and the staff at North Salinas High School for showing us all a great way to exhibit how “caring” for others can be expressed so beautifully through an athletic venue.

Steve Clayton, Assistant Principal / Athletic Director, Palma High School


Division I Volleyball
Palo Alto High School
Norcal Champions
State Champions
Division II Volleyball
St. Francis High School
Norcal Champions
State Champions
Division II Volleyball
Presentation High School
Norcal Finalist
Division IV Volleyball
Sacred Heart Prep
Norcal Champions
Palo Alto High School
Division I State Champions
Cross Country
Division I BOYS Individual: Kevin Bishop, Monta Vista High School, 35th place
Team: Bellarmine College Prep, 6th place
Division I GIRLS Individual: Jessie Petersen, Carlmont High School, 8th place
Team: Carlmont High School 15th place
Division II BOYS Individual: Parker Schuh, Mountain View High School, 2nd place
Team: Los Gatos High School, 11th place
Division II GIRLS Individual: Allison Sturges, Mountain View High School, 26th place
Mountain View High School 9th place
Division III BOYS

Individual: Donald Plazola, Willow Glen High School 26th place
Team: Willow Glen High School 10th place

Division III GIRLS Individual: Nikki Hiltz, Aptos High School 15th place
Team St. Ignatius College Prep 14th place
Division IV BOYS Individual: Samuel Hales, King City High School, 18th place
Team: Stevenson School 3rd place
Division IV GIRLS Individual: Anna Maxwell, San Lorenzo Valley High School, 3rd place
San Lorenzo Valley High School, 7th place
Division V BOYS Individual: James Palaniuk, York School, 13th place
Team The York School 10th place
Division V GIRLS

Individual: Elsa Valenzuela, Crystal Springs Uplands, 26th Place
Team: Crystal Springs Uplands 12th place


CONGRATULATIONS! 2010 Fall Scholastic Championship Team Award
Click here for the Press Release.

Boys Cross Country, Salinas HS, 3.8095
Girls Cross Country, Lynbrook HS, 3.9024
Field Hockey, Notre Damd HS, Salinas, 3.6920
Football, The King's Academy, 3.3979
Girls Golf, Leland HS, 3.7630
Girls Tennis, St. Francis HS, 3.7805
Girls Volleyball, Pinewood School, 3.8150
Boys Water Polo, Lynbrook HS, 3.6404
Girls Water Polo, Mountain View HS, 3.8367




I just wanted to give you a little highlight of Boys' Soccer for me yesterday.  Seaside was visiting North Salinas Friday with both of their teams!  During the Varsity game a North Salinas Varsity player went to the ground with leg cramps.  The ball was kicked out of bounds to allow the young man to be attended to and leave the field.  Upon the throw in from Seaside the Seaside boys were instructed to return the ball in play to NSHS by their coach.  WOW, what an honorable play--the game continued with NSHS in possession of the ball.  The Seaside Coach and bench were gentlemen throughout the game!  It was a pleasure watching such a well-played game that included positive sportsmanship all the way around!

Submitted by: Jean Kinn Ashen, CMAA, Assistant Principal/Athletic Administrator, North Salinas High School


Mark is the 2009-2010 recipient of the CIF Football Model Coach Award. This award is presented to 13 coaches states wide in a multitude of sports. The CIF Model Coach Award program is designed to recognize coaches who have served as positive role models for their schools and communities, and who have exhibited traits apparentt in the 16 principles of Pursuing Victory with Honor.

The CCS will be proudly be presenting this prestigious award to Mark at the Open Division Football Championships, Friday, December 3 at San JoseCity College

CONGRATULATIONS! 2010 Fall Scholastic Championship Team Award
Click here for the Press Release.

Boys Cross Country, Salinas HS, 3.8095
Girls Cross Country, Lynbrook HS, 3.9024
Field Hockey, Notre Damd HS, Salinas, 3.6920
Football, The King's Academy, 3.3979
Girls Golf, Leland HS, 3.7630
Girls Tennis, St. Francis HS, 3.7805
Girls Volleyball, Pinewood School, 3.8150
Boys Water Polo, Lynbrook HS, 3.6404
Girls Water Polo, Mountain View HS, 3.8367



Dear Jeff,

I wanted to let you know how great it was to see you yesterday.  Most of all, I wanted to, once again, say congratulations on being awarded the CIF Model Coach Award.  We make these presentations throughout the state and that honor usually falls to Roger or Ron.  However, in your case, I asked specifically to be the one that made your presentation.  I have been impressed with you ever I met you in my Santa Cruz High days.

Few people truly understand the positive effects a coach can have on his/her athletes.  Coaches can "make or break" athletes simply by what they say or don't say.  I could tell by the reaction of the Stevenson students when I presented you your award just how highly they think of you.  Further, MicheleGrogan (Stevenson Head of School) told me that when former students return to Stevenson, one of the first teachers they ask about is you!

Jeff, thank you for all that you do for students.  It was my honor to present you with your award.

Marie M. Ishida, CIF Executive Director


Sequoia High School's Fall sports programs did a fantastic job of promoting October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The football, volleyball, water polo and cheer teams all supported the awareness by wearing pink and for volleyball and water polo - hosting Breast Cancer Awareness games!

The F/S & Varsity Girls Water Polo teams put on a wonderful event with Mercy High School in Burlingame. Coaches Natalie Cirigliano (MHS) and Dave Knochenhauer (SHS) should be commended for their collaboration towards the first annual BCA event. Head referee Rich Donner also bought into the effort and allowed the teams to play with pink balls while he and the other referees wore the hot pink t-shirts alongside the athletes and coaches. It would be awesome to see the entire PAL host BCA games next year across multiple sports. =) Our volleyball teams (coached by Jane Slater and Karina Chin) played a BCA game against El Camino High School in South San Francisco on 10/28, the same day as the water polo event. A high five goes out to the coaches at Sequoia and Mercy and El Camino for teaching our kids such great lessons through athletics.

Submitted by: Stacy Morell, P.E. Dance Teacher, Athletic Director/Cheer & Dance Coach

Responsibility, Caring, Citizenship




In the heat of the battle in the 5th game in volleyball involving Carmel High School and Anzar High School, one of the Anzar girls went down with a twisted ankle and was lying on the court in great pain

Two of Carmel High School players, Courtney Musser and Elizabeth Stivers ( Elizabeth was playing at the time) stopped and admistered all the emergency care that this Anzar player needed including ice bags, etc. based on a first aid class these CHS volleyball players had taken at Carmel HS.

It was a great humanitarian act and something I thought was a great sportsmanship demonstration.

Submitted by: Mr. Hoffman, CHS parent



There was an article recently in the SJ Mercury News Local section about "Top Teachers in Santa Clara County recognized".

Jef Wind was voted by his colleagues as Willow Glen HS's teacher of the year in 2009-2010.  He was honored by SJUSD last spring.  Last week Jef was honored along with 30 other Teachers of the Year at the Santa Clara County Office of Education.

Jef Wind teaches an extra period of sculpture - meaning he has more than 200 students - to meet the demand for his popular classes at Willow Glen HS.  At lunchtime, Jef's classroom is filled with students working on art projects or just hanging out.  Jef takes on the extra class because of the kids.  "They have a real honest energy about them.  I get to develop creative thinkers," says Jef.

Jef led his boys volleyball team to the 2009 Division II CCS championship.  Jef has also led his teams to numerous Blossom Valley Athletic League championships.  Jef instigated the annual Tiki Match, a boys volleyball match vs Leland.  The winner claims the ceramic "tiki head" trophy that Jef created 10 years ago.  Jef is truly an AD's dream coach!

Submitted by:  Peggy Booth, Willow Glen HS Athletic Director

Respect - Fairness - Caring

On Sept. 18, St. Francis High School defeated Menlo High School in the championship game of the Scott Roche Water Polo Tournament at Menlo. At the conclusion of the game the St. Francis Water Polo community was graciously honored by Menlo Coach Jack Bowen.

Coach Bowen is to be complimented on his stellar sportsmanship and class as he addressed the crowd and spoke to the memory of Scott Roche. Coach Bowen also introduced Scott Roche’s father to the group who received a heartfelt round of applause by all.

Coach Bowen then acknowledged  St. Francis Coach Terry O’Donnell and the team as worthy opponents  with his sincere and elegant words.

I have had the privilege of seeing Coach Bowen in action as a sports administrator and opposing parent of two SF water polo players over the past 10 years. I have always been impressed with his positive coaching style and demeanor and feel he epitomizes the of model of  Pursuing  Victory with Honor. 

The sport of water polo is fortunate to have Coach Jack Bowen the pool deck, as are our sons.

SUBMITTED BY: Eileen Roche, St. Francis Parent (no relation to Scott Roche)



On Monday at the North Salinas Cross Country Meet several young ladies from Alisal High School approached Head Coach Alan Green!  The Trojans had found a wallet on the school bus on the way to the meet.  The wallet belonged to a North Salinas student who had taken the bus to school that morning.  Coach Green returned the wallet to the Viking and he was so appreciative of the TRUSTWORTHINESS of the Alisal Trojans!  Thank you!

Assistant Principal/Athletic Administrator
North Salinas High School

North Salinas and San Benito--VOLLEYBALL!

Last night ( September 21) San Benito High School hosted North Salinas in girls' volleyball!  It was 13-13 in Game 3 of the JV match when there was a ball that hit the antenna.  Neither official nor linesperson saw the ball hit the antenna.  There was some discussion between all the officials, but no one could verify the infraction.  The Varsity Head Coach, Dean Askans, was sitting behind the JV bench and walked over to the umpire and verified that the ball was indeed out--point NSHS.  Wow, what a FAIR coach!  Thank you Coach Askans!

Submitted by North Salinas Assistant Principal, Jean Kinn Ashen

The CCS is happy to announce the hiring of Michael Mancuso in the position of Administrative Assistant, replacing Deana Cheney. Michael is a wonderful addition to the CCS staff and began work with us June 28, 2010. Michael is a former CCS student-athlete graduating from Willow Glen HIgh School in 2004, where he participated in Water Polo and Volleyball. Michael went on to pursue and complete a bachelor's degree with a double major in "Law and Society" and "History of Art and Architecture" with an emphasis in Architecture and the Environment from UC Santa Barbara. Michael then went on to complete one year of Law School at Golden Gate University and University of Paris Nanterre Schools of Law.

Michael brings a plethora of work, education and life experiences that make him a professional and valuable addition to our staff. We are delighted to welcome him into the CCS family and are confident that our member school personnel will enjoy working with Michael and find him to be both knowledgable and professional in serving our member schools' needs. Michael loves high school sports and believes them to be a fun and important aspect of the educational development of young people. He says, "My passion for sports is very deeply rooted, and I would love to somehow incorporate that passion into my career."

Any assistance needed in any of Deana's former areas of responsibilities should now be directed to Michael Mancuso. He can be reached at the section office, extension 12 or at

Please help us welcome Michael to the staff!

in memory of
Charlie Wedemeyer
February 19, 1946 - June 3, 2010

The Central Coast Section is saddened by the news that Charlie Wedemeyer, former football coach at Los Gatos High School and inspiration to those whose lives he touched has passed away after a 32 year battle with ALS. Our thoughts are with his wife Lucy and the Wedemeyer family.

Recipient of the CCS Steve Stearns Sportsmanship Award

Leo Ruth
Bellarmine College Preparatory


On Tuesday May18th at the CCS Golf Championships Leo Ruth from Bellarmine College Prep was recognized for his 40 years of coaching and the exceptional sportsmanship he has displayed on and off the field of play. Leo will be retiring from coachng golf at the end of the season.

Leo has had many accolades including CCS and State Athletic Director of the year.  He has coached football, baseball and golf during those 40 years and is currently a certified golf instructor.  Under his tenure as the Athletic Director at Bellarmine, the teams won 50 CCS Championship Titles.

Leo has also found the time to work in the community as a reserve police officer and with the Oakland Raiders in the replay booth

Leo has remained true to himself and to the student/athletes he has impacted.  Play the game honestly and fairly to the best of your ability and always be able to shake hands after the contest and learn from your experiences, win or lose. 

On behalf of the Central Coast Section we would like to thank Leo for being part of not just the Bellarmine programs, but exhibiting his positive sportsmanship and professionalism throughout the section. We are very grateful for his 40 years of commitment and dedication to the student/athletes within the CCS.










Last Saturday, our varsity softball team traveled to Gonzalez High School for a game.  When our team arrived there, they found that the Gonzalez team had provided lunches for all our players and coaches.  It was a completely unexpected gesture, and very much appreciated after the team's long trip.  Our coaches and players were very grateful for the hospitality shown by their hosts at Gonzalez High School!

ROBERT VERGARA, Director of Athletics, St. Ignatius College Preparatory



Unfortunately, the Salinas Community lost two very special young ladies to an auto accident Friday evening, April 9th. Both girls attended Salinas High School but had ties to Notre Dame, Monterey, and Palma High Schools which made this loss very difficult for the students of all of these schools.

On Saturday, April 17th, Palma and Salinas met for a scheduled Baseball game at Palma High School. The Palma High School Baseball team honored the memory of these two young ladies with a moment of silence before the game. The Palma team also had black sweatbands made with the girls initials on them. They gave one to each of the Salinas players and everyone on the field wore them during the game in the girls honor.

The Salinas High School athletes were incredibly touched by this kind act. It is wonderful to see that rival schools can come together to help one another in difficult times. Coach Giammanco, his staff, and athletes are a class act!

Art Hunsdorfer, Salinas Baseball

Sacred Heart Prep, The King's Academy, Baseball teams do it for a cause

By john reid, Daily News Staff Writer

Sacred Heart Prep-Atherton baseball coach Gregg Franceschi had read about the fate of Gunnar Sandberg. The Marin Catholic-Kentfield pitcher was struck in the head by a line drive off an aluminum bat in a scrimmage against De La Salle-Concord in mid-March. Sandberg underwent surgery to relieve pressure on the brain, then was put under an induced coma, which he just recently came out of. What has come to the forefront, besides the life-threatening injury, was the debate of aluminum bats vs. wood bats.

"I played baseball in high school and college, so I could relate to it," said Franceschi, a Sacred Heart Cathedral-San Francisco alum of '94. "This really hit home. My coaches and I were sitting around talking and I said, 'Why can't we do something to raise money for the family?'"

So Franceschi contacted The King's Academy-Sunnyvale coach Matt Berry about playing a
benefit game when the two teams meet in a West Bay Athletic League opener Wednesday (April 15) at 4 p.m.
The game will be played using wooden bats instead of aluminum bats.
An admission fee will be charged at the gate, plus T-shirts commemorating the game will be sold.

"I contacted Marin Catholic High and they gave me their full support," Franceschi said. "I'd like to have some kind of moment of silence before the game to honor Gunnar, but I'm not sure what King's Academy has planned."

The SHP booster group foot the bill for two dozen new bats made of ash. A few more wood bats were donated.

"The kids have responded well," Franceschi said. "We took batting practice last Thursday and Friday. Only broke one bat."

The breaking of wooden bats is part of the debate. High schools face tough budget decisions these days, so using wood bats instead of aluminum doesn't add up in dollars and cents. Aluminum bats cost $200 to $400, but they last a lot longer.

"A wood bat, which costs 60 to 100 dollars, can be gone in one swing," Franceschi said. "Aluminum bats can last two years if you take care of them. I feel that high schools can't get rid of aluminum bats until colleges do. There are a couple of companies manufacturing composite bats, but they can be expensive."



Daily News Staff Writer

Marin Catholic-Kentfield Athletic Director Rick Winter spoke to the crowd before Wednesday’s West Bay Athletic League baseball game between visiting Sacred Heart Prep-Atherton and The King’s Academy-Sunnyvale. After Winter spoke, the two teams prayed together, then broke a joint huddle with a loud, “Gunnar.”

Marin Catholic hurler Gunnar Sandberg had a line drive off an aluminum bat carom off his head in a scrimmage against De La Salle-Concord on March 11. Sandberg was gravely ill for days, but has since come out of an induced coma following major surgery.

“Gunnar followed through with his pitch and his left side was facing home plate,” Winter said. “The ball struck him right above the ear.”

Witnesses at the scene estimated the ball traveled 100 miles per hour. Meanwhile, the debate over aluminum bats vs. wooden bats has escalated because of Sandberg’s plight. “The North Coast Section Board of Managers is meeting in late April,” Winter said. “We’re proposing the use of aluminum bats in the section playoffs. We were in a tournament in Los Angeles recently. The teams were from all over the country. They offered to use wooden bats the whole tournament.”

Winter was moved by Wednesday’s WBAL tribute game to Sandberg. The game was a springboard to raise money for the Gunnar Sandberg Foundation. Baked goods sold for a dollar and donations could be made, as well.

“Sacred Heart Prep and King’s Academy don’t even know about Marin Catholic,” Winter said. “We have been overwhelmed with all the support.”

Sandberg is in a rehab center in San Francisco.

“He is responding to messages on his Facebook page, so he’s doing better,” Winter said. “He says he can whisper, so his voice is coming back. Hopefully, good will come out of this tragedy.”


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being the starter for a track meet between Santa Clara HS and Monta Vista HS.  As I start many meets in the area, this meet stood out for the following reasons:

I saw all of the Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship that are part of the Pillars of Character the CCS strives for.

All meet I witnessed students from both school being very positive towards their own teammates, meet officials and the other team's members.

The starting blocks were slipping so I allowed students to hold the blocks for all runners.  The nice thing was that all of the athletes held the blocks for both teams, they did not just do it for their own team.

In many of the races, a student or two would shake hands with the other runners and wish them "good luck".

The athletes reported to their events on time and knew the procedures for starting and being  ready for their events.

After all of the races, I saw smiles and more "good job" comments to members of both teams.  I have not seen before so many athletes having so much fun, not being afraid to show that they are enjoying their sport.

Both teams displayed what track and field, and high school sports are supposed to be:  Young Student Athletes participating in an after school event, showing enthusiasm, having fun and displaying all of the Pillars of Character. 

Thank you to both schools and their track coaches, I realize that this is a taught behavior by the coaches and the schools.

Scott Chisam, USA Track & Field Starter


Dear Mr. Ward:
Thank you again for another great meet/year at K-Bell. I love your meet; it gives my new athletes the opportunity to experience a big Saturday meet. Some of my athletes otherwise might not get this experience, might never make it the CCS. At K-Bell they get to meet & see other athletes at all levels from so many schools.

Yesterday I was busy at the pole vault and was late getting down to help out a new high jumper. When I got there, he had made friends with two upper class men from another school, not in our league. The two upperclassmen were helping my athlete with his steps and critiquing his jumps.

That is exactly the type of sportsmanship as a coach, I dream occurs for my athletes. Its what makes track & field the best sport! ...I'm not biased of course :)

Thanks again, Brent Cottong, Carlmont H.S. Pole Vault Coach


Dear Coach James Gomez and the Watsonville High School Baseball Team:

I would like to commend you, your coaching staff and players on the amazing character you displayed during Tuesday night's game. Though it never feels good to lose 21 to 0, it felt significantly better than it could have had your entire team not displayed such class and character. Had your team talked trash, taunted, laughed at or made fun of my team, my players would have felt significantly worse. I was blown away by the maturity, sportsmanship and character Watsonville displayed during a landslide victory. Today, I will address my team, and I will point out the character displayed by Watsonville and, by my players who too, displayed character and pride in a very tough loss. I believe High School sports are about building young men. It is evident that both of teams who played yesterday have a fine group of young men. I look forward to playing your team in the future and hope to put forth a more competitive effort in the future. I wish you the best of luck this season and will be cheering for you.
Thank you, Sincerely, Joshua Rosenthal, Marina High School Baseball


Rather than fussing and immediately begin to request a forfeiture of a how the King's Academy parents, staff, coaches and players responded to a frustrating, difficult and unexpected situation:

Just wanted to let you know what a nice group of people from the King's Academy. Our First round CCS basketball game was scheduled to take place at 7:00pm at Oceana High School. At 5:00 we noticed the ceiling was leaking water onto the floor from the roof. We called maintenance but nothing he could do could would stop it. The patience of both schools, coaches, and teams as well as the administrators and spectators should be commended. While the referees were waiting to see if our great maintenance man, Gary, could fix the problem, everyone waited patiently.

Both teams were ready to play but the problem could not get fixed. King's Academy graciously offered to host the game at their gym on Wednesday night. After contacting the CCS to gain approval, everyone agreed that was the best solution possible.

The coach, Mr. Dangerfield, was so nice. I told him I felt bad and he told me it was out of my hands. This didn't make me feel better as I know it was a disappointment for both teams, coaches, administrators, and spectators alike to not play the game but safety first. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that this school came from Sunnyvale but were very gracious to the circumstances that were out of our control.
Submitted by Lucy Corgas, Oceana High School


Last Saturday, Mitty hosted Sacred Heart Cathedral in a soccer match, which was also our Senior Day. Mitty had 3 seniors who had injuries that have either caused them to miss the entire season or recently had their season cut short.

Our coach asked Coach Matthew Nuttall if the 3 Mitty seniors could start at the center circle for the opening kick. SHC graciously allowed this and kicked the ball out of bounds, enabling the 3 to be on the field one last time and receive an ovation as they left the field.

On behalf of the AMHS Women's soccer team and their families, we would like to thank the SHC Women's soccer team for their class and sportsmanship.

Submitted by, Will Scharrenberg, Director of Athletics, Archbishop Mitty High School


I just wanted to let you know about the compassion and genuine caring illustrated by the Hillsdale Girls Varsity on Friday night. Friday night Hillsdale and our school had a game. The game was important for both teams as our record was the same. The game was being played well by both teams but it wasn’t the game that I was impressed with as well as the aftermath executed by the Hillsdale girls squad and coach. Two of my players had some intense injuries during the second half. One was wheeled out into the foyer in a wheelchair and the other one was helped out by parents and placed in a chair so that the boys game could continue.

My VPG called 911 and we were awaiting the paramedics arrival. Two of Hillsdale Varsity came out and asked me what had happened to both girls. In the heat of the game, they really weren’t aware of the intensity of the injuries. I told them and one started to cry. I told her it was not her fault, that this was basketball. Before I knew it, the entire squad of Hillsdale’s Varsity were there with us and their coach, asking about the girls, crying, and being genuinely concerned about the health of my two players. This truly is what sportsmanship is about. We are to be competitive during the game but we should be amicable before and after. My girls were talking with their girls, it was such a pleasure to see. I just wanted you to know that even at the height of competition at the end it wasn’t who beat who but the caring of the girls injured and the compassion shown by Hillsdale. When I see things like this, then I know that messages are being sent in a positive manner and honoring the game comes out. Kudos to the Hillsdale squad and coach and thank you for caring about my Varsity girls.
SUBMITTED BY: Lucy Corgas, Oceana Girls Athletic Director


I heard through the "grapevine" that both girls are OK and my girls were extremely relieved. My athletes are wonderful girls and they were truly affected when they heard that the paramedics arrived and that neither one of the Oceana girls had recovered yet from their injuries. Thank you for the kind words and good luck the rest of the season.

Dan Hibson, Hillsdale Varsity Girls Coach"



During a JV Soccer match between Sobrato and Prospect, a Prospect player was hurt. Play stopped and their coach went out to attend to her. After a minute, she got to her feet, but was really limping to come off the field. No one from her team was immediately able to come help her. Cassandra Valenzuela and Kaley Lefore (both Sobrato players) got up and went to her and they each put one of the girl's arms over their shoulders and helped her off the field. I was so proud of them! That is what good sportsmanship is all about! You play hard, but if someone is injured, you help them - even if they were your opponent seconds ago, you come to the aid of someone who needs help, no matter who they are.
Submitted by: Sue Scigliano - Sobrato Women's JV Coach


On New Years Eve, the Mustangs of Monte Vista Christian hosted the Skyline girls JV and Varsity girls basketball teams. The Skylines girls had been in Watsonville for four days, competing against Watsonville and Pajaro Valley with their last contest of their trip scheduled only two weeks before against the Mustangs before heading home to celebrate New Years Eve with their families. What was extraordinary about the event was not the victories by Skyline over the Monte Vista Christian JV and Varsity girls teams, but the camraderie on and off the court. The Skyline and Monte Vista players fought hard on the court, but were more than good guests and good hosts. The Skyline Team policed their own bench area, leaving none of the usual discarded water bottles, athletic tape scraps etc. that is found after any basketball contest. When visiting the snack shack they were the nicest, most polite group of young ladies the parents in the snack shack have ever encountered. It was not surprising to encounter this behavior because of the encouragement and support for this attitude by their coach. In addition, all the wonderful parents and families of the Skyline players were just the same. Every encounter with the parents of Monte Vista Christian and the families and fans of Skyline was positive and encouraging. Monte Vista Christian provided some healthy complimentary snacks for both teams and families and the Skyline rooters went out of their way to thank MVC for the hospitality. Regardless of the Varsity being trounced by the Skyline talented team, both teams gathered together after the game to pray together.

Respect for each other and for the game. What a great way to spend the afternoon of New Years Eve--watching the future leaders of our respective communities!! This is what high school sports should always be about!


As you may have heard, Anchorpoint Christian School had a break-in at our storage shed several weeks ago. We lost a lot of football gear and equipment along with various other items (field striper, lawn mowers, generator, etc). Through it all, the coaches and kids kept a positive outlook , even spending their first practice without equipment praying for the folks who stole their stuff.

But the story I want to share with the CCS family is not about Anchorpoint but one of our opponents, Pinewood. Last week we received a card that read as follows:

Dear Coach Adams,

Enclosed is a check to be used for your Anchorpoint football team. We, the Pinewood football team, held a car wash in your name to help raise money. The entire team was impressed by your team’s attitude during our game. We are excited to take on your team again next year. We hope the money can put a small dent in the loss of your equipment.

We can be competitors on the field but friends off it. On a personal level, I as a player have learned a lot from the two games I have played against your team and have taken many lessons from them.

Good luck next year, Matt Dawes #5, Pinewood School

The check was for $700.00. Young Matt Dawes, the Pinewood coaching staff and the entire team gave our kids such a lift. That another group of teenagers would dedicate a day to helping them recover some of what they lost had a tremendous impact on them.

Along with our personal thank you that we will extend to Pinewood, I think it would be appropriate to have what they did made public on the CCS website.
Steve White, Principal, Anchorpoint Christian High School


As with many schools, our last home game is celebrated as “Senior’s Night”. Halftime is dedicated to honoring all of our senior players. Each is called out to midfield along with their parents. The players are given a plaque and the player’s mother is given a long-stem rose.

This season, our Senior Night game was against Calvary Christian (now Trinity). As you may recall, K.C. Adams and Matt Blandin really started the 8 man football division 3 years ago. Even though Matt has moved on, KC thought it would be appropriate to make Senior Night special for the visiting senior players as well. We ordered plaques and roses for each senior on Calvary’s team. During the halftime ceremonies, we invited the Calvary fans and families to join us on our side of the field. We honored all the seniors from both schools in one large ceremony. I could tell by the players and their parents’ reactions that they were very moved by this act of respect and inclusion.

This was a very special year for our team on the field as they went through their schedule undefeated. But, without question, the two stories that I have just shared with you are my personal highlights of the season.

Submitted by: Steve White, Principal, Anchorpoint Christian High School


For the Second Year in a row, North Salinas was voted by the MTAL to receive the "Elgie Bellizio Sportsmanship Award." This "TRRFCC" group of young ladies are coached by Stanley Marple & Brandee Fickas. Every day they put into practice the six pillars of character--Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship. It is an honor to be voted by your peers as a class act! Way to go Vikings,

Jean Kinn Ashen, CMAA, North Salinas High School, Administrative Intern/Athletic Administrator

the Elgie Bellizio Sportsmanship Award is a Tri County Athletic League (TCAL) award program given seasonally to and outstanding team by the TCAL.

Good sportsmanship by Mary Donahue, Los Altos Field Hockey Coach

I want to inform you of the good sportsmanship shown by Ms Donahue at the JV field hockey game with St. Ignatius last Thursday that I reffed. Briefly, Los Altos took a shot outside the striking circle which went into the goal. The ref closest to the play signaled a goal for Los Altos.

Almost simultaneously Ms Donahue told me she did not think it was a goal since it appeared that no one from Los Altos had touched the ball within the striking circle, as required in field hockey. I talked to the other ref, and we took away the Los Altos goal and gave St IgnatiusI the ball.

Very few coaches would have been willing to lose a goal. Such good sportsmanship deserves recognition.

Submitted by: Roger Wedel, Field Hockey ref


Just wanted to let you know what a pleasant experience I encountered with Hillsdale tennis match yesterday, Oct. 27th, at Oceana.

First of all, the wind conditions were pretty intense but both teams took it in stride even though I am sure they were cold and wind blown. As you know, windy conditions and tennis are not the best of friends. However, the issue was that my coach had car problems and was stuck. This was a special day for our seniors and things did not start out well with the coach not being present. I have had the pleasure of knowing Jackie Nachtigall for over 5 years and could not have asked for a better school to play under the circumstance. I explained to Jackie what had happened and she stepped up to the plate and was very gracious about it. We went on with our plan honoring our Seniors last match and Hillsdale was very respectful while I made my presentation. Hillsdale didn’t have any Seniors this year but we had nine. After the presentation, we went on with our usual intro of the players from both sides.

During the match, the girls from both sides handled themselves in a gracious fashion even with the wind conditions. As I walked the courts, I noticed great play from both sides and good sportsmanship from both sides acknowledging the opponents and great shots. It was so nice to see and hear. After all, sportsmanship makes winners in my eyes not the score.

My coach finally appeared at about 4:15 and the games were in full swing and in control with the help of Jackie and both teams. There were no problems other than the wind chilling them to their bones.

I wanted you to know that Jackie showed leadership and helped me to make it a nice day for my Seniors and also to make sure the matches begun on time.

This truly was about the game. Thought you would like to know.

Lucy Corgas, Girls AD Oceana

BVAL Hosts Honor the Game Conference

On September 22, Coaches, AD's Principals and Students gathered at Oak Grove High School for the 8th annual BVAL Honor the Game Conference. After an opening keynote address by Ron Nocetti of the CIF Office, a very informative session featuring a medical doctor talking about performance enhancing substances, a well received session featuring a key official talking about the role of officials and a panel of these and others answering students and coaches questions were all followed by a discussion of the students grouped into sport specific groups from all BVAL member schools. A lively and productive time. Kudo's to the Administrators of the BVAL for continuing to be committed to providing positive athletic experiences for their student-athletes. Here is one coach who was new the conference's take on his experience:

Good Evening, Coach Collins (Lincoln High School Football Coach and Athletic Director):
This is Manny Rodriguez. I wanted to say thank you for the opportunity of attending the sports conference. The feedback from the Referee, Doctor, CCS Commissioner, other coaches, and peers was very beneficial. I actually applied the "flush method" today because I was having a slightly dim day, and turns out it works! I know you could have chosen anyone else from water polo and I, again, want to thank you for choosing me among 15 others to go represent my sport and our school. Manny Rodriguez-Ruiz Go Lions!!!

Westmont and Del Mar - Fairness and Citizenship

Del Mar came to your school (Westmont) today to play our field hockey game. We were surprised to see your football team in the stands, cheering on the JV girls. Our varsity girls went over and sat right in front of your football guys and though for a second they booed, they then got up and moved so that the girls were surrounded and started cheering for Westmont. For the whole rest of the game, our girls sat among your boys and each cheered for their teams, laughing with the other. It was SO NICE to see the two schools mix without incident and both have good sportsmanship! Please pass along my thanks to the football coaches for having a well-behaved team. I was impressed they supported their girls and were so nice to ours. We could use more of this kind of spirit not only within but among our schools!!!

Again thank you! Stacey Chase, Field Hockey Coach, Del Mar High School

Overfelt / Tennyson Football - Caring and Respect

Hello my name is Heidi Luna and I was at the Tennyson/Overfelt Football game on Friday Sept 18th. Tennyson is in the North Coast Section. I would like to start out by saying both teams displayed great sportsmanship, and I would like to point out one player in particular #33, Israel Castillo-McGraw, for Overfelt. He always seem to give 100 percent and always helped Tennyson players get up after most plays. My son was the ball boy for Tennyson and the announcer (Overfelt Athletic Director Mark Delgado) announced his name and that made his day! He also announced the next game and time for Tennyson which I have never heard the home team announce the other teams next game and I was impressed. I was on the sidelines this is how I noticed #33 and heard the announcing. Please pass this on to the Overfelt administration. It is always nice to hear something good and it seem we don't hear enough good these days.

Thank you, Heidi Luna

posted May 2007

At the conclusion of the CCS Track Championships at Gilroy High School, the 

asked Gilroy Track Coach Jeff Myers to take their picture together.....RESPECTING YOUR OPPONENTS!

One of the six pillars of character, reflected in this great photograph.  Congratulations to both teams!
Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship


Watsonville High School is enjoying a beautiful, new track and field facility this season.   Rather than enjoy it alone and "save" it just for their own student-athletes.  They have generously allowed other school track teams to utilize this outstanding facility for their own training.  These are teams both in their league, who will be competing against them for league places and titles, but also non-league members who are in the community.

Providing such wonderful opportunities for their competitors and neighbors, shows a committment to honoring the efforts of all the student-athletes in the community!

Posted 3/16/07

Terry (Bellarmine AD):

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciated the help of your lacrosse head coach in helping getting our goals ready for our first home match.  This is our inaugural season for lacrosse and I am starting from scratch.  Our coach is new and was hired late so is doing a lot of catching up.  Around 1:00 on Monday, while I was talking to him on the phone making certain everything was taken care of for our first ever home match, I found out the goals were not set up.  I transported the goals to our site and set up the framework with no problem.  It was around 3:25 p.m. with a 4:00 p.m. face off scheduled.  Our team had not yet arrived as there was a problem with our jerseys.  Once the frame was up I began to tackle the net.  Little did I know what was involved.  I decided to ask your coach for some guidance.  He went above and beyond the call of duty when he said that he and some of his players would help.  I really appreciate what he did.  Without his help, the contest would have never begun on time.  It takes a long time to string up the nets and he and the Bellarmine players pitched in to help.  What is so impressive is that while he could have been warming up with his team and preparing for the contest, he decided to help out an athletic director who is a novice in the sport of lacrosse.

Terry, as I stated earlier, you coach went above and beyond.  We always talk about cooperation and sportsmanship and I believe that your lacrosse coach definitely practices this.  He is definitely a credit to your school and to a quality program.

 Kevin J. Donahue, CAA, Athletic Director, Junipero Serra High School
Six Pillars of Character:  Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.

Despite Losing to Palo Alto, St. Francis Coach Chris Cifelli, Honors Their Opponent Palo Alto
Posted 2/07

Don,  Congratulations again on last night's game. It is a pleasure to play against you and your boys. You guys are a class
team, conduct yourselves very impressively, and play hard and clean. We hope to play you again in the pre-season. 
Good luck in the final.  Chris Cifelli, St. Francis Coach

From the Palo Alto Coach:
  This is a good group.  I have had refs come up to me several times during the season to compliment our

team--win or lose-- and we had a few hard knocks --the team conducts themselves well and does their best. Don, Palo Alto Coach




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